Chapter 734: The Silver Shield

 Chapter 734: The Silver Shield

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Catherine wanted to retort, but Diana did not give her a chance to do so. Diana looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "You're Fang Xingjian, right? Chinese? It doesn't matter. Thank you for saving Catherine a few days ago. Since you're an extraordinary human, I'm willing to provide you with a job as the security manager of the Silver Shield Company. You'll get an annual pay of one million USD."

Saying that, she handed a name card to Fang Xingjian. "Bring my name card and attend the interview at the company next week. They'll attend to you."

As a member of the United States' upper society, Diana knew about the existence of extraordinary humans. In the Silver Shield Security Company which the Douglas family had set up, they had even recruited a number of extraordinary humans. It was true that these people had exceptional battle prowess.

However, to Diana, the things which had an overwhelming deciding factor in modern society were still money and wealth.

Although Diana was already considered as a member of the upper society, she was still not at a level in which she could come into contact with those monsters that were in the world's darkness, such as the Radiant Congress, the Crimson Alliance, the Dark Knight, and the Bloody Queen.

As for sword arts... Diana had met extraordinary humans before, and many of them possessed powers including the ability to manipulate space, flames, curses, or to change their appearances. In comparison to these, sword arts did not sound like much.

Therefore, in her opinion, offering a position with an annual compensation package of one million USD was sufficient to thank Fang Xingjian for saving Catherine's life.

However, Fang Xingjian only looked at her calmly. He did not say a single word nor did he take the name card that was handed to him.

Catherine said angrily, "Aunt, what are you doing? Master Fang Xingjian saved my life. Moreover, his sword arts are very powerful. I'm thinking of handing the company to you for now and focus on cultivating sword arts with him, comprehending the profoundness of sword arts."

"Very powerful? Profoundness of sword arts?" Diana laughed and shook her head. She looked at her watch and said, "Catherine, I have an international meeting in a while and don't have the time to be arguing with you over this. I'll ask you one more time. Are you going to give up on the company and learn sword arts?"

In Catherine's presence, Diana had indeed amassed a lot of prestige for a very long time. So, the moment she brought out the air of an elder, Catherine felt pressured.

However, at the thought of the feeling she had gotten after cultivating sword arts for a few days, Catherine nodded stubbornly and said, "That's right. I want to cultivate sword arts, even if it is at the expense of giving up the management of the company."

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. Our Catherine has really grown up." Diana's gaze narrowed as she exhaled. "I thought that you people were just a few insignificant characters and didn't want to be bothered with you. However, I didn't expect that your experience with extraordinary power would still be this low and that you would treat someone you just met as a great master."

"But Master Fang Xingjian is really amazing..."

Linda and Jack also chipped in, "He single-handedly killed several tens of fully equipped mobsters. He's just like a superhero from the movies."

"I'm leaving in another three minutes. I'll cut to the chase," Diana said. "The reason you guys feel that he is very powerful isn't because he really is so. It's just that you are too weak.

"Catherine, I initially thought that you people had too little experience with such things, but it seems that I'm too late."

As she said this, she had already raised her cell phone and dialed a number. "Hello? White Lion? Make a trip down to XXXXX. I want you to take care of a person. About six feet tall, he's an Asian man with long hair, wears a long robe, and goes by the name Fang Xingjian.

"No... There's no need to kill him. Knocking him out will do."

She then kept her phone and left on her high heels as she said, "Someone will be coming over later to have a fight with him. You guys will find out then. I'll let him and you people understand the current situation of extraordinary humans so that you won't always be unsure of how things actually are.

"Catherine, if I still don't see you in office tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., I'll freeze all of your bank cards."

Diana walked for a distance before she suddenly turned and said while smiling at Fang Xingjian, "I'm sorry, Mister Fang. I'm not against you. It's just that Catherine is too young and I'm in a rush for time. Therefore, my actions are a little rough.

"You can still apply for a job at the Silver Shield Company. We'll always welcome an extraordinary human like yourself." Her tone was very polite, but there was no hiding the air of superiority in the depths of her gaze.

With that, she left without turning back, leaving behind a cool back view. This lady was resolute and viewed herself as the most important. Additionally, she was extremely unyielding.

However, Fang Xingjian smiled wordlessly. How could he possibly pay any heed to an ordinary person? On the contrary, an argument like this would stimulate Catherine's rebellious mindset, and she became determined to produce results in her sword arts cultivation so that her aunt would know she had not made the wrong choice.

This was something Fang Xingjian was pleased to see.

Therefore, Catherine, Linda, and Jack continued to cultivate sword arts. Half an hour later, a black shadow flipped across the walls and walked over.

It was a white-skinned young man with blonde hair who had a tall figure and handsome looks. He wore a brilliant smile and looked just like an ordinary boy in the neighborhood.

With a sunshine smile, he looked at the three people and Fang Xingjian who were practicing sword arts. When he saw them looking in his direction, he waved and asked, "I'm sorry, which one of you is Fang Xingjian? Oh~~ The three of you are stars, and there's only one other person. Then you must be Fang Xingjian, right?" He said while pointing to Fang Xingjian.

The person who spoke was White Lion, whom Diana had called earlier. He was one of the extraordinary humans who had been recruited by the Silver Shield Security Company. White Lion possessed a metal evolution system and could increase his body's toughness through repeatedly engulfing different types of metal and alloys.

At present, he had already become an impenetrable existence. Ordinary handguns and machine guns were no longer able to deal him with any injuries, and only weapons with a powerful seething damage like rocket missiles and howitzers would be able to inflict injuries on him.

However, such weapons would only have an effects like causing injuries. If someone wished to kill him, a firepower capable of dealing wide-scale damage would be required.

Therefore, the White Lion remained open and aboveboard no matter where he went. He was used to walking over, facing any opponents head-on, and then clinching the victory.

Right now, seeing that there was still someone practicing sword arts which used cold weapons, he secretly found it funny. Even guns were ineffective against him. Ordinary cold weapons were not even worth a mention.

Diana was not an idiot. Although she did not view the sword arts system in high regards, she still sent the White Lion, who was impenetrable by weapons, to fight against Fang Xingjian. She wanted to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

For someone who was impenetrable by weapons to go against a person who had sword arts abilities... To Diana, this was a foolproof plan.

Hearing what the White Lion said, Fang Xingjian did not even turn his head and continued to guide Catherine in her sword arts practice.

"The human body must be as one, and the internal organs must also be as one. You must also sustain a body rhythm, a type of frequency that becomes one with the omnipresent force in the air. If you can achieve all these, you'll have mastered the rudiments."

Fang Xingjian explained the requirements for the first transition while grabbing Catherine's palm, guiding the circulation and frequency of the power in her body to thrust out sword attacks.

White Lion was chuckling at the side. "This is already the modern age. Cold weapons have been eliminated. Is there still any use for practicing sword techniques?"

Fang Xingjian did not pay him any heed and just held Catherine's hand, continuing to guide her power to perform her sword technique. Then in the end, her sword slashed toward the sky with a swoosh.

With this sword slash, Catherine felt as if her body, bones, internal organs, and breathing had become one. An endless amount of power from the surrounding air had gathered onto this sword attack.

As the sword tore the air apart, a supersonic air current was sent slashing toward the sky. In that instant, the deafening explosion was like a rumble of thunder. Sword Qis instantly crossed a distance of several hundred meters and split the cloud layers in the sky into two, creating a breach in the clouds that was about 1.5 kilometers in length.

This was a sword attack with the power of someone at the pinnacle of the first transition.

Catherine could not believe that she had been the one who launched this sword attack.

At the side, Jack and Linda were also stunned.

Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "Remember this feeling. Make sword attacks like this in the future."

After saying that, he turned to look at White Lion and asked, "You were looking for me?"

White Lion felt as if his entire body had stiffened up. How powerful could the person who had carefully guided another to perform the earlier sword attack earlier be? White Lion could not even begin to imagine.

He smiled awkwardly, feeling restrained. "Hello, I'm only passing by. Your sword arts are amazing."

Fang Xingjian flicked his finger and said, "How many more extraordinary humans are there in the Silver Shield Company?"


"How many of them can you call over?"


"Call them all over."

In the office, Diana attempted to call White Lion, only to discover that he would not pick up her call. She frowned. 'Forget it. If anything happens, the Silver Shield should notify me. It should already be settled by now.'

Thinking of this, she placed her cell phone to the side and continued on with her work. After all, she only thought of this as a small case and there was still a contract worth several hundred million that she had to sign in awhile.