Chapter 733: Teach

 Chapter 733: Teach

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Fang Xingjian dusted off his hands. Then he looked at the astonished Catherine and said, "The problem's solved, but I didn't kill him. You should have a way to deal with him, right?"

Catherine nodded. "I'll go and call my uncle. He'll send someone here immediately."

She walked out with a limp. After Catherine made the call and returned to the hall, she realized that Jack and Linda had gone up to Fang Xingjian and curiously asked him all sorts of questions.

Jack asked, "Sword techniques system? You're saying that you can cultivate different types of amazing sword techniques? Just like those in kung fu films?"

Linda's eyes shone and she asked excitedly, "Does the system get stronger directly or do you cultivate it yourself? Are we able to learn the sword techniques?"

Although their systems provided them with countless riches and great standings in society, they could not give Jack and Linda great power. After witnessing the scene in which Fang Xingjian had used a strong thunder-like power and a great lightning-like speed to single-handedly defeat Blake and the thirty over soldiers under him, Jack and Linda craved to have such a strong power themselves.

Hearing their questions, Fang Xingjian smiled. Things were moving in the way he wanted them to. He wanted to experiment with the Knights' cultivation path and see if it could help these extraordinary humans, who possessed systems become Knights.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian offered to them the same thing he had offered Catherine previously, "I have no idea if it'll work, but if you wish to learn, I can teach you."

"Of course!" Both Jack and Linda shouted.

Fang Xingjian nodded. Then at the next moment, he tapped out with a finger each onto both their foreheads. A set of basic Nurturing sword technique gushed into their minds.

Concurrently, Fang Xingjian also channeled in a single physical particle into Linda's body. However, he did not do the same for Jack. He wanted to test if he could manually guide the evolution of their systems.

After a single tap, the Linda and Jack submerged themselves in the amazing sword technique.

Catherine, who was at the side, also walked over. She asked with interest, "Can I try it as well?"

"Of course."

Before cultivating, part of Catherine's body already had the physical particle structure. So, of course, Fang Xingjian would not give up the chance of guiding her in her cultivation.

Moreover, cultivation was something which required one's will. This was why he tried to lead them on gradually rather than forcefully push them into doing so.

After experiencing an intense gunfight of life and death, they established a bond with Fang Xingjian.

Half an hour later, a white-skinned man wearing a suit took Blake away. Catherine did not ask what they would do to Blake, and Fang Xingjian was not interested to find out either.

In the next few days that followed, Fang Xingjian stayed in the manor and guided the three people in their cultivation. With Fang Xingjian's mastery which was at the level of a sword arts master, it was an easy feat for him to guide a few beginners in sword arts practice.

The results of the cultivation was very similar to what Fang Xingjian guessed. Jack, whom Fang Xingjian had not channel any physical particles into, cultivated for many days but did not show any results.

On the other hand, Linda had been channeled with a physical particle. Therefore, even though she had mediocre talent, the number of physical particles in her body grew from one to ten after cultivating.

Catherine did even better. As she possessed the bodybuilding system, she already had extremely powerful physical attributes and coordination. A large number of physical particles had also been converted in her stomach area. A few days worth of cultivation brought her tremendous improvements, so she was now at the level of a Knight apprentice.

At noon on this day, on the manor's lawn, Catherine dashed out like an agile cheetah and slashed the wooden sword she was holding in a downward stroke. All the muscles and bones throughout her body created crackling sounds of explosions, and power surged through her body. The power unleashed through this sword had surpassed her initial limits and reached 30 tons.

With this single sword attack, sword Qis howled and strong gales brushed against Fang Xingjian's face. They blew his long hair, making it dance wildly like black snakes.

Seeing this astonishing sword attack, both Linda and Jack revealed astonished gazes. When had they ever seen a human unleashing such violent powers?

Faced with Catherine's sword attack, Fang Xingjian tapped out gently with his finger. In that instant, the wooden sword broke, and Catherine was sent flying out. She rolled over ten times on the lawn before finally coming to a stop.

Catherine lifted her head violently and asked, "How did you do that? I feel that my sword attack earlier would be able to crush even a truck."

"The unified crying of your muscles and bones is just the most basic means of channeling your powers. There's still a lot that you have to learn."

Catherine shook her head. The more she learned sword arts from Fang Xingjian, the more she felt that he was deep and unfathomable. Just then, her cell phone, which was at the side, rang. Catherine picked it up and answered the call, "Aunt? You're coming over? You're already here? Alright, alright, I'll open the door for you."

Catherine opened the manor's gates remotely with her cell phone and then said to Fang Xingjian and the others, "My aunt has come over. She's a headstrong career woman. The way she speaks might not sound that good, but don't hold it against her."

In the time Catherine said these, a middle-aged fair-skinned lady, who had short hair and was dressed in a work attire and high heels, had entered. When her gaze fell on Fang Xingjian, Linda, and Jack, her brows furrowed.

"Catherine, what has been going on with you these few days? You don't pick up your phone, and you didn't even attend a number of important meetings at work. The reason you're staying at home all day is to fool around with them?"

Catherine replied helplessly, "Aunt, I'm not fooling around. You've met Jack and Linda. This is Teacher Fang Xingjian. I've been learning sword arts from him over the past few days."

"Sword arts?" Hearing this reply, Catherine's aunt frowned even more deeply. An intense aura rose from her as her brows furrowed, giving off a suppressing feeling.

This white-skinned middle-aged lady was called Diana. Not only was she Catherine's aunt but she was also the CEO of a multinational company in the United States. She had several ten thousand employees under her, and she controlled the movements of several hundred millions of funds everyday. As a result, she gave off an air of arrogance and superiority.

Sensing the changes occurring with Aunt Diana, Catherine quickly said, "Teacher Fang Xingjian is also an extraordinary human. He possesses powerful sword arts abilities, and his battle prowess far surpasses mine. A few days ago, he was the one who defeated Blake."

Hearing of Fang Xingjian's identity of an extraordinary human, Diana finally looked at Fang Xingjian in the face. However, after hearing that his ability was in sword arts, she did not pay him any heed.

After all, compared to the various extraordinary powers she had seen in the past-including the manipulation of flames or space, being able to mutate, being impenetrable to weapons, or possessing tremendous strength-a sword arts ability did not sound that powerful at all.

As for Blake who was a weakling amongst extraordinary humans, she thought nothing of him.

Diana glared at Catherine and said, "Catherine, it's not that I want to nag at you. It's fine when you kept playing around in the past. We couldn't be bothered to care about that, but to think that you got involved in a gunfight this time around. Are you trying to scare the hell out of your father and me?

"And as for sword arts, it's fine for you to be playing around with it, but don't be wasting all of your time on it. You're the successor to the Douglas family, and there are too many things that you'll have to do in the future. Leave all the fighting and killing to the people under you."