Chapter 730: Systems

 Chapter 730: Systems

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The Dark Knight, Elizabeth, and Constantine walked along the steel corridor.

All around them, there were battle robots which moved around with caterpillar tracks. There were also fully automated weapons that were concealed under the steel walls.

Other than the extraordinary humans who had been locked up, there were no other existences of humans in the entire prison. It was because the Dark Knight did not trust any humans.

This place was controlled by the artificial intelligence, Zeus Command, all year round. All extraordinary humans were locked up with special countermeasures against their powers. The moment there were any signs of breakouts and the prisoners were about to escape from the prison, the entire area would be vaporized by plasma flames which were at a high heat of over 20,000 degrees Celsius.

If anyone were about to break out of prison, the entire prison would be reduced to a one cubic centimeter particle by the 32 gravitational bombs the Dark Knight had left behind.

In comparison, the surrounding water which was at a depth of 11,000 meters was not considered much of an issue.

As for the Sea God Constantine and his sea monster army stationed outside, they were not there to prevent the extraordinary humans from escaping but to prevent other people from barging in.

"Cool," Elizabeth said, looking at the steel barricade. Then she asked, "Then how do you guys bring in resources?"

Constantine explained, "There isn't a need for resources. All external communications are forbidden throughout the entire prison. The prison's energy resources are sufficient to keep this place going for 50 years."

Elizabeth then asked, "The people locked up here don't need to eat?"

"Eat?" Constantine let out a bitter laugh. "The reason we keep them locked up here is only because we can't kill them for now."

Elizabeth was stunned for a moment. As she looked at the two men who were moving further and further away, thoughts flashed through her mind and she quickly followed after them.

The three of them took the elevator and arrived at the deepest area of the prison, the district which was used to seal up the most dangerous extraordinary humans in history.

The big metal gate was opened, and as a molding stench was released, the first prison room appeared before the three of them.

A huge pupa was in the room, appearing as if it were dead.

"What the hell is this?" Elizabeth asked curiously. "He looks like he is dead?"

"The possessor of the bug type system." Constantine looked at that silent pupa with a cold gleam shining in his eyes. "In the first three years, we tried several hundred ways but still weren't able to kill him. Instead, he continued to evolve and possess an increasingly stronger vitality. This system seems to be able to turn dangers into a source of energy to level up.

"In the seven years that followed, we've locked him up into this vacuum environment. However, this only caused him to temporarily enter a state of hibernation. Despite this, he is still propagating at 0.003 times the normal speed every year.

"He has an astonishing vitality and propagating ability. When he was first discovered, he had almost taken over one-third of the Pacific Ocean. It took over half the Radiant Congress' forces to seal him up."

Hearing Constantine's helpless tone, the Bloody Queen gulped. She suddenly felt that it was really good to have the Radiant Congress in this world.

In the next imprisonment area, there was a huge invisible pillar surrounded by countless metal structures with nothing in it.

"What the hell? Has something escaped?" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"No," Constantine explained, "That's the possessor of the electronic life system. Remember the global blackout that happened seven years ago? That happened so that he, who has endless backup copies of himself, could be completely killed."

"Although his actual form had already been beaten up into a chip, we discovered that as we continued to attack him, his body is almost able to disintegrate endlessly. After we bashed him up into only millimeter size, we stopped attempting to kill him and keep him restricted here using powerful magnetic fields in order to prevent him from going out of control."

Elizabeth exhaled and said, "You people have really placed a bunch of bombs here."

The third imprisonment room was a standard study. There were rows of bookshelves with over several hundred thousand books. It was as if this place had become a sea of books.

However, the entire study's ground, walls, and ceiling were all covered up by layers of insulation. There was only a hint of dim light shining down in the entire study.

In the center of the study, a black-haired child who was about ten plus years old had his back facing the three of them. He was reading the er*tic magazine before him, and his body continued to shake.

Elizabeth laughed and said, "Who is this little boy?"

Hearing Elizabeth's laughter, the little boy who was settling his physiological need turned suddenly. He then screamed and ran behind the bookshelves. The sounds of him putting on his clothes could be heard. Flustered and exasperated, he said, "B*stard! Peter! Constantine! Who allowed you guys to come in as you please?! Don't you guys know that you should call out when you're here?"

Constantine shrugged. "Cyrus, you were too engrossed."

"Bullsh*t. If you were locked up in here for 20 years, I'll guarantee that you'd be even more perv*rted than me and that you'd just do that group of monsters you have.

"Why, are you guys here to bring me a s*x doll this time around?" The little boy walked out after putting on his pants. He threw a glance at the Dark Knight and Constantine. Then at the next moment, he looked toward Elizabeth with gleaming eyes.

The Dark Knight's voice rang out in Elizabeth's mind, "The possessor of the evolution system-Cyrus-is able to absorb almost all the energies in this world, and his natural instincts allow him to engulf everything he sees almost without any restraints.

"Based on my calculations, if he releases his restrictions, he'll probably be able to devour mankind within a year."

Elizabeth looked at this little boy in surprise and said, "Then how did you guys capture and bring him here?"

"After he unconsciously devoured his parents," the Dark Knight said calmly, "He willingly let himself be imprisoned here, using the lowest energy absorption rate to suppress his instincts. I want you to turn him into one of your clansman and then seduce him and bring him away with you."

"Me?" Elizabeth's mouth was agape as she asked, "Seduce him? You want me to be eaten up by him?"

"Survival is one's first instinct, closely followed by reproduction," the Dark Knight replied calmly. "With your ability to charm, you should be able to control him temporarily before he devours an entire city. As long as we are careful, everything can still be within control.

"Turn him into your clansman and seduce him. We'll then be able to make use of his battle prowess temporarily."

By this time, Cyrus had run over to hug Elizabeth's leg and rubbed against it while saying, "Elder sister, you're really pretty."

Elizabeth grinned. This was the first time she was being stared at so lustfully by a 'little child'.

The Dark Knight looked at Cyrus and nodded, thinking, 'With him around, we should be able to deal with that monster, right?'


"Systems... I don't know where this explanation originated, but ever since the first extraordinary human was created 30 years ago, more and more of them have been created. All of them have one common trait-they possess their own system.

"Systems allow one to see a Stats Window in their mind. By completing unique events, each system gathers different energies and then deplete the energies to achieve all sorts of supernatural effects. It's a three-step process which involves completing events, absorbing, and then releasing.

"Take my bodybuilding system for example. By completing different missions and trainings, I can gain training points. These training points can then be used to strengthen my body's potential and training effects."

The sports car left a series of afterimages behind it and then safely stopped in a narrow parking lot. The blonde-haired lady got off the car and continued, "Do you understand now? You aren't the only person in the world who possesses a system and extraordinary power. The water in this world is deeper than you imagine it to be."