Chapter 729: Prison

 Chapter 729: Prison

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Looking at the silver gun pointed at him, Fang Xingjian was slightly taken aback. How long had it been since he came into contact with guns, and how long had it been since someone last pointed a gun at him?

With a single thought and a slight raise of his finger, the gun was disintegrated at the molecular level, dissipating completely into the air.

At the sight of this, the blonde-haired lady's countenance changed. However, she did not panic. Instead, she took a long look at Fang Xingjian and said, "So that's it. An extraordinary human?" She threw a glance at Fang Xingjian's black robes and the bare body underneath before saying, "It seems like you aren't doing that well. Which country's fugitive are you? A terrorist? Or a mercenary?"

The blonde-haired lady smiled and said, "If you wish to put up a farce to swindle money with your abilities, it isn't a good move in the United States. Thankfully you met me. If you were to encounter a member of the law-enforcing department, you would probably be spending the rest of your life in a laboratory."

The lady then restarted the car's engine. Amidst the screeching sound of tires rubbing against the ground, the sports car continued to move toward Beverly Hills. It was a district in Los Angeles which housed many wealthy people. It was also where the blonde-haired lady's clan was situated.

As the car advanced at rapid speed on the highway, the blonde-haired lady asked, "What is your ability? Invisibility? Psychokinesis? Teleportation?"

She threw a glance at Fang Xingjian with one hand on the steering wheel. Her other hand suddenly clenched tight and punched out. Amidst the crackling sounds of an explosion, a faint white aura slashed across, and her fist stopped right at the tip of Fang Xingjian's nose.

"You aren't the only extraordinary human in this world. The bodybuilding system that I possess can allow my physical body to become stronger endlessly.

"Right now, the power of my punch is at around ten tons, and I can complete a 100-meter dash in 1.2 seconds. My muscle and bone density can allow me to face a handgun's shots head-on. If you had continued your attack earlier, you'd already be dead."

Saying that, the lady brushed back her blonde hair. "On the account that you aren't that bad looking, I can give you a job."

Fang Xingjian's martial will continued to scan her body. Then when he heard her mention 'bodybuilding system', his eyes narrowed a little, and he asked, "You... are able to see your own Stats Window?"

"Haha, of course." The beautiful blonde-haired lady smiled as she looked at Fang Xingjian. "Newbie, you can't possibly be thinking that you're the only person in the world who possesses extraordinary powers and systems?" This was not the first time she had encountered a country bumpkin like this.

Many people were merely commoners before they possessed extraordinary powers, and they did not of the darkness in this world. After getting powers which ordinary people would never have, they tended to be taken over by their ambitions and desires, thinking they were different from others and were invincible.

Fang Xingjian was indeed slightly surprised. It seemed that this world's grasp of ether particles was a little different from what he had imagined it to be.

He paused for a little before asking, "What's a system?"


In the sky above Mariana Islands, which was located the northeast to the Philippines.

A black high technology fighter aircraft cut across the sky, with its fusion powered engines continuing to spurt out streams of flames and increase the fighter aircraft's speed. The black coating on the aircraft's surface perfectly absorbed the electromagnetic signals from the radars coming from different countries and moved across the territorial airspaces of the countries in East Asia.

In the aircraft, Bloody Queen Elizabeth sat in the co-pilot's seat cross-legged while chewing on bubblegum. She kept twirling her finger around her pink hair as she asked, "Little Black, where on earth are we heading to?"

The Dark Knight did not reply. Instead, he stretched out his hand and placed a test tube filled with murky white liquid next to Elizabeth's mouth. He then said, "Drink it."

"Hehe, it's white in color. Is this your essence 1 ? I can help you extract some fresh essence right now," Elizabeth said, licking her blood red lips.

Crackling explosion sounds rang out, and after activating an electric shock, the Dark Knight poured the liquid in the test tube into Elizabeth's mouth.

At the next moment, the Dark Knight's voice rang out in Elizabeth's mind, "Can you hear me?"

"What the hell is this?" Elizabeth exclaimed, "Your thing has this kind of effect?"

The Dark Knight said coldly, "This is a new generation femtometer robot. It has the technology to transmit quantum information and can transmit the information from one person's brain directly into another's. This will allow us to be in contact at any time and place."

As he spoke, the black fighter aircraft spun and then dashed down right toward the ocean.

"Hey," Elizabeth looked at this scene in great astonishment and said, "Are you flying your plane in the wrong direction?"

The Dark Knight did not pay her any heed and just continued to accelerate, charging down toward the ocean. Finally, under Elizabeth's terrified gaze, the plane collided against the surface of the ocean with a loud bang . In an instant, the wings shrunk in, the engines were changed, and it entered deep down to the bottom of the ocean like a swimming fish.

"Wow!" Elizabeth looked out at the scene at the bottom of the ocean just like a little child. However, as the fighter aircraft continued to probe deeper into the bottom of the ocean, the surroundings became pitch-black. In the pitch-black darkness, there was only the fighter aircraft's light lighting up the way before them, making even the Bloody Queen to feel a little terrified.

The two of them continued to dive down to a depth of 7,000 meters underwater.

Elizabeth finally could not help but ask, "How deep are you going to dive down?"

The Dark Knight said nonchalantly, "Our goal is the Mariana Trench that is 11,000 meters underwater, the deepest point on Earth."

Suddenly, a huge pitch-black shadow flashed past them, and the Bloody Queen screamed, "What the hell is that?"

At the next moment, the fighter aircraft came to a stop while trembling. Amidst the dim light, two large light spots shone out.

The headlamps on the fighter aircraft shone out toward the light spots. Under Elizabeth's astonished gaze, an octopus that was several hundred meters long curled its tentacles around the fighter aircraft. The two large light spots from earlier were its eyes.

Rather, it could be said that this thing was no longer an octopus, but a sea monster in the abyss through and through.

In the blurry darkness, many huge shadows had surrounded the fighter aircraft without them noticing.

"Damn it." Elizabeth's fangs grew out, and streams of blood red sparks extended out from her palm. She clenched her teeth and said, "You've done us in."

"Keep calm. They're on our side," the Dark Knight said calmly.

At the next moment, the octopus released its tentacles. 7,000 meters deep down in the ocean, a middle-aged man, who had muscular limbs and a face covered in a beard and was dressed a coral armor, floated before the fighter aircraft.

"The possessor of the Sea God's system-Sea God Constantine. He is only the supervisor of the Mariana Trench prison." As he spoke, the Dark Knight opened up the plane's cabin. However, the water did not come in. Instead, an air bubble wrapped up the Dark Knight and Elizabeth.

Constantine looked coldly at the two of them and said, "Peter, according to the regulations, you shouldn't be bringing other people here."

"This is an emergency. I don't have any other options," the Dark Knight said. "Bring me to the prison. I need to bring a person out."

Constantine frowned slightly. However, he eventually opened his mouth and let out a silent scream. The scream was transmitted rapidly in the water. Then, under the escort of over ten sea monsters, the three of them crossed the 1,000-meter area of sea monsters and arrived in the deep abyss 8,000 meters underwater. This was a restricted area for living creatures, so all the sea monsters stayed behind.

While covered up in the bubble Constantine had created, the three people continued to dive down deeper until a brilliant and majestic underwater city appeared before them.

This was the Mariana Trench prison-the prison with the strongest defense in history created by the Radiant Congress. It sealed several tens of extremely dangerous extraordinary humans who were deemed hard to control and who possessed the ability to destroy the entire human civilization.