Chapter 728: Chance Encounter

 Chapter 728: Chance Encounter

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Sam was riding his motorcycle alongside over ten companions on the highway. They were a group of motorcycle lovers and often gathered to ride their motorbikes, travelling across the states.

However, at the next moment, a black figure suddenly appeared before him. It was a man who seemed to be completely naked, other than a single piece of black material he had on him.

Sam's vision then blurred and the man disappeared, which made him think that he had just seen an illusion.

"Seems like I'm too tired."

In the sky, Fang Xingjian looked downward at the group of motorcycles and mumbled, "I had thought that in a place where the ether particle density is so strong, it would be something similar to the miracle world. However, it still mostly comprises of the Earth's modern civilization? Let's look around more."

In the next instant, he turned into a faint phantom image, darting through spatial gaps, and scanning the entire United States.

Although he could go around the entire Earth in just an instant at a speed akin to light speed, by turning into waves and transmitting himself at light speed he would be unable to observe the external environment. It would be meaningless.

Having arrived at a small modernized town in the blink of an eye, Fang Xingjian was even more certain about the current situation. This was really a world where the modern civilization was similar to that of Earth's.

'Such strong ether particle density...

'Is this the future of the parallel world I went to in the past? Or...'

With a flash, Fang Xingjian entered a small building. He reached out a finger, plugged it in, and at the next moment, his consciousness started moving along the network.

'The usage of English and Chinese are still very similar.

'However, the history is different. In Huaxia 1 and the United States, the presidents are different. Moreover, this world is currently in year 2031. There hasn't been a discovery of a passageway that leads to Miracle World, yet it has a strong ether particle density...'

Fang Xingjian stroked his chin. He already had some presumptions about this world. He then thought of the extraordinary human whom he had encountered on the Earth's surface.

'It's true that such a strong ether particle density would indeed allow mankind to possess extraordinary power. Will I be able to find information on the internet?'

As he was thinking about this, he had already started to look up information regarding extraordinary powers.

A young man saved several hundreds people from a great fire.

An adult man lifted a truck weighing several tens of tons.

An astrology lover witnessed a flying human in the middle of the night.

These seemed like real events, yet also not. Even Fang Xingjian was unable to judge if they were facts or not.

'However, the ones who sent out an electromagnetic signal to me earlier should be a government on Earth. They don't seem to know about that extraordinary human attacking me. It seems that the connection between the Earth's extraordinary humans and the government isn't too close.

'The existence of extraordinary power is still being kept a secret to maintain the society's stability?

'That would also be a way to handle this.'

After searching for a while, Fang Xingjian gave up on looking for information online. There was far too much information on the internet and even with the calculative abilities that Fang Xingjian's brain possessed, he would be unable to find relevant proof. He might as well spend the effort in the real world.

'That extraordinary human on the Sun has already obtained the battle prowess of one at the tier three or even four of the Divine level.'

'Using him as a reference, first of all, I shouldn't bring too much attention to myself.'

Thinking of this, Fang Xingjian gave up on the method he had used to attract the global attention when he was striving for the second tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens. After learning about the background of this world, Fang Xingjian then started to ponder about the profoundness behind the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens.

At the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens, one could comprehend the profoundness behind the past and the future. Fang Xingjian had already made a previous guess that it was likely that the parallel world he would reach would be the past or future of the previous Earth he had been on.

However, this time around, with the appearance of the extraordinary human and the strong ether particle density on Earth, he could not help but think, "Could it be that this isn't the Earth's parallel world, but the past or the future of Miracle World? Is it possible that Miracle World had previously been, or will eventually develop into an existence was similar to that of Earth?"

At the thought of the dragon's scale, the Chinese characters on the dragon's scale, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, and the Chinese characters 'Asia-Pacific' he had found in the mountain's relics, his suspicions grew.

'But if this was the Miracle World's past, then what is the Earth I've come from? And why did the Miracle World become like that...?

'If this place is really a parallel world of the past or the future, then...' Fang Xingjian's gaze turned serious, "No, there's still too little evidence... I need to find out more..."

The more he thought about it, the more confusing it seemed. Fang Xingjian decided to just activate his Sudden Inspiration at full power. He wanted to look for chance encounters.

At the next moment, his body moved and he cut across the sky and arrived in the sky above Los Angeles.


It was a quiet night and Fang Xingjian landed on a street without being noticed. He could sense that there was something or someone who would be very helpful to him. His chance encounter was going to take place here.

After a few minutes, a red sports car zoomed across the street like a red bolt of lightning. A deafening sound rang through the entire street.

The sports car passed by Fang Xingjian at rapid speed and its flashing hind lights disappeared into the distance.

Fang Xingjian's gaze stayed on the disappearing sports car, "It's her."

In the sports car, an extremely alluring lady with blonde hair was stepping fiercely on the accelerator. She let out a cheer as the streets flashed past her, while she drove like the wind.

The lady with blonde hair not only had an alluring mean, but also a great figure, comparable to those top notch female stars featured on magazines. She had a spicy disposition that could make any man gulp furiously. She truly was a stunner.

Unknowingly, Fang Xingjian was already moving alongside the sports car. His martial will scanned her body and his gaze suddenly narrowed.

'Her stomach... A part of her body's structure has taken on the physical particle structure...'

Fang Xingjian was greatly surprised at this, 'Will it become like the body structure of those in the Miracle World in the future? She will be... the first Knight...'

In that instant, countless thoughts flashed in his mind. 'If this is Miracle World's past, then what is the Earth that I lived in? Why would it be connected with Miracle World?'

Fang Xingjian shook his head and realized that he could not make sense of the relationship at all. He decided to first provide guidance to the lady in the sports car. He wanted to see if her body could completely take on the physical particle structure, if she would she be able to cutivate and if she could possess a Stats Window for attributes and skills.

In this instant, he sensed that he was already extremely close to the Miracle World's profoundness.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian suddenly sat in the front passenger seat. He looked at the lady with blonde hair and asked, "Do you want to possess true power? Do you want to become strong?"

It was a pity that although Fang Xingjian had cultivated to an extremely high level and possessed great martial prowess, he was still a young man who had not even reached 20 years of age. His understanding toward people's hearts, or rather, ordinary people's hearts, was still insufficient.

It had been far too long since he had come into contact with ordinary humans.

"F*ck!" Amidst a world-shocking agonizing scream, the lady with blonde hair stepped fiercely on the brake. A piercing screech of friction that seemed to almost want to pierce through one's eardrums rang out and with two long rows of tire marks on the road, the car finally came to a stop.

The lady with blonde hair glared at Fang Xingjian, who was next to her, and said, "Who are you? How did you get on?" She drew out a small silver gun from her handbag, pressed it against Fang Xingjian's forehead, "Scram! Otherwise, I'll blast your head!"