Chapter 727: Descent

 Chapter 727: Descent

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In a certain summer palace in France.

It was late at night, but the palace was still brightly lit up.

In this palace which had a rustic and classic feel, impetuous electronic music was being played. Under the colorful lighting, many young men and women were on the dance floor, lavishly showing off their vigor.

Occasionally, some men and women who would bring their partners into dark rooms or corridors, after which there would be moans ringing out in the air.

The entire palace had been made into something like a modern nightclub. If experts who had a strong love for ancient structures were to find out about this, they would probably lament about how these people were recklessly ruining a great treasure.

Simultaneously, up in the sky at 1,000 kilometers above the ground, a small black fighter aircraft was flying over the summer palace. The black fighter aircraft had a streamlined structure, and under the mysterious black coating, there were many curves and bumps on it, giving off a strong science fiction vibe.

As it came to a stop, two streams of plasma flame currents shot out from the bottom of the plane, allowing it to hover in the air.

"Nicola, activate alert mode."

A cold electronic voice rang out from the plane, "Yes, Mister Peter."

At the next moment, a pure black figure leaped out from the fighter aircraft. It was one of the leaders of the Radiant Congress-Dark Knight Peter.

He was fully covered up in a layer of shiny black armor, and a pair of huge black wings that looked like those of a demon spread out on his back.

His entire head was also covered by a layer of black helmet, making it hard for others to be able to see his appearance. Only his right eye revealed a faint red light, as if always trying to probe out something.

The Death God Armor possessed an space alloy exterior with a resistance to explosions, high temperatures, and low temperatures. It was equipped with a portable fusion powered generator and had four impact junctures. This armor could provide Peter with a propulsion that was 5,000 tons or higher.

The devilish bat wings on his back were made of plasma deformable metal 1 . They could change into all sorts of physical structures under the magnetic field's restrictions. The wings could transform into a cape to fend off small-scaled nuclear missiles or become like a sharp piercing sword, slicing open a 100-meter-long warship armor plate.

Furthermore, the armor also had all sorts of other micro laser weapons, electromagnetic weapons, and photon current slicing devices.

This set of Death God Armor, together with Peter's battle techniques which he had trained hard for over ten years to master, allowed him to be ranked amongst the top ten strongest extraordinary humans on Earth.

'But it still isn't enough... Faced with an extraterrestrial life form like that, the Death God Armor is still too weak...'

Peter descended down toward the summer palace while looking at his body and thought, 'But the latest Hell Armor's blueprint is out. I hope it won't disappoint me.'

At the next moment, the black figure smashed through the palace's roof like a meteor, and he landed in the middle of the dance floor amidst screams.

White lime dust kept falling down from the hole. The young men and women who were still enjoying themselves earlier now retreated over ten meters away, surrounding the Dark Knight in a circle.

The red light in Peter's right eye flashed. Then the thermal and acoustic imaging outputs of his surroundings were presented to him.

A cold and stiff voice rang out from the armor.

"Where is Elizabeth?"

Faced with Peter's questions, the young men and women in the surroundings started laughing. At the next moment, as beastly roars rang out, they opened their mouths and bared their growing fangs while their eyes emitted scarlet gleams.

The men and women who were previously hiding in the shadows also walked out. The corners of their lips were stained with fresh blood. The men and women who had been pulled into the shadows were now all unconscious with smiles on their faces.

The entire dance floor had instantly become a vampire nest.

Sensing the malicious intent from the surroundings, the Dark Knight let out a cold snort. Then with a dash, he charged into the vampire crowd. He was like a tank smashing his way through, and with just a simple dash, he broke the veins and bones of over ten vampires, sending them flying.

A vampire, who had charged out toward Peter, had his face smashed with a single punch and was sent flying away while smashing through over ten layers of walls.

Five vampires took this opportunity to grab the Dark Knight's body at the same time. However, as electricity flashed out, they cried out agonizingly and were sent flying out. They had been electrocuted and sent flying by the Death God Armor.

After that, the wings on the back of the armor moved slightly. Then with a lash, Peter sent another more than ten vampires that had dashed over flying out.

These vampires had physical attributes which far surpassed those of ordinary people, and the strongest few of them could even launched supersonic punches. They would slice up human bodies just with the shock waves they produced in the air when their palms went slashing out.

However, before Peter, who was wearing his Death God Armor, all these were meaningless.

"He's here!"

"Ahh, he went up!"

"Be careful! Be careful! He's just right behind us!"

"Go get the guns, idiots!"

Five to six vampires dashed over while carrying machine guns. Amidst the metal storm, sparks flashed on Peter's body. However, it was impossible for these gunpowder fueled weapons to penetrate through the Death God Armor.

At the next moment, with a flash, Peter had already sent all the vampires, who were carrying guns, flying.

The Death God Armor was considered an extreme of individual weapons. Furthermore, Peter himself was well-trained and a master in combat, infiltration, and assassination.

Under the dim light, the mottled shadows on the wall, and the chaotic crowd, everything had become Peters' weapons. He darted through the dark shadows and moved along the walls. Whenever someone saw him, they would already have lost their consciousness.

He had almost not used any of the external weapons equipped on the Death God Armor to knock out over half of the several hundred vampires present.

At this moment, a intense blood stench came gushing, and a slim figure slowly appeared. She walked upside down on the palace's roof just like a mirror image, giving off a strange yet graceful feeling.

The lady had a fair countenance, silver eyes, and long pink hair. She wore a leather coat and a short skirt, with a pair of mesh stockings which wrapped around a pair of slender legs. Her appearance of a heavy metal styled young lady did not match her graceful actions in the least.

"You people aren't his match. Step down."

The female voice had a sluggish and charming tone to it, but it caused the many vampires hidden in the shadows to feel a chill run down their spines. They slowly backed off.

Still hanging upside down from the roof, the lady walked over to Peter. She used a tone that had a hint of sweetness in it to say, "Cutie, why have you thought of coming to look for me?"

The Dark Knight did not let down his guard just because of her soft and feminine voice.

Bloody Queen Elizabeth was an extraordinary human who possessed a vampiric system. She was one of the most dangerous monsters on Earth, and the massacre of 712 people she had caused had once turned the entire Paris into a ghost city.

Even if she had already joined the Radiant Congress, the Dark Knight had not once let down his guard against her. After all, she was one of the few who would not die in a close combat battle against Caesar. In the hard disk of Nicola the artificial intelligence, there were at least 32 sets of back up plans to kill Elizabeth.

Dark Knight Peter said coldly, "A new system wielder has appeared. He is extremely dangerous, and I need your assistance." After considering how dangerous she was, the Dark Knight decided not to reveal the news of Caesar's defeat.

Furthermore, her reply was also what he had expected.

"Not interested." Elizabeth suddenly hugged the Dark Knight's helmet tightly, and her bloody red and agile tongue slowly licked the metal visor. "Unless you're willing to do some interesting things with me."

An intense charm burst out from her eyes. It could make any ordinary person willing to die for her.

However, at the next moment, violent electric currents burst out from Elizabeth's central nerve. The femtometer robot, which the Dark Knight had implanted into her body, had been activated. The microscopic robot, which was 1,000 times smaller than a nanometer, had long taken over every part of her body through her bloodstream. Even the Bloody Queen had not been able to find a way to expel it from her body.


Her agonizing cry rang throughout the entire summer palace, and in the blink of an eye, she was already kneeling down on the ground.

"One day... One day... I'll definitely remove the small object you've placed in my body, then I'll suck every single drop of your blood..."

"If there aren't any other questions, we'll set off immediately. The French Garrison have already noticed the situation here." The Dark Knight grabbed the Bloody Queen, who was now limp all over, and flew up into the sky.


In the outskirts of Mexico, United States.

With a thunderous rumble, a beam of white light cut across the horizon as Fang Xingjian transmitted at rapid speed in the atmosphere and then completed his regeneration next to a highway.

He had tossed Caesar away on the Earth's orbit, and right now, Fang Xingjian was maintaining the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique form. His loose-fitting black robe wrapped around his body, revealing his chest, stomach, and feet.

He stood on the ground with his bare feet, and his martial will instantly scanned the range of 100 lis in the surroundings.

'What a strong density of ether particles. This density is even above that of the Miracle World's...'

Just as Fang Xingjian was deeply moved by this, a piercing sound of motor rang out from the distance. A motorcycle rider was heading toward his location, following the highway.

Fang Xingjian took in a deep breath and said calmly, "The aura of human..."

At the next moment, he flew toward the biker with a flash.