Chapter 725: Extraordinary

 Chapter 725: Extraordinary

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The area inside the vacuum of the vast universe was enveloped by intense flames. Everywhere within sight was filled with piercing flames.

Many huge fire snakes leaped out and jumped about within the area which could cover up the Earth's radius.

The magnetic field was changing drastically, the high temperature of over 6,000 degrees Celsius, and the light that could blind any living creature made this place into a hell for all living creatures.

This was the sun's surface, a place where no life forms should exist. However, a man in a white cape and a white battle suit was standing there.

He even had his palms, head, hair, and eyes directly exposed. However, no matter how high the temperature was and no matter how intensely the moving plasma collided against his body, they were unable to change his physical structure in the least. Even the battle suit he wore was not damaged at all.

This man had brilliant gold hair and a pair of blue eyes. He looked just like the Sun God Apollo-strong, full of power, and grandeur.

Looking at the flaming hell before him, the man smiled and said, "Peter, can you hear me?"

"Roger," a cold man's voice rang out in the man's mind at the next moment. "Your throat's trembles send sound waves to the transmitter at the back of your mind. They are then transmitted over to me through quantum communicating device.

"Thankfully you've released your defense, allowing me to place the device into your body. It seems that they aren't damaged. Try shaking your head a little."

The man in the flames shook his head a little, and the man called Peter said, "There are no problems. The delay is within about 0.02 seconds."

"This is really amazing," the man with a cape said, "I spent 52 hours to reach the sun's surface. Even sunlight would need over eight minutes to travel across this distance. When did you invent this communicating device?"

"60 hours ago. We don't have time for idle chat. Caesar, search for the target." Peter's voice was cold and rational. "The Earth has entered a state of turmoil. If this isn't settled earlier, before the Earth is sealed in ice, humans will wipe themselves out."

"I understand." The gaze of Caesar, the man wearing a cape, turned serious, and his expression became grim too. His eyes narrowed, as if he could see through the layers of flames at the scene that was several hundred kilometers away.

Peter's voice was transmitted into his mind, "Search in the westward direction, 21 degrees to the east. That should be the center of the black spot."

Caesar nodded. Then with a dash, he cut through a long ravine in the sea of flames on the sun's surface. He darted out toward the target at Mach 200 speed.

Violent plasma clashed against his body, forming dense plasma clouds. They continued to stack and clash, and then cover on Caesar's body, turning into consecutive nuclear explosions.

Similar explosions occurred on the sun's surface almost every minute and every second. However, they were unable to harm Caesar, who was moving at rapid speed. It was as if his surroundings were covered by a layer of invincible defense, and no high temperatures or explosions could harm him at all. They could not even deal any damage to the clothes he was wearing.

Then as Caesar progressed forward, the temperature in the surroundings was also plunging at rapid speed. In the blink of an eye, it had reached 500 degrees Celsius. This was still considered to be a high temperature if it was on Earth, but it was an unbelievably low temperature on the sun's surface.

All the heat energy seemed to have been absorbed by a black hole.

As Caesar advanced forward, he could sense the temperature continue to drop. When the temperature reached 100 degrees Celsius, a huge black sphere appeared before him.

By then, the flames around him had already disappeared. At a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, there was no intense plasma moving in the surroundings either. There was only a lump of black substance, which seemed like a pool of water, floating in midair.

"Unbelievable," Caesar said, looking at the black sphere. He circled around it and then asked, "Are there any discoveries?"

"Is this an absolute black body?" Peter's voice rang out in Caesar's mind. "No, it's impossible for such a thing to exist. However, it should have been incessantly absorbing all the heat radiations from the sun. Let me think..." It was a pity that the sun was too far away and the environment was too bad. He was unable to have Caesar bring more investigating devices to the sun.

However, Caesar got close to the floating black sphere and said, "Is this thing the culprit? Let me test its prowess."

As he said that, Caesar had already punched out fiercely before Peter could stop him. It was as if 1,000 nuclear explosions had been set off from out of nowhere, and violent power gushed out toward the black sphere. At the moment his punch landed on the black sphere, densely packed cracks extended out with his fist as the center.

Kacha kacha . As more and more cracks appeared, pieces of the black mass dropped off. Caesar rubbed his head and remarked, "It seems like I've succeeded?"

"Be careful," Peter said, "This could be a weapon belonging to some intelligent life forms."

"Then they are enemies." Caesar broke into a smile, and his fists punched out at lightning speed. Each punch had the power to smash Taiwan into two, capable of bringing forth a nuclear winter throughout half of Asia and once again cause another great tsunami in Indonesia.

A terrifying fist force struck continuously on the surface of the black sphere.

Tremendous rumbles seemed to ring out in void space, and the entire sphere instantly shattered into pieces, turning into countless black fragments.

Then as the black sphere shattered, a human silhouette that was filled with white light was revealed. It was as if the entire sun had been stuffed into a person's body. Even after being weakened and filtered many times over, the bursting light still caused Peter, who was watching through a screen, to let out a stifled grunt. He covered his eyes, which had turned red, as tears flowed out.

"It's an extraterrestrial life form! He's the one who created this disaster!"

Fang Xingjian opened his eyes. He could sense that the injuries on the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique were almost fully recovered, and all the cracks on his body had almost completely disappeared.

An overwhelming power, which far surpassed what he had in the past, was seething and roaring out endlessly in his body, causing it to unleash a brilliant white light. It was as if he was a sun that continued to burn and explode.

With a change of his thought, the shattered black matter in the surroundings once again turned into streams of martial will. They instantly turned from black matter into smoke and were absorbed into his body.

As Fang Xingjian called back his martial will, he turned his head. Then he noticed Caesar, who was the one broke the black sphere earlier.

Looking at the light figure's gaze, Caesar only felt that his scalp go numb, as if countless sharp swords had pierced through his body.

"You're the one creating a shadow on the sun?"

Fang Xingjian did not reply. He just used his martial will to scan Caesar's body and sense a strong density of ether particles being emitted from it.

Caesar's body was similar to those of Conferred Knights yet different. It was because Caesar's physical body was still made up of molecules and atoms instead of physical particles.

"You don't understand? I'm asking you..." Caesar's eyes narrowed. Then with a flash, he went colliding toward Fang Xingjian with the force of an entire continent. He then punched out, sending a force that was like that of an asteroid smashing into Fang Xingjian's face.


A mushroom cloud exploded over several kilometers, and brilliant white spots were produced on the surface of the fixed star, rapidly covering the shadows that had been created over the past 48 hours.