Chapter 724: Ice Sealed

 Chapter 724: Ice Sealed

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"The possibility isn't high," Grand Duke Alba said. "The 12 factions of Mages have already been scattered. Putting aside the silver, cyan, and green factions who are at least still in this land, the Gray Robed Mages have been dealt a great blow, and the Yellow Robed Mages don't participate in any kind of conflict. The Blue Robed, Pink Robed, and Orange Robed have even left this land.

"We can only rely on ourselves now." True Lord Qingshan and the other two of them stopped before a small white house. This was a small building built atop of green plains. It appeared to be only two stories high, just like an ordinary village building. There seemed to be nothing special about it.

However, when True Lord Qingshan saw this small building, his gaze was filled with nostalgia. "Shelter 091 is a subspace that was created back in our generation. Fang Xingjian is unable to detect us here.

"And this small building is actually a cultivation room that simulates the real world. I'll be entering it and training in seclusion.

"When I come out from my seclusion one month later, it will be the day of the evil god ritual. After the ritual is completed, it'll be the moment for us to suppress Fang Xingjian."


Arriving in the Great Western Region, Fang Xingjian first went to find Tyrant. He put out his hand and tossed a drop of Adam's blood to Tyrant.

Sensing the terrifying power within the drop of blood, Tyrant's countenance changed. "What is this? God's blood?" Just scanning it casually with his martial will allowed him to sense that the power contained within it surpassed that of his own by several hundred times.

Fang Xingjian explained, "Adam's blood. This is said to be a drop of fresh blood belonging to Adam, the founder of the Ancient Path of Hell. However, when one reaches Adam's level, he shouldn't have anymore blood, so I have no idea what it is either. However, it should be able to strengthen your martial will. Take it with great care. Don't be confused by the information remnants within it."

After hearing about Adam's blood, Tyrant's gaze flickered. His eyes were brimming with excitement. "This is good stuff, really good stuff." The first thing he thought of wasn't to use Adam's blood to strengthen his own power but to offer it as a sacrifice to the Gray Demonic God in exchange for a tremendous amount of black magic or life forms from alternate worlds.

However, Fang Xingjian did not care what Tyrant would use Adam's blood on. He merely continued to toss Buu's flesh casually to him. "This is something I snatched from the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord. You can take a look to see if it's of any use to you."

Regardless of whether it was Buu's flesh or Adam's blood, both of them were related to the physical body. As such, Tyrant was the best person to study them.

Tyrant looked at Buu's flesh greedily and started to study it excitedly.

After leaving Tyrant, Fang Xingjian went to where the Fourth Prince and Philip's location. He then tossed a drop of Adam's blood to them.

The Fourth Prince asked in astonishment, "This is Adam's blood? Oh, god. To think that this thing really exists?"

Fang Xingjian asked puzzledly, "You recognize it?"

"Legend has it that Saint Adam was never injured in his entire life and that he only left behind nine drops of flesh blood when he fought against the leader of Northern Sacred Land-the Formidable Divine King. Each drop of blood contains Adam's power and martial arts!" The Fourth Prince exclaimed as he stared at the drop of blood.

However, Fang Xingjian merely shrugged, unconcerned. "You guys can have it. Try using it to get stronger. In the time to come, there will be endless experts appearing from all over the place. One must be at least at tier three or, even better, at tier four of the Divine level. You'll then have the Sudden Inspiration ability, thus truly having the power to protect yourself."

After making arrangements for the matters in the Great Western Region, Fang Xingjian announced to the public that he was going to go into seclusion. He sat quietly in the Sacred Land's training room.

Then after two hours, a beam of light burst out beyond the heavens as Fang Xingjian strived for the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens. He was hoping to reach tier four of the Divine level, comprehend the profoundness behind the past and the future, and grasp the Sudden Inspiration ability. Fang Xingjian wanted to integrate it with the Sudden Inspiration ability he had gained from the tenth level of the mental cultivation methods and then use it to locate Lilia.

He pierced through the atmosphere and arrived before the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens instantly. It still had the same feeling from the previous tier, and Fang Xingjian felt as if his thoughts were flashing across in an instant with countless lights and shadows. It was as if only a moment had just passed, yet it also felt like 1,000 years had already passed.

All time and space had become meaningless at this very moment. By the time Fang Xingjian reacted, there were only endless sparks before him.

'This is...? What a strong density of power...'

At the next moment, countless fire sparks started to gather around Fang Xingjian. Cracks on the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique began to show signs of recovering.


On Earth, in Washington, D.C. in the United States.

In NASA's Space Science Department, Assistant Department Head Victor looked at the image reports before him and asked confusedly, "What is this?"

A researcher before him replied, "This is the latest image we've captured from the sun's surface. About 12 hours ago, we noticed the sudden appearance of this small black dot. At first, we thought that it was a sunspot. But over the past 12 hours, this black spot has been expanding rapidly. It's now about half the size of the United States.

"Moreover, it has a temperature of 3,000 degrees Celsius. This makes it at least 3,000 degrees Celsius lower than the surrounding surfaces on the sun, causing it to appear pitch-black. This is a far lower temperature than any ordinary sunspot, so we suspect that it isn't just a sunspot."

"Don't include your subjective judgements," Assistant Department Head Victor said calmly. "If it isn't a sunspot, then what can it be? Someone's extinguishing the fire on the sun?" He shrugged, thinking that he had made quite a good joke. However, the researcher before him did not smile at all.

"Assistant Department Head, this matter is very serious. Based on my observations, this black spot has not been showing signs of slowing down over the past 12 hours. If it is allowed to continue expanding at this speed, over one-third of this fixed star's mass will be covered up by this darkness within three months," the researcher said while propping up his spectacles. "If this were to happen, the entire Earth would face extremely cold weather. We would lose over 30% of light and heat energy. It would mean the end of the world. And this might not be its limits..."


48 hours later, in the command post of the United States' Science Mission Directorate, rows of astonishing data were being displayed.

"It's still expanding."

"Its radius has already reached the size of the Earth's radius."

"Oh, my god..."

Looking at this scene, Associate Administrator Charlie, of the United States' Science Mission Directorate, gasped. Just then, a female assistant at the side walked over to him. "Associate Administrator, it's a phone call from the President."

The Associate Administrator picked up the phone, from which a deep voice rang out, "I understand the situation. Do we have any means of changing the situation?"

"The sun is 152.1 million kilometers away from us. It'll take at least a few months before our most advanced space shuttle can reach the sun."

"I understand. Then what solution do you think we have?"

"The black spot appeared about 50 hours ago, and its rate of expansion almost didn't change at all. There is also no change to the lowering of the temperature either. Even the area it expanded out to is in a circular shape," the Associate Administrator said. Then he paused before saying, "This makes me suspect that there's some kind of space shuttle, which surpasses our cultivation, replenishing its energy on the surface of the fixed star. We should attempt to send it signals in order to try and communicate with them."

Simultaneously, countless astronomy institutes across the Earth had also noticed the huge black spot on the sun. This was a piece of news that could not be concealed at all. As the shadow of the black spot on the sun continued to expand out, rampant discussions about the end of the world and about how the Earth was going to be sealed in ice broke out, causing a great commotion.