Chapter 723: Tracking

 Chapter 723: Tracking

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Having been defeated by Fang Xingjian three consecutive times and now having all of his martial arts crippled by Fang Xingjian, the Fifth Prince was so angered that he was trembling all over. He was in a state where he wanted to act up but had nowhere to release his anger. It almost drove him insane.

This was especially after Fang Xingjian said that from that point onward, if the Fifth Prince stepped into the Divine level, he would come to cripple the Fifth Prince. It made the Fifth Prince feel both terrified and infuriated.

That was because he knew Fang Xingjian was definitely capable of pulling this off. This made him look at Fang Xingjian with a gaze filled with both anger and fear.

Just then, with a single thought, a stream of Fang Xingjian's sword intent was transmitted into the Fifth Prince. At the next moment, Fang Xingjian threw a glance at Lady Veila and the Fifth Prince. Then he could not be bothered saying anything more and disappeared with a flash.

The Fifth Prince dropped to his knees and punched the ground. However, he could not even leave a fist print in the ground. On the contrary, his martial will, which was already weak to begin with, kept on flashing as if it would break down at any time.

Lady Velia bellowed furiously, "Chaos Witch! Where are you?! Before this, how did you say it would be?! Fang Xingjian has already gone out of control! Who will be able to restrict him if this goes on?!"

At the next moment, the Chaos Witch's voice fluttered into Lady Velia's ears and then slowly dissipated.

"There will be someone to deal with him."


On the other hand, Fang Xingjian moved at lightning speed, following the guidance of his Sudden Inspiration. In the blink of an eye, he arrived above an area of hills.

Countless sword intents moved around in space and went out scanning toward the forest which was within a range of several hundred lis. In the blink of an eye, his body flashed once again, and he appeared at the entrance of a cave.

Fang Xingjian's gaze flickered a little as he walked toward the cave. He walked at a very fast speed. Like a breeze blowing into the depths of the cave, he moved without the slightest sound. However, in an instant, he had already reached the depths of a hill.

On his way here, he had noticed that everything in the cave seemed to have been moved. There was nothing left behind.

'The last aura that the Sudden Inspiration sensed is right here... But there's nothing here anymore. It means that the other party also sensed this earlier and thus moved away?' Fang Xingjian's gaze flickered a little. Then suddenly, he formed sword fingers with his right hand and waved it out. The soil under his feet was slashed open, and it did not take long for a big hole to be dug. A slab of iron sheet appeared from the soil.

Fang Xingjian reached out with his hand, and that iron sheet appeared in his hand. This iron sheet was clearly the half piece that had been broken off, and one could barely see the words 'Asia-Pacific' on it. There was nothing else.

Looking at the words written in Chinese, Fang Xingjian's brows furrowed. 'Is this another relic like the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent and the dragon's scale that were left behind?'

Based on Fang Xingjian's observations and this piece of metal which he sensed was buried in the ground, this cave which he had discovered should be some kind of ancient relic. However, a certain influence had also discovered this relic recently. Not only had they excavated the place, they had also cleared out the entire place before Fang Xingjian arrived, causing him to find nothing upon his arrival.

Moreover, judging from the Chinese words 'Asia-Pacific' on the iron sheet, Fang Xingjian suspected this place was also related to the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent which he discovered from the dragon's scale previously.

'Is this from some generation in the ancient times? To think that it uses the same characters as Chinese? What is the connection between them?'

Fang Xingjian searched through the relic in detail. Then after affirming that there were no other discoveries, he returned back to midair with a flash.

Once again, he focused all of his efforts on using his Sudden Inspiration to sense dangers. However, he could not sense anything anymore.

'Are there no more dangers?

'Or is it that... they are hidden somewhere even the Sudden Inspiration isn't able to sense?'

Deep in thought, Fang Xingjian threw a glance at the relic under his feet. At the next moment, he returned to the Great Western Region with a flash. Since he could not sense anything, he decided not to pay it any heed for now.

In anyway, his subordinates, whom he had tried to go all out in strengthen, would be able to reach a certain level of self-preservation within a short period of time.


Somewhere else, there was a huge grass plain. The entire sky above it was just a light screen. There was neither a sun nor a moon.

The entire world seemed to eternally enjoy the greatest sunlight, the best weather, the most suitable humidity, and the most comfortable oxygen level.

Looking at the vast plains before him, the Jade Dynasty's top scholar, Grand Duke Alba, said emotionally, "What place is this? This living environment is simply the paradise mentioned in the legends. One would probably never have to worry about food and water if they were to live here."

Behind Grand Duke Alba was the Church's Saint Luoluo-the female saint from 3,000 years ago-and Shang's leader, True Lord Qingshan who had come from ancient times and had lived in the times of the first onslaught.

"This is shelter 091. The environment isn't bad, but it's not really paradise." True Lord Qingshan slowly walked forward as Saint Luoluo and Grand Duke Alba followed behind him.

Ever since they had decided to follow True Lord Qingshan's guidance, they found an ancient relic and discovered a tremendous amount of terrifying weapons from ancient times. There was even a large amount of powerful physical bodies that was suitable for Divine level experts to live in.

This allowed Shang to let countless reincarnated people to be reborn and have them join forces with Krieg royal family, becoming a powerful influence.

However, this time around, True Lord Qingshan had left behind most of the people in the palace, bringing along only Saint Luoluo and Grand Duke Alba to this shelter.

"Why are we here?" Saint Luoluo asked. "Fang Xingjian is getting increasingly stronger. We should kill him as soon as possible and prevent the arrival of the seventh onslaught."

"Saiyans don't die so easily. Once we fail at killing them with one attempt, they will become even stronger after suffering severe injuries," True Lord Qingshan said. "Therefore, we'll still need to accumulate power, especially through joining forces with the Krieg royal family and the Mage Association.

"Never look down on Fang Xingjian.

"His potential and power far surpass your imagination.

"Without perfect preparations, I won't fight against him. And the moment I do, I must kill him within a single strike. I definitely won't give him any chances."

"Join forces with the Mage Association?" Saint Luoluo frowned. As the Church's female Saint from 3,000 years ago, she instinctively found it hard to trust in the Mage Association.

Grand Duke Alba shook his said and said with a sigh, "There's no other way out. The internal strife within the Church is getting worse. Right now, the battle between the three Saints has gotten really intense, and they don't care about the situation here at all. We can only rely on ourselves."

They had also gotten Saint Luoluo to contact the Church previously, hoping to be able to join forces with them to take down Fang Xingjian. It was a pity that the fight within the Church was even more intense than the ones in the Empire. So, how could they possibly take the effort to provide support to the Empire? Even the Holy Orison, the only Divine level expert whom they had left behind in the Empire, had headed back to the Church in the north.

"Therefore, we have limited power now. The Krieg royal family, the Mage Association's four faction experts, including the black, gold, purple, and red factions..." True Lord Qingshan said with a frown. "It's a pity that the various factions within the Mage Association are too scattered. It'll be great if even the silver, cyan, and green factions can also join in..."