Chapter 720: Desert

 Chapter 720: Desert

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At the borders of the Eastern Sand Region's Sand Country...

In a karst cave that was over 500 meters away from the surface, a faint light flickered continuously in the darkness.

That weak light was the Fifth Prince's martial will. After being seriously injured by Fang Xingjian, his power was now weaker than even that of an ordinary Knight. This was especially because his physical body had been destroyed and his martial will continued to dissipate and weaken.

However, in this underground karst fave, streams of gray light were emitting waves of feelings of vengeance and hatred, as well as agonizing cries. All of them were gushing out toward the Fifth Prince, continuously patching up his injuries and even slowly increasing his power.

Seven days and seven nights passed by. In the blink of an eye, he once again reached the level of a Conferred Knight. Then he continued to recover his power to the Demigod level and striving for the Divine level following that.

After all, the Fifth Prince had achieved that realm previously. As long as the power of his martial will continued to recover, he would naturally be able to regain Divine level power.

On another side of the karst cave, there was a mysterious lady in palace clothings. Her face was covered with a veil. She was the Fifth Prince's mother, Lady Velia.

Standing next to her was a man wearing white robes and a crown, with a mysterious and distant aura, just like that of an ancient god. The man's skin felt extremely dry and bleak, just like the desert above their heads.

This man was the current monarch of the Sand Country-the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch.

The Sand Country was founded through religion, and the person wielding power was the Sacred Fire Order's Papal State. The King could be changed every year, but there would only be one Patriarch.

This Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch ruled over millions and millions of people, as well as countless countries in the desert. In terms of resources, he even had more than Alexander. He also possessed the legacy of the Sand Country's founder-Heavenly Sovereign of the Blood Sea. His cultivation was deep and unfathomable. It had been over 30 years since he had taken any action.

No one knew how powerful the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch had become. It was because he was a godlike existence across the entire desert. No one dared to fight him, nor was there a need for him to deal with anyone.

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch said calmly, "This place is an ancient battlefield relic from 1,000 years ago. Over the 1,000 years, the martial will of countless experts turned into information remnants and were left behind here. It's true that using the power of these souls, which have been left behind over a period of 1,000 years, to strengthen oneself will allow a person to improve at a tremendous rate, but aren't you afraid that he will become a lunatic?"

"If he can't even pass this little trial, then he doesn't deserves to be my son," Lady Velia said coldly.

"He won't fail," another female voice rang out from behind the two people just as they were speaking. Amidst a cyan 1 light, Chaos Witch Lamia walked out.

The eyes of the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch narrowed. "Chaos Witch..."

It was only because of the Chaos Witches' being the middleman that Lady Veila and the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch were willing to join hands this time.

"Chaos Witch, based on what I know, this Fifth Prince's 'fortunate encounters' have always had a connection to you. Why, is he the person you Chaos Witches have chosen?" The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch asked indifferently.

Chaos Witch Lamia smiled. There was an endless mystery behind that smile, and her figure was like a fog, an illusion darting around the karst cave's walls. She even passed through Lady Veila's and the Patriarch's bodies. There was nothing that stood in her way.

At the sight of this, the expressions of Lady Veila and the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch turned solemn. Even they could only see and hear the Chaos Witch. However, they were completely unable to sense the other party's existence with their martial will.

Hearing the question posed by the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch, a laughter that was like the jingle of silver bells rang out from the Chaos Witch's mouth. "He won't sink down into the mud just like this. Instead, he will rise up again. Rising up after suffering from a setback can even allow him to achieve greater heights than before. This is destiny. It is the future. It's impossible to defy, nor can it be changed."

Hearing the mysterious mumbles coming from the Chaos Witch's mouth, the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch did not say a word. Next to him, Lady Veila said coldly, "You said this previously as well. However, he has been crippled of his martial arts by Fang Xingjian, and even Alexander isn't able to do anything to Fang Xingjian. What are we going to do about this?"

"It's true that there have been some unexpected changes from Fang Xingjian," the Chaos Witch said slowly, "But under the guidance of destiny, these changes are meaningless.

"In fact, if it wasn't for the evil god ritual and those Mage Kings or Alexander were willing to take action at the risk of getting injured, they would be able to suppress Fang Xingjian."

"So we should leave him to grow like this?" Lady Veila's words were filled with fury. "You've also seen how fast his growth rate is. If we leave things be, we probably won't be able to subdue him anymore. When that happens, it would be too late."

Listening to the conversation between Lady Veila and the Chaos Witch, the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch did not think much of it. As the dictator of the entire Sand Country, he had reached tier five of the Divine Country a very long time ago and had spent several decades being invincible in the Sand Country. This created an extremely arrogant and proud character in him. In his eyes, there would only be one or two people in the entire world who could be stronger than him.

Regarding the episode of a young man who was not even 20 years of age bringing Alexander and his Empire great upheaval, the Patriarch only watched on with a mentality as if he was looking at a joke.

He did not pay much heed to the many information which reported that Fang Xingjian's sword art mastery was very high and that he was very powerful. As the dictator of millions and millions of people in the entire Sand Country, the Patriarch had been invincible for far too long.

To him, it was only because the Mage Kings and Alexander were wary toward each other and tying each other down that Fang Xingjian was able to take advantage of the situation. Furthermore, the Patriarch did not feel that he was inferior to Alexander and the few Mage Kings. He even felt that he should be slightly stronger than them.

Lady Veila noticed his attitude and said, "Lord Patriarch, don't be looking down on Fang Xingjian. This person possesses the greatest sword arts talent in the world, and in the future, he carries the fate of two worlds on his back. Moreover, his relationship with your Sand Country isn't that good either, right?"

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch smiled, disapproving of her opinion. "If Fang Xingjian dares to come to my Sand Country, I won't go easy on him like Alexander did."

Lady Veila frown, secretly dissatisfied with the his arrogance. It was a pity that the Fifth Prince still needed to rely on him to recover and to get stronger. Therefore, she could only take an internal note of this.

The Chaos Witch said, "After the Fifth Prince has succeeded, please get him to bear with it for now. Get him to wait until the First Prince, Shang, and the Abyss Lord are fully prepared before taking the initiative to attack and suppress Fang Xingjian."

As she said this, she thought, 'Fang Xingjian will probably still be hard to suppress. However, with these people working together, it would be sufficient to weaken him greatly. Otherwise, it won't be beneficial to the activation of the Ring of Time if Fang Xingjian is too strong'

Just then, eerie strong gales blew past like a myriad of howling ghosts, and the entire underground karst cave was filled up by the cries of souls. The Fifth Prince looked as if he had just stepped out from the gates of hell, and a dark green glow flashed and burst out from his eyes.

"Don't worry..." With each word he spoke, it was as if a myriad of people was shouting, "From today onward, I won't look down on Fang Xingjian anymore. I won't take any action unless I have absolute confidence.

"Eldest Brother, Shang, and Uncle Abyss Lord... It is only after they're all fully prepared that I'll work together with them to kill Fang Xingjian."

However, at that moment, the countenance of the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch changed. Under his Sudden Inspiration, he turned into a stream of fiery sparks and dashed out toward the Fifth Prince.