Chapter 716: Missing

 Chapter 716: Missing

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In the Great Western Region Regional Academy, Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged in the secret room. The Abyss Longsword floated on his chest, and mysterious gravitational waves were sent out from it, bringing along streams of deep and unfathomable information.

Although the battle with Alexander had allowed Fang Xingjian to successfully attain a breakthrough of the Infiltrating Void sword's limits and grasp some of the profound theories behind gravity, the sword intents condensed on the Abyss Longsword was still imperfect in the haste. Fang Xingjian was still perfecting its prowess.

This was especially so when the forging of the Abyss Longsword had not been completed, and it was not in its peak condition. Right now, Fang Xingjian could only rely on his Unparalleled Sword Intent to steel it bit by bit, thereby increasing the Abyss Longsword's prowess.

Simultaneously, the condition of Fang Xingjian's body was not good either. Slight cracks spread out on his body. They were the result of the battle with Alexander, causing his martial will to be weakened by a lot.

All these required him to slowly condense and heal, just like sticking a cracked gemstone together again.

Concurrently, Zhou Xingwen and the others stood before Fang Xingjian, reporting the current situation to him. At the side, Rota, Fang Qian, Wang Xiaoyan, and the others looked at Fang Xingjian with a gleam in their eyes.

The Governor, Head of Department, Philip, the Fourth Prince, Tyrant, and the others also appeared grateful, thankful that they had not trusted the wrong person.

Fang Xingjian nodded. With a single thought, a profound information gushed into everyone's mind. "This is the content for the first to ninth level of the mystical prints. From today onward, all of you can start cultivating up to the ninth level of the mystical prints.

"The ninth level of the mystical prints can increase your aptitude greatly and rapidly raise your cultivation."

Sensing the information regarding the mystical prints in their minds, Philip and the Fourth Prince were shocked. The effects of the mystical prints were too astonishing. Both of them found it hard to believe that something so heaven-defying would exist in this world.

However, they finally understood why each of Fang Xingjian's subordinates was more ingenious than the last, improving tremendously in the recent few months.

At the thought of how they would be able to cultivate these nine levels of mystical prints, they felt extremely excited and were full of anticipation.

As for the others, they were even more agitated. They had previously cultivated to the fifth level of the mystical prints which was already very amazing. Now that Fang Xingjian had given them the content all the way to the ninth level of the mystical prints, how could they not feel agitated? They were too clear of how heaven-defying the mystical prints were.

However, Fang Xingjian did not appear any different. To the current him, the ninth level of the mystical prints was not considered a threat to him anymore. Furthermore, if they had the sufficient aptitudes for it, he would not mind giving them the cultivation method for the tenth level of the mystical prints.

He said nonchalantly, "With the world's metamorphosis, many Divine level experts can rapidly getting stronger. Those below the Divine level are merely insignificant ants. Now that you have the ninth level of the mystical prints, you must make good use of time and try to become Divine level experts as soon as possible."

Zhou Xingwen clenched his fist while trembling. Divine level experts... What an unreachable goal. There was no way that he, Zhou Xingwen, would be able to set the becoming of a Divine level expert as his goal.

Fang Xingjian then turned his head to look at Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan while saying, "Later on, the Holy Light Clan will be sending the Panwu Heavenly Raiment here. The two of you, modify it into a longsword as well." He then paused before adding, "Fang Qian, if possible, try to modify the Panwu Heavenly Raiment toward strong interaction or weak interaction."

Fang Qian was stunned for a moment before saying, "Why would you think of this? But... this is too difficult. I'm not a theoretical physicist."

Fang Xingjian shook his head, not replying to Fang Qian's question. He merely said, "If you can't do it, then get someone from Earth to come over here. Anyway, try to get close to these two directions."

Ever since Fang Xingjian forced Alexander to retreat, he had been healing his injuries while tempering the Abyss Longsword. Simultaneously, he also contemplated about his sword arts.

The universe relied on four basic forces to maintain its operation. Now that he had grasped some kind of profoundness behind gravity and electromagnetism, he could not help but think of the remaining strong and weak interaction forces.

Although Miracle World had some differences from Earth, it also possessed heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces which corresponded to electromagnetic forces while gravitational forces corresponded to astral forces. Then, if he could find the corresponding forces to the strong and weak interaction forces and then condense them into the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, how powerful could the prowess of the sword formation become?

After instructing Fang Qian about the direction of the upcoming research, Fang Xingjian went back to listen to everyone's current situation.

Then after settling all of the trifle matters, he finally sighed and said calmly, "You guys can tell me now, right? Why is it that I didn't scan Lilia's presence? Where did she go?"

Everyone immediately fell silent. Even though Fang Xingjian had not unleashed any sorts of power and had only asked such a light and simple question, everyone present still felt waves of invisible pressure that were as heavy as Mountain Tai.

This was the pressure brought by the Empire's number one sword.


Simultaneously, at a manor that was to the north of the Great Western Region... The entire manor was built on top of a cliff and was surrounded by layers and layers of clouds. It was very dazzling like a paradise in the heaven.

The owners of the manor were seated in a conference room, with a white-haired elderly man positioned at the head of the table. He had a stocky and imposing build, just like a tiger lying prostrate, giving off an astonishing aura.

There were three men and two ladies together with him, making a total of five middle-aged people. They looked poised and elegant, and one could tell that they were either wealthy or of noble descent.

However, unlike how the others in the room were conducting themselves in a leisurely and imperturbed manner, there was a young man standing in the center of the room who appeared flustered and exasperated. He said with very red eyes, "How can you guys do this? Where's Lilia? If Fang Xingjian finds out, he'll annihilate our entire manor!"

The person in the lead coughed and spoke in a dignified voice, "Alright, Old Third 1 . How can you be talking in this manner? It's Lilia's blessing that she was taken away by the Masters. Moreover, we weren't the ones who did it. Even if Fang Xingjian finds out, how can he possibly blame it on us? I'm Lilia's grandfather. Would I harm her?"

"That's right," a middle-aged upper-class lady said impatiently as she filed her fingernails with a nail file. "If Fang Xingjian is capable, get him to settle scores with the Masters. Why come to us looking for trouble?"

Another middle-aged aristocrat said, "How could he dare to find trouble for the Masters? He'd at most come and ask us. If that happens, we'll just get request for the Masters to come and explain the situation. Now that Lilia has been taken away by the Masters, our clan's relationship with them will be even closer, and we will gain rapid success from now on."

At this, everyone present smiled, as if they had thought of some wonderful thing.

The young man sighed and said in a mournful voice, "You! ...Sigh, you have no idea how severe the situation is. Even if the Masters were to come personally, they would probably still have to show some respect to Fang Xingjian."

The middle-aged upper-class lady filed her nails and said, smiling unconcernedly, "Old Third, what are you talking about? This joke isn't funny."

"Sigh," the young man sighed, shook his head and said, "The latest news is that one day ago, Fang Xingjian and Alexander fought a great battle in the sky above the Great Western Region. The two of them exchanged seven blows, and Alexander took the initiative to retreat.

"Sigh, we better think of how we can apologize to Fang Xingjian for not fighting to protect Lilia to the death."

As the young man finished his words, everyone present went in to a state of horror. The middle-aged upper-class lady's nail file landed on the ground with a thud, yet it seemed she did not register that occurrence. Instead, the news she had just heard was still ringing about in her mind.