Chapter 715: Reputation

 Chapter 715: Reputation

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"Silence!" The Black Mage King's furious voice was sent into Fang Xingchen's mind. "Fang Xingjian exchanged blows with Alexander in the Great Western Region, and it came to a draw. From today onward, it's best that you don't offend him."

"What?!" Fang Xingchen clenched his fists tightly, crushing the flames in his palm. Yet he still found the Black Mage King's words hard to believe. "But..."

"If he kills you, I won't interfere. You better not be creating complications for me before the evil god ritual."

Hearing that the Black Mage King would not even step up if Fang Xingjian were to appear to kill him, Fang Xingchen's face flushed red.

Although he knew that it was because the Black Mage King did not want to be injured so that he could face the evil god ritual in perfect condition, Fang Xingchen's expression was still twisted. His fists clenched tightly together, but under the Black Mage King's continuous urging, he eventually could only throw a hateful glance toward the Full Moon Shrine and fly off rapidly.

'Damn it... Fang Xingjian... How could he possibly have reached a draw against Alexander?' Fang Xingchen's brows furrowed. 'Wouldn't that mean that he has the battle prowess of a tier five Divine level expert?'

Endless fury and hatred flashed in his eyes. 'If this goes on, won't I never be able to seek revenge in this entire life?'

Even if they were a Knight, the battle prowess of a tier five Divine level expert was not to be underestimated. Just like how it was now, even the Black Mage King was unwilling to take the initiative to offend Fang Xingjian.

On the ground, countless Knights looked toward the sky in a daze. Just as the Full Moon Shrine's light screen was getting increasingly thinner, the three Mages suddenly flew away. This caused countless people to be astonished.

'What's going on?"

"Why did they withdraw?"

"They were about to break through to the Full Moon Shrine soon, right?"

Xingwu Region's Governor looked with great astonishment at the three figures that had disappeared into the sky, unable to understand what had happened. 'Could it be that the Full Moon Shrine still has some kind of secret weapon? Then why didn't they bring it out earlier?'

Just as everyone was feeling surprised, curious, and puzzled, a Conferred Knight dashed out and bellowed loudly. Violent sound waves shot out from his mouth and radiated out in all directions, transmitting into the ears of over ten thousand Knights present.

"Fang Xingjian and Alexander battled in the sky above the Great Western Region and exchanged a total of seven moves, ending in a draw. King Alexander retreated."

These words seemed simple, but seemed to contained some kind of mysterious magical power. As the news entered everyone's ears, the scene fell eerily silent.

Everyone listened to this news in a daze, and most people's eyes were filled with disbelief.

Alexander-who had ruled over the Empire for several decades and stood at the very top, high up above all the other experts-had actually been pushed back? ...Pushed back by Fang Xingjian?

Everyone fell speechless, as if some kind of muting magic had been cast on them.

Xingwu Region's Governor was in a great state of shock, and his mind went completely blank.

The old man from the Battle Hall fell silent. He looked in the direction which the three Mages had disappeared and finally understood why they had retreated.

'Is it because the Myriad Stars Palace and the Full Moon Shrine had surrendered to Fang Xingjian previously?

'With just one name, the Full Moon Shrine's predicament was resolved, and a Divine level Mage was forced to retreat... Such prowess...'

Simultaneously, his disciples' eyes lit up as well. The people in the surroundings finally understood why the Mages had retreated.

At the next moment, the crowd that had fallen silent seemed like ignited fuel. An explosive commotion suddenly broke out, and the voices of countless people rang out.

"Fang Xingjian..."

"From today onward, the entire Empire will be split between Fang Xingjian and Alexander."

"He didn't come, but just his name alone scared off the Mages. What fierce prowess... What fierce prowess..."


In the Full Moon Shrine, Blue Sacred Moonlight looked toward the sky, finding this hard to accept. She looked at the burning white flames in her opponent's palm. Those white flames were the cause of her defeat.

She seemed to once again feel a kind of pain that was like even her will had melted.

Gritting her teeth, this elegant tier two Divine level woman said in a low voice, "You guys aren't decided yet? If this goes on, we'll definitely die. These damned Mages are too powerful."

Beside her, Lan Yue shook her head. Although Lan Yue's countenance was still pale like she was a weak patient, her slender long legs and beautiful face still made her extremely attractive.

She shook her head and said, "We can't do that. If we surrender, we might not end up in a good plight either. And how are we going to explain it to Fang Xingjian?"

"You still remember that fellow?" Blue Sacred Moonlight said, gritting her teeth. "He humiliated our entire Full Moon Shrine! Moreover, I heard that the fellow was blocked by the Gold Robed Mages in the Northern Ice Region and can't even save himself now. How can he still possibly still help us out?"

Lan Yue shook her head. "Fang Xingjian's cultivation is unfathomable. Even if he were to encounter Mages, it probably won't be hard for him to retreat completely. If we surrender now, not only will we be exploited by the Black Robed Mages, we will also have to receive Fang Xingjian's revenge..."

"I also don't think that surrendering is a good idea." The Astral Ancestor also shook his head. "Fang Xingjian's potential is deep and endless. The Mage Association might not be able to do anything to him. If the Full Moon Shrine is breached, we can just scatter and escape in different directions."

"Two idiots," the Blue Sacred Moonlight said furiously. "Are you going to abandon the sect's assets? Do you still not understand the Mage Association's power? How can that country bumpkin Fang Xingjian be their opponent? If we surrender to the Mage Association earlier, we'll be able to get more benefits in the future.

"Even if Fang Xingjian were to come and create trouble for us, do you guys really think that he would be able to get through the Mages? There's no way that he would be able to take revenge on us if we have the protection of the Mage Association."

However, no matter how much the Blue Sacred Moonlight tried to persuade them, the other two refused to agree. This made the Blue Sacred Moonlight so angry that she stomped her feet, feeling these two people had completely been scared out of their wits by Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian and the Mage Association... To think that they would still hesitate when the choice was so simple. The Blue Sacred Moonlight was outraged.

All the disciples in the surroundings were silent, with only grief showing in their eyes. They did not have the right to join in the discussion of the three Divine level experts but grieved over the fact that their side was only left with the option of deciding which influence to join.

Just then, Lan Yue's gaze when looking at the sky squinted. She said, "They left?"


Both the Blue Sacred Moonlight and the Astral Ancestor looked toward the sky. When they saw that Fang Xingchen and the other two men had retreated, all of them felt at a loss and puzzled.

"Why did they leave?"

"Could it be that this is a trap to lure us out?"

"What should we do?"

The three of them could not understand this at all. In a situation where the Full Moon Shrine's great protective formation had been about to be breached in another few minutes' time, why would their opponents retreat?

At the next moment, streams of sounds came transmitting over and entered everyone's ears. The three Divine level experts even managed to perceive them earlier with their martial will.

"Fang Xingjian and Alexander battled in the sky above the Great Western Region and exchanged a total of seven moves, ending in a draw. King Alexander retreated."

In the blink of an eye, the entire Full Moon Shrine fell into silence. Then countless cheers followed.

Lan Yue's expression was stunned for a moment. At the next instant, she smiled excitedly. She knew she had placed the right bet.

The Astral Ancestor stroked his beard and smiled.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight's countenance changed and kept on changing. In the end, she slowly closed her eyes, let out a long sigh, and said, "There's probably no one else who can be a match for this young man on the path of sword arts."

Although she was stubborn, she was not obstinate. Her wanting to surrender to the Mage Association earlier was also a kind of being flexible. When she heard the news that Fang Xingjian had came to a draw against Alexander, she started to suppress her hostility toward Fang Xingjian.

She sighed in her heart, 'After this battle, this young man's reputation will probably not lose out much to that of the experts at the Mage King's level.'

The Astral Ancestor smiled and said, "Mister Fang's reputation has shaken the world through this battle. Why don't we head to the Great Western Region to congratulate him?"

The Blue Sacred Moonlight's eyelids drooped down and she said calmly, "The number one sword in the Empire... deserves to be treated as such... Lan Yue, make a trip to the treasury..."