Chapter 710: The Number One Person

 Chapter 710: The Number One Person

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The people on the ground were unaware of the situation in the sky.

Regional Chief Benjamin backed off slowly like he had instantly aged by ten years. "Such sword arts... the Great Western Region... the First Prince no longer has any hopes... Fang Xingjian has completely established his position at the pinnacle of sword arts. It is likely that throughout the entire Empire, the Sword Slash of the Secular World is the only one who can be a match for him."

Asto sighed and also departed. "Let's go, let's go. As long as Fang Xingjian is still alive, the First Prince won't have any more chances."

On the ground, countless people continued to be astonished by Fang Xingjian's sword attack. Numerous sword practitioners looked at the Fang Xingjian in the sky with tear stricken faces, seemingly touched by the sword attack that could split the physical body and the will.

After that day, Fang Xingjian's reputation in the sword arts domain would be over ten times or even a hundred times more than what it had been in the past. It would even be able to surpass that of The School of Sword Arts. Only the Sword Slash of the Secular World-The School of Sword Arts' previous Supreme Chief who was one of the previous ten Divine level experts of the Empire and was currently bestowed with a Prince title in the Empire-would be seen as his match.

In the sky, the Fifth Prince did not care about these. He had a savage expression, and his eyes were bloodshot. His hatred toward Fang Xingjian had reached an extreme.

Simultaneously, he also thought that Alexander would be able to deal with Fang Xingjian with ease. It was because other than being able to distort space, those at tier five of the Divine level could also directly compress, stretch, and fold up space. They could even create an alternate dimension known as the Divine Country to use in their battles.

Against experts who were below tier five of the Divine level, possessing such abilities was an absolute advantage.

After all, with the compressing and folding of space, even light speed attacks would not reach the tier five Divine level experts. With the Divine Country, those who were being attacked could only receive the blows and find it hard to retaliate.

It was like how Fang Xingjian was trapped in Alexander's Divine Country previously and could only watch as Jacob and the others were saved and brought away.

However, what the Fifth Prince was unaware of was that in order to go up against Alexander, Fang Xingjian had specially integrated the Thunder Calamity and strengthened the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. Thereafter, he had also strived for tier three of the Divine level and merged his soul and body into one. Having merged his will and body into one, he had become the true Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique.

Right now, even if the Black Mage King or Gold Mage King were to come, Fang Xingjian would not falter in the least, let alone if it was Alexander.

Looking at how the Fifth Prince was wearing a challenging expression, Fang Xingjian flicked the Thunder Calamity longsword in his hand and said calmly, "If Alexander rushes over here to stop me, I'll just kill him along with you. Since you are so forthright in your words, you can just hand me your life."

At the next instant, sword marks flashed and brushed against the Fifth Prince's body at lightning speed. Right now, while holding the Thunder Calamity, Fang Xingjian displayed the All-Conquering sword and possessed the reinforcement of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. His prowess had reached an unbelievable degree.

As a sword light flashed, the nanotechnology armor was up into pieces. The armor, which could kick up a storm amongst those at tier three of the Divine level, was easily cut up.

"Stop right there!"

The Fist Emperor roared furiously, and his Asura Physique appeared again. The same six Asura Physique sword intents attacked Fang Xingjian.

"Showing off before an expert."

Faced with the Fist Emperor's sword intents, Fang Xingjian coldly sent a sword attack sweeping out. In that instant, the nanotechnology armor shattered. The Fist Emperor's body broke down, and his will trembled.

With this one attack, the Fist Emperor, who had already been inflicted with heavy injuries to begin with, was killed immediately.

This expert-who had been one of the ten Divine level experts in the Empire, having stood at the top for several decades and ruled over the Great River Alliance which was the greatest underground influence-was slashed up into dust under everyone's eyes.

The several hundreds of experts who were watching the battle fell silent. A feeling of a fox mourning for the death of a hare 1 flashed in their hearts. To think that such a powerful Divine level expert had been brushed off so easily like sweeping dust. How terrifying and lamentable was this?

Looking at Fang Xingjian who was holding onto his sword, everyone shivered. It was as if a divine sword was hanging right above their heads.

After Fang Xingjian killed the Fist Emperor with a single sword, he held onto the nanotechnology armor which he had slashed off from the Fifth Prince, tossing it down onto the ground. He then turned and looked toward where the Fifth Prince had been, his eyes flashing with a grim countenance.

His sword attack from earlier was meant to have killed the Fifth Prince. The reason he had only managed to slash off the nanotechnology armor was because someone had protected the Fifth Prince.

A majestic golden light, which seemed like the aura of a ruler, had encompassed the Fifth Prince's body. Earlier on, it was this martial will which had stopped Fang Xingjian's attack.

This had caused Fang Xingjian to feel that there was an endless gap between his sword attack and its target, and that he was unable to cut the Fifth Prince's body at all. It was only then that he had stopped and killed the Fist Emperor in passing.

The Fifth Prince looked at the golden light on him in great surprise, shouting out, "Father, is that you?"

The golden light on his body condensed and then reassembled, taking the form of a human silhouette. It was a tier three Divine level ability which allowed the integration of the body and the will into one.

The man who had taken on a human form had eyes that were both cold and passionate. They were full of both scorching heat and chilling cold, appearing emotional yet also emotionless. The man's eyes were filled with the conflicting views and mysteriousness of kindness and evil.

His hands were placed behind his back, and his strong back was straightened upright. He had a pair of very broad shoulders which seemed like they could support the entire sky.

The one who had rushed over and stopped Fang Xingjian's attack was the Empire's King and Krieg royal family's leader, Alexander.

Fang Xingjian had been prepared for this. Also possessing the ability of Sudden Inspiration, he understood Alexander's means well. As long as Alexander wished to protect the Fifth Prince, he would always be able to rush over before the Fifth Prince was killed.

Then as Alexander reassembled his body, streams of sword light shot out. The entire sky was dyed golden, and even the earth and the city's infrastructure seemed to also be covered in a layer of golden paint.

A domineering and prestigious power instantly swept out for several tens of kilometers. As Alexander's breathing slowly trembled, it was as if he were a god amongst gods, a king amongst kings, standing silently in the sky and accepting the worship of countless of people.

At this instant, everyone felt as if their lives were being controlled by Alexander. Their heart beat as he breathed, and they moved in tandem with his thoughts.

"What kind of terrifying power is this?" Prince Philip looked at the golden silhouette in the sky with great astonishment. "Alexander, to think that you've reached such a level? Is this the power of a tier five Divine level expert?"

"Father..." The Fourth Prince's face was also filled with fear. He could not sense a hint of fatherly love from this person. All he could sense was a feeling of coldness and power from that figure who was high up like a god.

"How powerful..." Tyrant let out a breath and said, "This feeling... It's even stronger than the sword formation that Xingjian displayed earlier." His eyes were filled with worry.

Countless people were submerged in the prestige brought by that power. As the nanotechnology armor on the Fifth Prince's body shattered into powder, there were people who started to recognize the Fifth Prince.

"That silver-armored man is the Fifth Prince?"

"To think that the one whom Fang Xingjian was fighting is the Fifth Prince? Oh, right. The Fifth Prince and the Fist Emperor are sworn brothers. Is that why they came together to fight Fang Xingjian?"

"To think that Fang Xingjian wanted to kill the Fifth Prince... Now that His Majesty has been alarmed, what should we do?"

The majesty of the power and authority that the Krieg royal family had established over 200 years caused countless people on the ground to go into a state of panic after seeing the Fifth Prince and Alexander in the sky.

This was especially the case for Fang Xingjian's subordinates who were in the Great Western Region Regional Academy, including Zhou Xingwen, Rota, Fang Qian, and the others. They were all wearing astonished expressions. Then after hearing what Philip and Tyrant had said, they all looked at Fang Xingjian worriedly.

Fang Qian sighed and said, "Are you finally going to be attacked by the strongest expert in this country? Xingjian, will you be able to hold out against him?"