Chapter 706: Awakening

 Chapter 706: Awakening

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The even more terrifying thing was that amidst crisp kacha sounds, the nanotechnology armor at the Fifth Prince's chest was shattered. Then his body, which was forged from 10,000-year ice crystal, also released exploding booms, and a great hole was blasted at his chest area.

However, the nanotechnology armor lived up to its name as the strongest equipment. Its intelligent programming had detected that this attack would be hard to fend off and rapidly gave up on the chest area which was struck by the fist. It cut off the connection and allowed the chest area to be punched into dust. Then, the 12 gravity spheres were activated to their limits as most of the attack's power was transmitted into heat and absorbed.

Despite this, over half of the nanoworms were still overloaded, and even the Fifth Prince's physical body was severely injured.

Many granulations grew wildly as they regenerated, and the silver nanoworms continued to fill up the wound area ceaselessly. Although the Fifth Prince was severely injured after receiving this punch, the nanotechnology armor would still be able to heal his injuries as long as he was given time. This was because it drew out the powers from the earth's core incessantly.

However, even though the Fifth Prince had not been killed by this punch, the prowess of this punch had dealt him with a great blow.

The Fifth Prince was not the only one. Seeing Fang Xingjian's punch, the Fist Emperor's countenance also changed. "Distorting space, causing there to be no light in this world, time and space to be in a state of chaos... The power and ingenuity of this punch are probably able to match those of a tier four Divine level expert. How is it that Fang Xingjian's martial art can be this terrifying?"

The Fist Emperor had also gotten an understanding of Fang Xingjian's battle achievements previously. It was true that Fang Xingjian was extremely strong and world-shaking. However, his battle prowess was only that of a tier two or even three Divine level expert. After coming into contact with Shang, the Fist Emperor thought that there would no longer be anyone in this world who would be able to surprise him. This was until he saw this punch from Fang Xingjian.

On the ground, countless people had watched as Fang Xingjian smashed the armor, which the three Divine level experts from earlier could only cut off an arm from even after going all out. All of them were also wearing astonished gazes.

"Fang Xingjian..."

"He has gotten even stronger again..."

"How long has it only been...? I couldn't see anything from that attack earlier. It's as if time and space have all been mixed up together."

Disregarding how surprised and astonished the people on the ground were, Fang Xingjian scanned the Fifth Prince's body and the nanotechnology equipment with his martial will.

He looked at the severely injured Fifth Prince, a little surprised. With his current abilities, even the Empire's royal family would not be able to exert much pressure on him. Moreover, the Fifth Prince had wanted to look for his trouble on numerous occasions, even wanting to kill him. Therefore, he had really wanted to kill the Fifth Prince with that punch earlier. However, he had not expected that the Fifth Prince-no, the nanotechnology armor would be so amazing that it managed to fend off his punch.

'This technology seems to have the same style that Earth has, but it far surpasses Earth's standards.' Fang Xingjian looked at the Fifth Prince's armor and said, "Where did you get that armor from?"

The Fifth Prince did not reply. He continued to be submerged in Fang Xingjian's punch and consecutively retreated for a distance of two kilometers. All his attention was focused onto Fang Xingjian, just like a rabbit that was being stared at by a tiger.

With a flash, the Fist Emperor appeared beside the Fifth Prince. A silver nanotechnology armor also wrapped around the surface of his body, then a layer of crimson red martial will encompassed his body, forming a six-armed and three-headed monster. It was the conjured physique of the Asura Way which he cultivated.

Clearly, the Fist Emperor had condensed his martial will into a physique, successfully stepping into tier two of the Divine level.

"This person's battle prowess is already comparable to a tier four Divine level expert. Stop playing around and wake Tian Yi up. We'll join forces and go all out to kill him."

The Fifth Prince's eyes narrowed, and he agreed to the Fist Emperor's suggestion through information currents.

"You aren't going to speak up? Then let me take off this armor from you."

Upon saying this, Fang Xingjian moved behind the Fifth Prince at a speed close to light speed, tapped out with a finger, and activated the All-Conquering sword. Throughout the entire process, he ignored the Fist Emperor like he was not there at all.

Under this sword attack, countless cracks instantly appeared on the nanotechnology armor.

Fang Xingjian's sword arts far surpassed his fist arts to begin with. Moreover, when dealing with an armor like the nanotechnology armor, slashing was more effective than bashing.

However, he was, after all, up against two people. At the same instant Fang Xingjian disappeared, the Fist Emperor made his move as well. He tapped out with a finger that also contained the same All-Conquering sword intent as Fang Xingjian's.

Fang Xingjian raised his brows, and their sword fingers collided. With a crisp crackling sound, a myriad of sword Qis formed from moving air currents flashed in the surrounding air. Even the surfaces several kilometers away were slashed by the invisible swords, and several tens of great trees were sliced up into fragments.

Yet Fang Xingjian seemed unscathed under this impact, while the Fist Emperor's finger shattered. Even the nanotechnology armor that wrapped around his finger was sliced up into silver dust and scattered across space.

However, Fang Xingjian was astonished by the All-Conquering sword intent which the Fist Emperor had displayed. Fang Xingjian followed up with consecutive taps, and with each sword attack, there would be sword intent of the Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, and All-Conquering. There were a myriad of sword shadows, moving about without a trace and destroying everything. However, they were all struck back by the Fist Emperor's sword intents.

The Fist Emperor's Shura Physique that was condensed from the red martial will had a total of six arms. The four arms on his back performed sword techniques repeatedly, and all of them had the three sword intents that Fang Xingjian performed.

Clearly, the Asura Way, that the Fist Emperor cultivated, and the Asura Physique, which he condensed, were able to imitate the opponent's martial will.

However, the Fist Emperor's cultivation was much too weak in comparison to Fang Xingjian's. As he imitated the opponent's sword intents, his body kept on being pierced through, exploding and turning into tiny pieces. Even the nanotechnology armor he wore was unable to fend the attacks off. In the blink of an eye, he was beaten up into a bloody mush.

After testing with a few moves, Fang Xingjian understood the Fist Emperor's approach. He said coldly, "Do you only know how to imitate?" With a two swooshing slashes, the Fist Emperor's body was in a state as if there had been a blood rain and he was thrown backward like a torn up doll.

Just then, the Fifth Prince suddenly unleashed light explosively.

"Tian Yi, get out here!

"Didn't you say that you want to kill Fang Xingjian?

"Why have you been sleeping for so long? Wake up right now! Fang Xingjian is right here, so what are you still waiting for?!"

Angered bellows seethed in the depths of the Fifth Prince's mind and through his consciousness, continuously trying to wake up the Tian Yi that was in his mind.

Although Fang Xingjian's abilities had surpassed the Fifth Prince's expectations, the latter was only astonished and enraged. He did not really feel scared.

However, it was not only because of his nanotechnology armor and the presence of the Fist Emperor. It was even more so because of the Tian Yi who was in his mind.

The ones who benefited from Shang were not just the Fifth Prince and the Fist Emperor.

Moreover, even if Tian Yi was not a match for Fang Xingjian either, the Fifth Prince was still confident that Fang Xingjian would not be able to kill him. Of course, the Fifth Prince was unwilling to reveal his last trump card unless he was at his wits' end, .

As the Fifth Prince shouted out, a powerful and overwhelming power surged out from the depth of his mind, seeping through all parts of his body. It was as if endless white flames had encompassed his body and unleashed endless light and heat.

This power was like a fixed star in the universe, burning up ceaselessly and unleashing explosive powers while trying to show the world its existence. It made the Fifth Prince feel that he had not woken up a person but a fixed star.