Chapter 704: Arrival

 Chapter 704: Arrival

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That was not all. After withdrawing the left hand he had punched out with, the Fifth Prince regained his breathing in just a moment, and his aura rose up repeatedly. Under the support of the nanotechnology armor, his injuries were being healed at a rapid rate.

Looking at the three people who were astonished, fearful, and nervous, the Fifth Prince said coldly, "With your abilities as tier one and two Divine level experts, you should be proud about being able to harm me."

The Fourth Prince looked at the Fifth Prince in disbelief. He had not expected that his younger brother, who had always been stronger than himself, had become so strong.

Rather, it was not that he had become strong but that the armor he had on him was very amazing.

"What is it that you're wearing? This is definitely not a Divine Weapon."

The Fifth Prince smiled. He was still recovering anyway. Once his injuries recovered in a short while, he would be able to completely suppress these three people. So, he did not mind saying a few more words.

"This is called the nanotechnology armor, country bumpkin." Seeing the Fourth Prince's questioning look, the Fifth Prince smiled even more proudly. "Idiot, this is the equipment that the ancient people used to fend off external enemies during the first onslaught."

"The first onslaught?" The Fourth Prince asked in astonishment. "How is that possible? That's something that happened several tens or even hundreds of thousands years ago. What kind of equipment can be stored for so long?"

The Fifth Prince shook his head, while his eyes filled with great arrogance. "The civilization that existed before the first onslaught isn't something a country bumpkin like you can imagine. That time... Tsk, why am I telling you all these? You won't know even if I tell you."

Simultaneously, countless experts in the academy and the city were shaken by the battle in the sky.

If it could be said that everyone had been brimming with confidence at the beginning when the three Divine level experts appeared, then the current situation could be said to be extremely dangerous.

Zhou Xingwen looked, with great shock, at the Fifth Prince who was in the sky. "How is that possible? Who on earth is this person? To think that he's able to single-handedly defeat Prince Philip, the Fourth Prince, and Tyrant?"

"How did things turn out like this?"

"Will he attack the academy?"

Everyone in the Great Western Region Regional Academy panicked. The Governor and the Head of Department exchanged a glance, while their eyes revealed horror. Although they did what they could to pacify the students and teachers in the academy, there was no effect at all.

A feeling of helplessness ran through their bodies.

"Only Divine level experts are able to decide on the direction of the world's history," the Great Western Region's Governor said as he looked at the figure in the sky and sighed. "This helplessness... No matter what we do, the end result will be decided with a mere thought from them."

The Head of Department, James, sighed as he looked at the figure in the sky with despair in his eyes. "Could it be that it's the Heavens' wish for our Great Western Region to perish?"

Inside the Regional Chief's residence in the Great Western City, Regional Chief Benjamin and his assistant, Asto, looked coldly at the battle in the sky.

The Regional Chief Benjamin was the Conferred Knight which the First Prince had sent to take over the Great Western Region. His assistant, Asto, had just taken on this position in name, while in actuality, the real occupier of the position was an expert who was prepared to take over the Great Western Region Regional academy. He was an expert who had fought against The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief in the past.

It was a pity that, although both of them were top notch experts amongst Conferred Knights, Demigod level existences, they had both been defeated by Fang Xingjian and then humiliated by Tyrant using feces. They had not been able to successfully take control of the Great Western Region.

Then after Fang Xingjian crippled the First Prince of his cultivation, they had been completely marginalized in the Great Western Region. An order from them might not even be able to get out of the Regional Chief's residence.

Although both of them were depressed, they had not really given up and had been working hard in their cultivation while hiding in the Great Western City, waiting for an opportunity to strike. However, it was a pity that Fang Xingjian's influence had become increasingly stronger, causing them to feel out of breath.

Right now, looking at the situation in the sky, both of them revealed a cold smile.

"Haha," Regional Chief Benjamin said while wearing a slight look of exultation, "God knows where Fang Xingjian offended this Divine level expert, and now the other party has come knocking on the doors. So what if there are three Divine level experts? They are still going to be killed."

His assistant, Asto, also looked a little excited. "This Fang Xingjian creates trouble everywhere and has finally offended an enemy he can't afford to offend. Seeing that he still hasn't come back to provide support, it must be that he is scared of this silver-armored person.

"I wonder who this silver-armored person is? With such astonishing cultivation, he can probably be ranked in the top three amongst the ten great Divine level experts."

"Who cares who this person is?" Benjamin said with a smirk. "As long as he kills and cripples Fang Xingjian's subordinates, that's all that matters."

Countless people in the Great Western City had noticed the change that was happening in the sky. However, only those who were Conferred Knights or higher level existences would be able to read the light waves and sound waves before they could sense the concrete situation.

Even so, over 100 Conferred Knight were dumbstruck when they saw this scene. They were first shocked by the power of the three Divine level experts in the Great Western Region Regional Academy and then shaken up by the silver-armored man's ferocity in defeating the three Divine level experts single-handedly.

After a short moment, the Fifth Prince's injuries were finally healed. Black martial will turned into a clenched fist that once again condensed outside his body.

"Alright, Fourth Brother. I'll cripple you cultivation and spare your life. As for the other two, you can die."

At the next instant, the 12 spheres behind the Fifth Prince were activated once again, and endless power accumulated toward his fists. The Fourth Prince and the other two looked at this scene in great surprise.

'How can this be?"

"He has fully recovered?"

"It's another full power attack?"

Under the support from the nanotechnology armor, a nuclear reactor that could supply an entire country's electricity continued to provide the Fifth Prince with power. The 12 spheres also crazily drew out the power from the earth's core to support the Fifth Prince.

Not only had the Fifth Prince's injuries recovered, but when he struck out his punch, it was with a force that was in no way weaker than his earlier punches. This punch was enough to kill Philip's and Tyrant's remaining martial wills.

However, right when the Fifth Prince punched out with black light bursting forth like black shock waves which were about to engulf Philip's and Tyrant's wriggling martial wills...

A human figure suddenly appeared before the two of them. Then with a swing of his hand like sending a baseball flying, the person sent the shock waves, which the Fifth Prince had struck out with his full power, flying into the sky.

Black turbulent currents broke through the atmospheric layer, seeming like many enraged dragons roaring in the atmosphere. A myriad of thunderbolts, spatial ripples, and countless atmospheric phenomena were created.

Looking at Fang Xingjian, the Fifth Prince went into a daze. "Fang Xingjian?"

Seeing the sudden appearance of this man, the Fifth Prince's eyes suddenly flashed with great fury. The fury was then followed by endless feelings of vengeance and hatred, as well as exhilaration that filled up his chest. "Haha, you still dare to come back? Since that's the case, I'll kill you all together today."