Chapter 703: End

 Chapter 703: End

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Tyrant, Philip, and the Fourth Prince all looked at the Fifth Prince in great astonishment. The power that the Fifth Prince displayed far surpassed their expectations.

The three of them rapidly communicated about the current situation through information currents.

Tyrant shouted, "How can there be such a thing? What's up with that armor of his? Our attacks have all been absorbed by him."

Philip analyzed calmly, "This armor is very strange. Use your martial will to check it out. This armor is alive. Some kind of metallic life forms that are slightly bigger than physical particles form the armor, and they continue to engulf and release the power from all sorts of radiation and magnetic fields in this world. They then change, patch up, and strengthen themselves."

"That's not all," the Fourth Prince said in astonishment. "After all our attacks hit him and transmit to him, the power from the impacts will all be changed into a type of high temperature power by these little things at a high trembling speed."

Countless exchange of information occurred in that instant, and in the blink of an eye, the three Divine level experts came up with a rough analysis of the nanotechnology armor. Although they were unsure of the detailed principles behind it, they understood that their opponent could transmit the energies from their attacks into heat and then absorb and store the heat.

Moreover, the maximum amount of energy the armor could absorb was very high, rendering most of their attacks futile.

Just as the three of them were communicating at that instant, the Fifth Prince did not give them any additional time. A trailing flame, that was several kilometers long, shot out from behind him, and he came charging over with an aura that could shake the world, like a myriad of exploding thunderbolts.

A punch struck out, and the power distorted space, bringing about ripples that even covered up the sunlight in the sky.


They were unable to defense at all, and a protective white light instantly exploded. Philip's physical body was smashed with a punch, and a layer of milky white martial will slowly floated up from his corpse.

The Fourth Prince let out a furious bellow from the side, and the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords were unleashed to their limits. A surge of sword intent that seemed to come from Hades started to seethe in his mind.

In this instant, the netherworld that the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor had left in his mind was finally unleashed at full power. A myriad of sword intents started seething out from his body, and the chilly sword intents seemed to have lowered down the temperature of the area within a range of 100 li by several ten of degrees, causing everyone to feel a piercing chill.

The netherworld in the Fourth Prince's mind was the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's legacy. Using the Fourth Prince's consciousness as a foundation, it drew the ether particles from void space and recreated a state that was like a simulation of the mortal world.

The explosive force unleashed at this moment was as if all the fictitious characters had all gathered together, displaying the Jade Dynasty's seven great sword techniques.

Simultaneously, Tyrant also unleashed his ultimate attack. Gray flames started burning up throughout his body, and his martial will continued to disappear.

Offering a sacrifice to the god... He offered his martial will as a sacrifice to the gray evil god in exchange for an immense amount of diabolic energy.

In that instant, a huge gray palm that was several ten thousand kilometers long descended from the skies. The huge palm was formed completely from thick diabolic energy. One could see all sorts of mountains, rivers, animals, plants, and even the battles between multiple countries.

This palm that was condensed from diabolic energy was like a real country, landing down on the Fifth Prince. An overwhelming ferocious power tore through void space and distorted the sky above the entire Great Western City into darkness.

The Fifth Prince was faced with the myriad sword intents from the Jade Dynasty's seven great sword techniques and the diabolic energy that Tyrant had received in exchange after having offered half of his martial will as a sacrifice.

At this moment, the Fifth Prince's countenance became extremely grim.

"This is great!" An arrogant roar tore through the atmosphere.

"I'll let you guys see the true power of nanotechnology weapons today."

12 spheres rose up one after another behind the Fifth Prince, and majestic gravitational waves were emitted from the inside of the 12 silver spheres.

The earth rumbled loudly, continuing to tremble and seethe. It was as if there was a huge dragon rolling about underground.

The 12 spheres drew out the power from the astral core under their feet, while violent heat energy, kinetic energy, and radiation continued to gush out toward the Fifth Prince's body. The core, which was deep down in the earth, burned and exploded constantly, emitting a great power that changed the earth. Right now, the nanotechnology armor was actually directly drawing out a portion of the astral core's power to reinforce the Fifth Prince.

Concurrently, the Fifth Prince clenched his fists tightly and watched as the huge palm and sword intent descended from the sky. His battle will rose up to an extreme, and the black martial will from all around his body gathered and condensed together, becoming a huge fist that enveloped him.

"Fist is authority.

"Clenching the fist is like clenching onto authority.

"Punching out with power is to possess authority.

"I want to whole world to grovel under my fist."

Waves of intents that engulfed the world were emitted from the black martial will. Amidst crackling sounds, the Fifth Prince's martial will became even more condensed, as if he would be able to condense a conjured physique at any time or place, striving for tier two of the Divine level.

All the power gathered into the Fifth Prince's fists. Then, with a resounding growl that rang throughout 1,000 lis, his fists collided into the seething sword intents and the huge palm.

As loud boom that rang out through the sky, and layers of stacking ripples exploded from the point of collision.

At the next moment, the Fifth Prince shot out into a black line, flying in a slanted line headed toward the ground. In the end, he collided into a stretch of mountain ranges with a loud boom , sending mountain parts flying off. His collision tore the ground apart, and he smashed into a long valley that stretched out for several ten of kilometers.

In that short moment of collision, Philip's and Tyrant's physical bodies shattered, and the trio's martial will became extremely weak. They had depleted almost all of their powers.

Looking at the Fifth Prince who had plunged down in the earth's ruins, the three of them exhaled. Then at the next moment, they looked at the Fist Emperor with wary gazes.

Seeing the trio's extremely guarded gazes, the Fist Emperor shrugged and said, "There's no need to look at me. Your battle isn't over yet."


The three of them were stunned when a silver fist tore up Philip's martial will, turning him into endless light dust. Then, with a dash, Tyrant's martial will was smashed into endless fragments. That was followed with a punch across space, and a black martial will was transmitted out at light speed, turning into black impact waves that pierced through half of the Fifth Prince's body, turning him into meat paste and also shattering half of the Fourth Prince's martial will.

In just a moment, the three Divine level experts were dealt serious damage once again. The Fifth Prince, who had attacked, was panting intensely while standing in midair.

His right chest and right arm had disappeared. Right now, with the help of the countless silver micro particles, they were regenerating at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

Clearly, it had not been easy for him to receive that earlier attack. In particular, the diabolic energy which Tyrant had received after sacrificing half of his martial will had been so terrifying that it had almost caused the Fifth Prince to explode.

If it was not because of the nanotechnology armor's ability to absorb attacks, it was likely that Tyrant alone would have been able to deal him with severe injuries.

However, looking at the slow wriggling movements of Philip and Tyrant in their failing attempts to regenerate, and then at the pale-faced Fourth Prince who was shaking while trying to fly, the Fifth Prince finally revealed the smile of a victor.