Chapter 702: Fierce Might

 Chapter 702: Fierce Might

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The Fifth Prince looked at the three of them and said, "How about it? There's no way that Fang Xingjian can be a match for the Gold Robed Mages, and you guys have been abandoned by the Empire. Only by joining me and becoming my subordinates will you then be able to have a chance of keep your lives in the great tribulation that is going to happen in the future."

However, Tyrant had long gotten sick of the clamor from the Fifth Prince and clenched his fists lightly while saying, "Hehe, if you want us to submit, then win us in a fight first. This time around, I'll be the one to rip off all the equipment on you."

As he spoke, he sent his palm smashing out, and the Erupting God-Perishing Palm which used the principles of nuclear reactions instantly activated. A light pillar which seemed as if it penetrated through the heavens and the earth suddenly erupted. Not only did it completely encompass the Fifth Prince, but also encompassed the Fist Emperor, who was behind the Fifth Prince.

Terrifying high temperatures, shock waves, radiations, and light waves were emitted out. The cloud layers within a range of several hundred lis were blown off. Violent shock waves swept through the world, and if it was not because Prince Philip and Fourth Prince had put up a shield, the entire academy would have become flat land.

The direction where the attack had faced head-on was turned into complete darkness. The violent power had distorted the light rays and space.

The space had become extremely scorching within a short period of time, and the temperature within a range of several tens of kilometers continued to rise.

Such a violent attack would be in the top ten most powerful attacks even amongst tier one Divine level experts.

However, under such a ferocious attack, both the Fifth Prince and the Fist Emperor appeared unscathed when the smoke and dust scattered off and the light pillar dissipated.

Not only was the Fifth Prince encompassed by the silver armor, but he was also emitting a brilliant silver glow. The various effects of the attack that had been produced, including heat energy, high radiations, and shock waves, had all been absorbed by the nanotechnology armor he was wearing.

Behind the Fifth Prince, the Fist Emperor was wrapped up by a blue giant that had a height of 100 zhangs. Every single pore and wrinkle on the giant could be seen clearly. One could even sense the giant's heartbeat and breathing. It was as if he was a living creature.

Clearly, this was the martial physique that the Fist Emperor had condensed. This long-time Divine level expert had also stepped into tier two of the Divine level.

At the very instant that the Fifth Prince emerged, he shifted behind Tyrant with a flash and grabbed him by the neck. Black martial will came gushing out and enveloped Tyrant's body.

"You even dare to use such childish attacks? Who do you think that you're fighting against?"

The moment the Fifth Prince took action, the Fourth Prince and Prince Philip took action as well. With a flash of sword intent, the Fourth Prince performed all seven sword techniques which represented the Hades Vault's legacies. Surges of power that seethed in one's consciousness swept out, wanting to shake the Fifth Prince's martial will from the armor.

The Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's sword arts had always been primarily to shake the martial will. Now that the Fourth Prince had reached the Divine level, that seething force had become even more powerful, creating many ripples in the spaces it passed by.

Prince Philip also took action, condensing the light around him onto his palm. Piercing light rays, that could almost cause a second transition Knight to be blinded, were emitted.

A light sword burst out from Prince Philip's palm. The realm of the Universal Truth Longsword he was performing now was completely different from before.

Wherever the light sword passed by, the place would become a state of vacuum as all air and physical particles were ejected out.

It pierced the Fifth Prince's pbody at almost light speed, and even the vacuum trail was transmitted onto the Fifth Prince's body. However, the power that could eject everything physical was not successful.

Not only was the silver nanotechnology armor not torn apart by the repelling force, but it flashed more and more brightly, and then absorbed the power of the white light sword.

At the next moment, the Fourth Prince's trembling sword force also collided into the nanotechnology armor. However, the power that could shake up one's martial will was stopped by the power of the nanotechnology armor and then absorbed completely.

Both the Fourth Prince and Prince Philip wore expressions of great disbelief as they looked at the armor that was becoming increasingly brighter.

However, the Fifth Prince did not care for their attacks at all. He flung his hand that was grabbing onto Tyrant, tossing the latter high up into the air. Under the reinforcement of the astonishing power, Tyrant had broken through 30 times the speed of sound instantly, tearing through the atmosphere and continuing to fly out toward outer space.

However, in the blink of an eye, the Fifth Prince came chasing after him and sent a smashing punch into Tyrant's chest.

Tyrant let out a furious roar, and the beast condensed from his martial will also unleashed a furious bellow explosively. Then Tyrant struck out a punch that seemed to be filled with the weight of countless mountains, rivers, seas, and countries.

Faced with this punch that seemed to hold the weight of the human world, the Fifth Prince, however, only punched out violently. When the two fists met, the space within a range of several hundred meters was distorted to the extent that it had become like a black hole.

"What of the entire human world? Even if you throw the world here, I'll smash it before you."

As the two fists collided, Tyrant felt a rain of blood bursting out from all over his body. To think that he was unable to fend off that ferocious power at all and was almost beaten up into meat paste as he once again plunged down toward the ground at rapid speed...


The Fifth Prince laughed maniacally, and 12 holes suddenly appeared on the back of the nanotechnology armor, shooting out flames that stretched out for over one kilometer. Before him, the air seemed to have turned into something material. Yet his body smashed through the layers of atmosphere, which were like steel plates, as he chased up to Tyrant while bringing stacking air currents with him.

"Stop right there!"

Both the Fourth Prince and Philip had caught up. The Fourth Prince's seething sword force went sweeping out, and the light sword in Philip's hand also brought with it layers of stacking light spheres, putting up a shield in front of Tyrant.

"It's useless." The Fifth Prince punched out again, tearing apart the Fourth Prince's sword intent. Then he pressed out with his palm across space with an explosive force and crushed the light spheres that Philip had put up to protect Tyrant.

A world-shaking violent force burst out from his body. Even without performing any secret arts, the power of a tier three Divine level expert was no longer something which Tyrant and the other two could fend off. This was a difference in terms of pure strength. It was like the difference between the physical strength of a first year student and a fifth year student in primary school. It was like a deep abyss that was hard to cross.

Tyrant was once again smashed into minced meat, but he gave up on squiggling. Gray martial will darted out, taking the form of Tyrant's appearance.

"Let's stop being on the defense and just join forces to attack him directly. Let's crush that armor on him."

In an instant, the three Divine level experts took action concurrently. A terrifying beast roar rang out from Tyrant's martial will, and as he sent his fist punching out, there was a feeling as if the entire world had come pressing down. It was as if the all the mountains, rivers, and streams in the entire world were held in this one punch.

This was Tyrant's strongest punch which combined the Gray Robed Mages' creed, the image of the gray evil god, and Tyrant's own experience in martial arts. It was his full-power attack.

The Fourth Prince took action as well. A Senluo Six Heavens Sword that was condensed from his martial will appeared in his hands, and there seemed to be an elderly man who wore a hat with a curtain of beads and a yellow robe appearing behind him. It was the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's phantom image. As the sword shot out, the sword's blade cut across space like it was cutting across the surface of water, creating layers of ripples that surrounded the Fifth Prince.

Philip also went all out, turning all the white light into a light sphere that was the size of a thumb. However, it exuded a glow which could match that of the sun. It was as if there were two suns shining down on the entire Great Western Region. Within the light sphere, physical particles and light were not the only things being ejected out. Even radiation, heat energy, and ether particles were also ejected out.

Tyrant's fist, the Fourth Prince's ripples, and Philip's light sphere all went smashing out toward the Fifth Prince.

"Hahaha, it's useless! Useless! Useless! Useless!"

With a cold laugh, a myriad of fist shadows burst out from the Fifth Prince's body. Tyrant's martial will was crushed and turned into many wriggling light spheres that tried to regenerate with great difficulty.

The Senluo Six Heavens Sword, which the Fourth Prince had condensed, was smashed. The hard work he had spent during this period of time to condense his martial will had failed completely.

The full-power light sphere that Philip had sent out could eject all ether particles. However, a silver sphere came out from the nanotechnology armor, wrapping up the entire light sphere and pulling it into the Fifth Prince's chest.

A ball of white light suddenly appeared at the Fifth Prince's chest, and his aura kept on soaring. He had snatched away Philip's power directly.

With a single move, the three Divine level experts were all defeated. The Fifth Prince demonstrated overwhelming prowess, and the entire academy, as well as the entire Great Western City, was in great shock.

Looking at the three people before him, the Fifth Prince smiled and said, "I'll let you guys know today what it means to break through all powers with a single blow."