Chapter 701: Talk

 Chapter 701: Talk

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"Why are you guys here? Leave immediately and I don't need to pursue the matter."

Looking at Tyrant, the Fifth Prince let out a cold laugh and said, "A lackey of Fang Xingjian wants to stop me?" Right now, while wearing nanotechnology armor and having the Fist Emperor to support him, the Fifth Prince was not afraid in the least. As long as the opponent was not at the level of a Mage King, he would be able to fight them or retreat with ease.

"Then what if you were to add me in?" As the person spoke out, a glow that was like that of the sun soared up into the sky as well. The human figure that was floating while being encompassed by the white glow was Prince Philip.

The glow around him seemed material, and his entire person was wrapped in a body of light that was similar to that of the sun. It was the physique he had condensed with his martial will. This long time expert, who had accumulated his powers for several decades, had finally stepped into tier two of the Divine level a few months after the world's metamorphosis.

Simultaneously, the Fourth Prince also leaped up into the sky.

There were over 10,000 sword shadows floating behind the Fourth Prince. All of them had been condensed from layers of green light. Clearly, after obtaining the legacy from the Hades Vault and with the world having been through a metamorphosis, this genius of the royal family had finally stepped into the Divine level after spending days and nights of hard work in his cultivation.

Now, there was Tyrant who was at tier one of the Divine level, Philip who was at tier two of the Divine level, and the Fourth Prince who was at tier one of the Divine level. The three Divine level experts stood at three different positions, surrounding the Fifth Prince and the Fist Emperor.

The martial wills of the three experts kept on stacking, and a terrifying power continued to seethe to and fro, creating circles of ripples in the space.

In the Regional Academy, countless students and teachers, as well as Zhou Xingwen and the others, were watching the five Divine level experts in the sky.

The gazes of countless experts from the Great Western City also turned toward them. The prowess of the five Divine level experts was too astonishing, so how could the experts who were close by not be attracted to it?

"To think that there are three Divine level experts keeping watch over the Great Western Region Regional Academy?"

"How amazing. Three Divine level experts... The abilities of the people under Fang Xingjian are too amazing."

"I wonder who the other two people are. They're in trouble."

Zhou Xingwen stood in the academy with Robert, Anthony, and the others behind him. Looking at the scene in the sky, Zhou Xingwen smiled and said, "They must not have expected the Fourth Prince and Tyrant to have both attained the Divine level, and that Prince Philip has also attained tier two of the Divine level. With these three Divine level experts keeping watch, the Great Western Region can be said to be as steady as Mountain Tai."

The gazes of the others also reflected a hint of confidence. Zhou Xingwen and Rota, and even Anthony, Robert, and the others who were first transition Knights, had all gone through with their second transition.

After all, with the world's metamorphosis, the density of ether particles had increased tremendously. Moreover, all of them had cultivated to the fifth level of the mystical prints, and their aptitudes were now top notch. When the conditions were ripe, they would be able to step into the Divine level.

Even the strongest few, for example Anderson, Rota, and Zhou Xingwen, had all reached second transition level 29, and they had started to strive for the five tiers of perfection at the Demigod level.

In addition to the three Divine level experts who were in the sky, the influence that Fang Xingjian left behind in the Great Western Region had unknowingly expanded. It had almost surpassed the effect of past Divine level influences like the Full Moon Shrine and the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon. Therefore, everyone's eyes were filled with confidence.

Moreover, if one were to include the seven great clans' Jacob, Full Moon Shrine's Lan Yue, and Myriad Stars Palace's Astral Ancestor, there would be six Divine level experts on Fang Xingjian's side, excluding himself. They could be said to be a force that could influence the world's situation.

Looking at the three Divine level experts before them, the Fifth Prince smiled coldly. How could he possibly pay any heed to the two tier one Divine level experts and one tier two Divine level experts?

"A bunch of primitive people who are completely ignorant to power." The Fifth Prince smirked, and the nanotechnology armor on him tightened. Streams of black martial will soared up into the air as he said, "Submit to me and I can spare your lives."

The Fourth Prince's eyes narrowed. He could sense a familiar aura from the other party's voice and martial will. He asked, "Fifth Brother?"

"That's right, Fourth Brother. You and Second Brother are long out of the game. You might as well come and join me. In the future, I'll definitely give you the title of a Prince to help me take charge of an area." The Fifth Prince looked at the three of them with an expression like that of a cat teasing a mouse. It was as if he was in no hurry to take any action and wanted to slowly have his fun.

Hearing the Fifth Prince's words, the Fourth Prince laughed out loud and said, "Fifth Brother, you've been defeated by Fang Xingjian a few times in a row, yet you still dare to come here? You have another Divine Armor on you now. Why, are you here to gift us with another treasure?"

When the Fifth Prince heard the Fourth Prince's words, his countenance changed, and he said coldly, "You don't know any better. Do you think that Fang Xingjian will be able to come and save you? He's now surrounded by the Gold Robed Mages and can't even help himself.

"Moreover, the royal family has already come up with a brand new plan and support, yet Father didn't come to look for you. You've been abandoned."

The Fourth Prince's gaze narrowed. This was also a suspicion that he had for the past month. Based on the scouts he left behind in the Imperial Capital, many unfamiliar experts had suddenly appeared in the palace. A few of them had unfathomable power and could trigger spatial waves. They seemed to be Divine level experts.

However, even though the royal family had gotten a lot strong and a few groups of Mages had invaded a few of the great regions, none of the influences had come to the Great Western Region. The royal family had not contacted him either, as if they had given up on him. This was also something he had been suspicious and feeling uneasy about.

At this time, a green-haired and green-eyed lady who wore green robes was chuckling as she flew about next to the five Divine level experts. Next to her, there was another green-haired young lady who bore a resemblance to her but was much younger.

The young lady said, "Elder Sister, are you sure that they can wipe out the Fourth Prince and the others?"

"Who knows?" The older green-haired lady looked at the battlefield while beaming. "But isn't it quite interesting to see them fighting each other?"

The young lady could not understand. "You asked for the rights to take over the Great Western Region from the Mage Association just to let them fight it out? Then why don't we take over this place?"

"We'll never fight," the green-haired lady said, "But Fang Xingjian's growth has gone beyond our expectations. It's time to weaken him a little."

"By depending on them?" The younger lady said with some contempt while looking at the Fifth Prince.

"Don't look down on him," the older green-haired lady said. "He has the world's best fist art talent. If it's not because of Fang Xingjian, he would be the crux to activate the Ring of Time. He might even have been able to dominate over the world, fend off the onslaught, and create a flourishing age that could last through time.

"It's great that he, Tian Yi, and True Lord Qingshan have joined forces and become quite a significant influence. If they fight against Fang Xingjian, we'll benefit no matter which side wins."

The two green-haired lady continued to talk and communicate at the side, but the five Divine level experts seemed to not have noticed them at all. They could neither see nor hear them, and they showed no reaction even when the two ladies passed through their bodies.

This was the Green Robed Mages'-the Chaos Witches'-level 10 black magic, Blessings of Imperceptibility.

As the only faction amongst the Mages who did not participate in any form of battles, they hid in the darkness, changing the direction of the world's history time and time again.

This time around, they were the ones who had incited the Fifth Prince to come to the Great Western Region.