Chapter 700: Great Western

 Chapter 700: Great Western

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Shi Shou's countenance changed, and upon sensing the six-sided sword physique in his mind, he frowned deeply. He looked silently at Fang Xingjian but still turned and left, not daring to reveal any signs of resistance.

Fang Xingjian did not kill him. He knew that if he were to kill Shi Shou, the Gold Mage King would definitely not let him off. If that were to happen, the Gold Mage King would not just send a clone. Since the Gold Robed Mages have already given way to him, Fang Xingjian was not interested to fight them to the death.

Seeing Shi Shou's departure, everyone present felt very helpless and overwhelmed. They then looked at Fang Xingjian, seeming to have raging waves in their minds.

"Even the Gold Robed Mages have been chased away just like that."

"The world is really going to change."

"It probably won't be long before Fang Xingjian shakes up the entire Empire."

Audrey's eyes were glimmering as she looked at Fang Xingjian. However, there was also a hint of of inferiority in her eyes. Even with her status as the top beauty in the Northern Ice Region, she still felt like she was nothing before Fang Xingjian's achievements.

However, Fang Xingjian did not care about these. With his sword intents and Sudden Inspiration, he seemed to sense that there were problems in the Great Western Region.

"Audrey, I'll be leaving the matters of the Northern Ice Region to you." With that, he turned and glanced around at everyone present, especially the Northern Ice Region's Governor and Regional Chief. He said coldly, "Go ahead and do what's necessary. I'll kill anyone who doesn't cooperate."

Everyone could sense his killing aura. They all dropped to their knees and kowtowed, indicating their submission.

Fang Xingjian nodded and then dashed up into the sky. He flew toward the Great Western Region together with four beams of light behind him.

Due to Fang Xingjian's great power, the Great Western Region was extremely unified. All factions, aristocrats, and clans were all restricted by the Governor.

Furthermore, with the gold that Fang Xingjian had brought along with him from Earth, the wealth of the Great Western Region could compare with that of a country. There would be a large amount of resources which were constantly being gathered in the Great Western City, used in areas such as forging Divine Weapons, providing to others to obtain cultivation resources, or in managing people's welfare and construction.

It could be said that the Second Prince or Fang Xingjian had overwhelming prowess in the Great Western Region. Even if there were orders passed down from the Imperial Capital, they would not be as effective as a single word from Fang Xingjian. The place could be said to be a country within a country.

Due to the wealth that Fang Xingjian had brought along with him, the Great Western City was currently over ten times more prosperous than it had been in the past. It was a flourishing scene of great happiness and prosperity.

The market for all sorts of materials, ores, and ferocious beasts was flourishing, and it had almost become the greatest trading center for materials in the Empire.

Such great wealth and resources had attracted the envy and attention of numerous influences.

However, with Fang Xingjian's reputation and the support from Prince Philip, the Fourth Prince, and Tyrant who had engulfed Divine level corpses, as well as many other experts including the Governor and Regional Chief, the influences from the regions in the vicinity would not dare to come and offend them.

In such a situation, the Fifth Prince was flying in the sky, looking down at the prosperous city as the corners of his lips curled up into a slight shrewd smile.

The Fist Emperor stood next to him, sighing as he said, "Are you really going to do this?"

"Elder Brother, why are you trying to persuade me?" The Fifth Prince asked with a laugh. "That Fang Xingjian has now been suppressed by the Gold Robed Mages in the Northern Ice Region, not daring to come out even though it has been close to a month. He's really become a coward. This is a great opportunity for me to wipe out the influence and take away the wealth he left behind here in the Great Western Region." As he said this, he looked down at the Great Western Region with a gaze filled with greed.

The wealth that Fang Xingjian had left behind in the Great Western Region was far too astonishing. Even the Fifth Prince's breathing became faster when he tried to calculate the amount. If he could confiscate Fang Xingjian's properties, his cultivation path would become even more smooth sailing from now on.

The Fist Emperor shook his head and said, "Aren't you afraid that he'll seek revenge on you after he escapes from there?"

"Seek revenge on me?" The Fifth Prince said, smiling coldly. "Just a Shi Shou alone will be hard on him. Moreover, there's still the Gold Mage King behind the Gold Robed Mages. He made his own choice to deal with the seven great clans in the Northern Ice Region, and now he is trapped there by the Gold Robed Mages. He was the one who courted his own death. How can he possibly escape from there?

"Moreover, so what if he escapes?"

As the Fifth Prince spoke, he clenched his fists and said coldly, "Shang already has their eyes on him. You should know how powerful they are, right?"

Upon hearing the word 'Shang', this expert, who was one of the top ten in the Empire, revealed a hint of terror on his face.

"It's true that the organization, Shang, is unfathomable. However, His Majesty is really bringing a disaster on himself by using them as a supporting force in going up against the Mage Association," the Fist Emperor said worriedly. "In the future, it'll probably be like playing with fire."

"So what if it's playing with fire? What is there in this world that don't have risks?" The Fifth Prince said calmly. "Moreover, it's true that Shang has given me actual benefits."

As he spoke, many silver threads darted out from his body, instantly encompassing his body, forming a silver armor.

Trails of electricity surged wildly in his body. Then the power in the depths of the ground came transmitting toward him explosively despite being several ten thousand lis away. They continued to strengthen his power endlessly.

The corner of the Fifth Prince's lips curled up into a satisfied smile. "Excellent, Shang really has a great accumulation of power. Although this nanotechnology armor they gave to me wasn't forged from Divine level remains and isn't considered a Divine Weapon, it has the power of technology.

"Not only does it have a nuclear-powered engine, it can directly draw out the power from the stars and the earth's core. In terms of pure strength, I'm no weaker than a tier three Divine level expert."

Looking at the Fifth Prince who was covered up by silver-colored armor, the Fist Emperor shook his head. "Depending on external objects isn't the right way."

"Haha, what are external objects? Are weapons external objects? Are armors external objects? The cells in the human body will all have to be replaced after a period of time due to depletion. Are food external objects? Is water an external object? The muscles, bones, and nerves that we grow from eating and drinking... Are they external objects?"

The Fifth Prince did not pay it much heed and said, "Elder Brother, there isn't a clear distinction between internal and external. I'll use whatever I can to help make me stronger. There's no difference regardless of whether they are internal or external."

As they spoke, the two of them accelerated and arrived in the sky above the Great Western Region Regional Academy. However, the moment they appeared, a figure soared up into the air. It was Tyrant, who had betrayed the Gray Robed Mages and later engulfed the physical bodies of Divine level experts.

The moment Tyrant appeared, one could see streams of gray martial will encompassing his body, forming the appearance of a huge beast. The body of the huge beast portrayed many cities, countries, and countless human figures farming, fighting, and shouting.

His martial will had formed a huge beast that carried a world. However, it was a still a little blurry and illusory.

This was the appearance of the evil god which the Gray Robed Mages revered. Clearly, not only had Tyrant had attained a breakthrough to the Divine level, he had even condensed his martial will into the appearance of the gray evil god. The moment he could condense this huge beast into a real state that was no longer abstract, he could strive for tier two of the Divine level.

Tyrant soared up into the air. When he saw the Fifth Prince in silver armor and the Fist Emperor behind him, a grim expression flashed in his eyes.