Chapter 699: Adamant

 Chapter 699: Adamant

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Shi Shi looked at Shi Shou and Fang Xingjian with an expression that told them he was unable to accept this. He could not understand why his father would do something like this. Was Fang Xingjian really so terrifying?

The countenance of Henry Clan's head, who was at the side, changed. Now that things had come down to this, he no longer cared why Fang Xingjian possessed such powers. He found it hard to imagine how he and the Henry Clan would end up if Fang Xingjian were to join the Gold Robed Mages in order to manage the Northern Ice Region together.

However, it seemed that it was not in his place to speak up right now.

The countenance of Pop Clan's head, Audrey's father, also turned pale, as he looked at Fang Xingjian in dejection. Thinking of how he had pushed away a great expert like Fang Xingjian, he now felt deep regret.

Audrey's father looked at Audrey and addressed him through information currents, "Audrey, what on earth happened? Why is it that the Gold Robed Mages are holding Fang Xingjian in such high regard?"

Audrey looked at Shi Shou, feeling a little anxious and doubtful. She replied with some hesitation, "I don't know. However, earlier on Fang Xingjian killed that Divine level Mage by the name of Devin and also killed one of the Gold Mage King's clones."

Hearing this, Audrey's father was even more astonished. If Audrey were to tell him this earlier, he would not believe it and would seriously suspect whether it was true.

However, seeing how Shi Shou was reacting, how could Audrey's father not believe these words?

However, under everyone's gaze, Fang Xingjian lifted an index finger and shook it a little, saying, "Not enough."

Shi Shou frowned slightly and asked, "What other requests does Mister Fang have?"

"Firstly, cough up all the things you've gathered from the seven great clans. Release Jacob as well.

"Secondly, scram out of the Northern Ice Region and don't create any more trouble in the Empire. Then, I can treat it as if nothing ever happened."

Hearing this, Shi Shi, who was standing behind Shi Shou, could finally not tolerate it anymore. He pointed to Fang Xingjian and said, "B*stard, do you know who you're requesting things of? I..."

He had not even finished his words when sword light flashed in void space, cutting one-third of his neck in a single blow. After one-third of his neck had been cut, another surge of condensed golden light blocked off the sword light.

Shi Shou's face was filled with great fury, but he still held it in. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said coldly, "Fang Xingjian, don't go overboard. We can return the things that belong to the seven great clans.

"However, in the future, the Northern Ice Region will be the headquarters of our Gold Robed faction. You are neither an official, nor the member of a clan or faction here. Who are you to tell us to leave?"

Shi Shi held onto his neck as he looked at Fang Xingjian in both astonishment and fury. It was as if he could not believe that Fang Xingjian would take action just like that.

However, Fang Xingjian merely threw a nonchalant glance at Shi Shi, saying, "I said this before, if you spout another word of crap, I'll kill you." One of his fingers was already pointing at Shi Shi.

"Stop it! Fang Xingjian!" Shi Shou was enraged and golden light burst forth as, wanting to help Shi Shi by fending off the sword light.

However, just as he was about to make his move, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation activated explosively. Endless Infiltrating Void sword intent encompassed his body, making him unable to move even one inch.

Ferocious golden martial will charged out wildly, causing endless spatial ripples to seethe, yet Shi Shou was still unable to break through the control of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation in the slightest.

"How is this possible? What kind of power is this?"

Shi Shou bellowed furiously and the golden martial will turned into a huge wheel, which in turn was formed of countless tiny wheels. The countless tiny wheels were formed by even smaller wheels. Amidst the infinite amount of wheels, an endless flow of time. It was as if all the power that had existed in the past, present, and future, were all contained within them.

This was the ultimate technique that Shi Shou had created. It was a secret art that condensed endless martial will, linked in with the profoundness of time in black magic, which could accelerate the process of breaking down everything physical. It was not considered a type of black magic since was purely martial arts.

Shi Shou reckoned that this was the only move that he could use in order to deal with Fang Xingjian.

The huge wheel knocked against the sword Qis and the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation seemed to give off the feeling that it was going to be crushed.

When Fang Xingjian saw the huge wheel condensed from golden martial will, his brows shot up, as if he was slightly astonished by its power. He lifted his hand and grabbed out. Endless Infiltrating Void sword Qis shot out from all directions, wrapping Shi Shou and the huge wheel as if they were a huge cocoon.

Shi Shou unleashed his powers explosively, but was still unable to breakthrough the power of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. Regardless of how much he accelerated the breakdown of the sword Qis, there would always be other and other sword Qis gushing towards him and suppressing him.

Therefore, he could only watch as Fang Xingjian tapped with a finger. Shi Shi's body completely broke down and scattered off with the wind in countless light particles.

With the black magic --Blessings of the Time King-- activated, Shi Shi recovered very quickly. However, he was killed once again by the tap of Fang Xingjian's finger.

After being killed like this consecutively for over 30 times, Shi Shi's initial furious bellowing became anxious anger, and eventually became endless begging for mercy. However, he was unable to stop Fang Xingjian from fully killing him.

Seeing his son dying before his eyes, Shi Shou did not continue to struggle, but sat cross-legged, looking coldly at Fang Xingjian. He was like a wild beast, hiding all of his fury and killing intent in the bottom of his heart.

'Not a match... Even I am completely not a match. Senior Martial Brother has underestimated Fang Xingjian's power. This person's true strength may not be less than that of Senior Martial Brother's.' Thinking of this, Shi Shou's heart became even colder. 'Now that things have come down to this, we can only give up on the Northern Ice Region for now and wait until the ritual has ended.'

Everyone looked at this scene in silence. They saw Shi Shou trying to break through from different points, and then saw him eventually give up. They saw being Shi Shi killed time and time again until he became nothing, fully erased. Everyone's hearts were filled with horror.

Even though Henry Clan's head had only been left with his martial will floating in midair, he could feel that he had started shivering.

When he saw that even Shi Shou had given up on resisting, a hint of viciousness flashed on his face and with a swoosh, he turned into a beam of light and flew out.

Since his martial will had functioned at light speed, he escaped instantly, even Fang Xingjian being unable to react in time.

However, after flying out for ten kilometers, he knocked into an invisible barrier. Countless Infiltrating Void sword Qis engulfed him and his martial will was repeatedly smashed into pieces as he died once and for all.

The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation had encompassed the entire Sun City and this was only the reason that Fang Xingjian had dared to step forward. Under the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, no one could escape from him.

And his action also stopped Shi Shou's thoughts of wanting to escape.

Fang Xingjian loosened the Infiltrating Void sword Qis and released Shi Shou, indifferently asking, "So what about it? Where are the things and people?"

Shi Shou sighed. The other party's sword arts far surpassed his imagination. With the Gold Mage King's attention held by the evil god ritual, he could only hold it in for now.

"Everything is in Sun City. We'll leave the Northern Ice Region within a day."

However, Fang Xingjian shook his head, "I don't have the time to wait for you a full day." His gaze swept out and a stream of sword intent pierced Shi Shou's body.

"All of you must scram immediately. I'm leaving this sword intent in your body. I'd better not find out that you have other ideas."