Chapter 693: Disregard

 Chapter 693: Disregard

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Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the other two Gold Robed Mages were so enraged that they were trembling.

The tanned-skinned Mage bellowed furiously, "Stop it, Fang Xingjian! Do you want to die?! The Gold Mage King won't let you off..."

Fang Xingjian could not be bothered listening to the Mage's crap and crushed the latter's body with a strike of his palm. Then he once again stomped down on Devin's head.

Then, with just one palm, Fang Xingjian sucked the tanned-skinned Mage, who had just regenerated his body, toward him. Flying right up to Fang Xingjian, the Mage was then grabbed by the neck and lifted up in midair as if he was a small chicken.

Fang Xingjian stomped down on Devin, who was just about to get to his feet. He then looked at the tanned-skinned Mage and said coldly, "I've thought of a new way to deal with you people."

"What are you..."

Fang Xingjian did not wait for the Mage to finish his words, tossing the Mage out with his hand. In an instant, the Mage broke through sound barriers, created a series of air currents, and flew out into the sky.

The dark-skinned Mage cried out agonizingly, and amidst the intense friction in the air, he instantly turned into dust under the the atmospheric pressure that was several hundred thousand time stronger than on the ground. As he continued to switch between regenerating and turning into dust, he broke through the atmospheric layer in the blink of an eye. He watched as the world became smaller and smaller, slowly taking the form of a circle, until he entered the universe entirely.

Without having stepped into the Divine level, he was unable to see the Nine-Tiered Heavens and had dashed into vacuum space at a speed that was over 100 times that of the speed of sound, charging out toward the universe.

However, in the vacuum, the Mage still was not killed instantly. With an explosive bellow, he emitted layers of stacking golden light. He wanted to start decelerating and fly back.

However, in the universe, there seemed to not be much physical material existences and temperature was plunging at rapid speed. In the blink of an eye, the temperature had reached negative 200 degrees Celsius, 240 degrees Celsius, 270 degrees Celsius...

The golden light had only been unleashed for a few seconds when it dissipated once again.

The dark-skinned Mage had turned into a ice statue while continuing to fly through the universe like a meteor.

On the snowy mountains, everyone watched dumbstruck as the dark-skinned Mage instantly turned into a small dot instantly, and then disappeared completely out of sight.

The other Mage shouted, "What did you do to him?!"

"I sent him on a trip to the universe." Fang Xingjian threw that Mage a glance and lifted a finger slightly. Immediately, that Mage also cried out agonizingly and flew out toward the universe like a launched rocket, disappearing into the horizon.

As he spoke, Fang Xingjian once again stomped down and crushed Devin, who had regenerated. Devin's power was getting weaker and weaker, and after regenerating for three consecutive times, he did not launch any attacks at all.

Fang Xingjian lowered his head and looked at Devin. If Devin were an ordinary Gold Robed Mage, Fang Xingjian could just toss him into outer space to kill them. However, this Divine level Mage would probably not die if tossed into outer space.

"Hold on..."

With a boom , Devin's chest was crushed by a single stomp from Fang Xingjian.

"Fang Xingjian!

Then with a bang , Fang Xingjian sent Devin's head flying away with a kick.



"I surrender!"


"Fang Xingjian..."





The people in the surroundings just stared as Fang Xingjian stomped down on Devin time and time again. They saw that Devin was unable to fight back at all, and his feeble attempts to resist were like those of a primary school girl being pushed down by a big bear.

"Too strong!"

"How can this be?"

"To think that Devin can't even fend off a single move from him?"

"A Divine level Gold Robed Mage... an expert who can control time... To think that he ended up being bashed up one-sidedly?"

Audrey, Xingxing`er, the Four Gentlemen, and other experts from the seven great clans watched this scene in great disbelief. They saw Devin being stomped to his death time and time again. Only they, who had experienced Devin's power for themselves, could understand how terrifying this current scene was.

Just as Fang Xingjian was about to stomp down again, a seemingly material beam of golden light extended out from Devin's chest.

If it could be said that the middle-aged Gold Robed Mage's golden light was faint and thin like a layer of fine gauze, and Devin's golden light was thick as golden cloth, then this golden light that suddenly appeared seemed material like gold bars. This seemed to also represent the strength of one's diabolic energy.

The golden light soon formed a human silhouette that was completely gold in color, just like a golden statue.

It was a long-bearded elderly man who wore a long robe with long draping sleeves and had on a tall hat. The elderly man had just appeared when a gush of powerful pressure surged out. The space around the elderly man's body continued to distort and collapse, as if the shadows of the past and the future could be seen flashing by.

When everyone saw this elderly man, they had this feeling: this elderly man seemed to be able to control time and draw out their lifespan from their bodies.

"This is..."

"Could this person be..."

"Master! Save me!"

As Devin cried out, everyone finally knew, amidst great astonishment, just who this golden figure was.

Devin's Master was the leader of the Gold Robed Mages, a top notch expert in the Mage Association-the Gold Mage King.

The life and death of the universe... The cycle of all living things seemed to be flowing constantly in his eyes. It was as if the endless river of time was flowing in them.

Everyone was greatly shocked to see the Gold Mage King.

"To think that the Gold Mage King has come down personally," Xingxing`er said fearfully, "I wonder if Fang Xingjian is a match for the Gold Mage King."

"If it's this clone, then Xingjian should still be able to fend it off," Young Master Meng said. Then he sighed and added, "But this also means that from today onward, we'll be enemies with the Mage Association."

Young Master Long frowned and said, "That is still uncertain. With Xingjian's current abilities, even if he isn't a match for the Gold Mage King's true self, he would at least have the rights to negotiate terms. As long as he can let Devin off, then there might still be a chance to convert the enemies into friends."

Everyone looked at the Gold Mage King. None of them had the courage to fight it out with him. In their opinion, the best result would be for Fang Xingjian to let Devin off and make peace with the Gold Mage King.

Seeing Fang Xingjian, the Gold Mage King shouted, "Fang Xingjian, hang on first..."

"A mere clone wants me to stop? Scram."

Concurrently, four astonishing rainbows soared into the air. The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was activated, and endless powers were reinforced onto Fang Xingjian.

Earlier on, regardless of whether it was to deal with the middle-aged Mage or with Devin, Fang Xingjian had only relied on his physical strength and had not activated the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. However, with the appearance of the Gold Mage King's clone, he would not continue to hold back and not use his sword formation.

As Fang Xingjian stomped down, he brought along endless sword Qis from the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. In that instant, golden light shattered, and the Gold Mage King's clone was destroyed by Fang Xingjian's stomp. Fang Xingjian then continued to stomp down onto Devin's body.

This final time that he crushed Devin's head and turned Devin's entire body into a pool of paste, Devin did not regenerate. The diabolic energy in his body had been completely depleted.

Everyone watched in a daze as the Gold Mage King's clone was destroyed despite having just appeared. Devin had also died thoroughly. Their minds were completely blank and they were unable to speak a single word.