Chapter 687: Deplorable

 Chapter 687: Deplorable

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At the next moment, the time flow returned, and everyone could only see countless power air currents and flames encompassing Fang Xingjian's body. Moreover, one more person had suddenly appeared before Fang Xingjian.

However, this time was far too short. In a mere 0.1 seconds, time had returned to a standstill again. Zhou Peng lifted his head and saw that the scarred-face man had grabbed Shi Chen and appeared next to him.

When he looked at Fang Xingjian, Zhou Peng only saw the countless layers of stacking frozen air currents and flames that covered Fang Xingjian.

Shi Chen looked at Fang Xingjian anxiously and doubtfully. He then said, "That's not right. He had immunity against my ability previously. He should be able to react in 0.1 second.

"Why did he not do anything?"

The scarred-face man smiled coldly. "That means that our attacks are effective. He has been seriously injured and has no means to retaliate."

However, Shi Chen kept feeling uneasy. Amidst the layers of stacking air currents and flames, he seemed to sense a pair of eyes looking coldly in their direction, as if watching a bunch of ants playing around.

Zhou Peng shook his head and said, "Don't fall into disarray. After taking ten minutes worth of attacks from me, even ten aircraft carriers would be crushed. Not even Fang Xingjian would be able to fend them off easily."

Saying this, Zhou Peng's lips curled up into a shrewd smile. "Moreover, he still has to unleash power to change the Earth's magnetic field. This leaves him too occupied to deal with other things."

As he spoke, countless streams of power once again smashed against Fang Xingjian's body.

The scarred-face man also laughed coldly and sent over 1,000 streams of flames flying toward Fang Xingjian while bringing Shi Chen along as he flew away.

However, this time around, the scarred-face man had only flown out for several kilometers when Professor Qian called out to ask him to stop.

"Wait a minute. There's a young man at the top of the Fang Tian Corporation's building. He should be of help to this battle as well. Bring him along."

The scarred-face man frowned. "Is there a need for that? Fang Xingjian is already unable to retaliate. It's just a matter of time for him to die."

However, Professor Qian decided to trust in his precognitive ability and insisted, "Bring him along!"

The scarred-face man shook his head. However, he still flew up to the top of the Fang Tian Corporation's building and soon found Long Tiandi.

"Doesn't look like anything special."

Shi Chen walked over and patted Long Tiandi on the shoulders. The latter's gaze moved and turned toward the scarred-face man and Shi Chen.

With Long Tiandi's superhuman senses that his superb physical attributes had given him, he immediately realized that something was not right.

In less than half a second after regaining his senses, Long Tiandi moved his body, charging right up to the scarred-face man with an explosive force. Long Tiandi reached out his hand and grabbed the scarred-face man by the neck.

"Are you courting death?" The scarred-face man bellowed furiously and sent streams of flames to encompass Long Tiandi's body completely. However, after the flames dissipated and his clothes were incinerated into ashes, Long Tiandi appeared unscathed before the other two men.

"Too weak." Long Tiandi only shook his hand slightly, and the scarred-face man felt as if his entire body had fallen apart, unable to summon the slightest strength.

However, at the next moment, the time acceleration effect on Long Tiandi kept on weakening, and he could only watch as Shi Chen walked up to him and spoke a whole series of words at rapid speed.

Shi Chen could adjust the strength of the time acceleration ability for whomever he applied the skill on. This caused Long Tiandi's brain to be able to react, but his body was unable to keep up.

"... So, do you understand it now? We're going to join forces to kill Fang Xingjian and save the Earth!"

After explaining everything, Shi Chen restored the time acceleration on Long Tiandi's body. The latter was stunned for a moment before he felt the countless words instantly enter his mind.

However, after this short moment, Long Tiandi placed the scarred-faced man down. With a movement, he stomped through the air and charged out toward Fang Xingjian, who was in the air.

Long Tiandi was like a sharp sword that could destroy everything in its path. Bringing about an overwhelming force, he smashed through layers of air currents with a single punch and then landed his fist fiercely on Fang Xingjian's figure.

He then swung out punches and kicks toward Fang Xingjian wildly.

'Kill him!

'As long as I kill him...

'With my battle prowess...

'I'll be invincible.

'When that happens, I'll assassinate that guy who can accelerate time.

'There won't be anyone in the world who will be able to stop me then.

'I, Long Tiandi, will become the strongest in the world!'

The scarred-face man looked at this scene in astonishment. The feeling of being unable to resist in the least after being grabbed by Long Tiandi earlier was still echoing in his heart.

"Where did this monster come from?"

"Let's go," Shi Chen said while also a little shocked as he threw a glance toward Long Tiandi, who was still continuing his attacks. He added, "Let's continue. If this goes on, Fang Xingjian will be doomed."

Therefore, the five of them joined forces and continued to attack Fang Xingjian wildly within the time that only they could move. They continued on for 100 minutes, which appeared only as a single second to others.

Within a single second, the people in the live streaming channel could only see the air currents, flames, and countless afterimages exploding around Fang Xingjian.

Zhou Peng and Long Tiandi had appeared before Fang Xingjian without anyone noticing, allowing the repercussions of the attacks to turn into streams of air currents and brush against their bodies.

"What happened?"

"Did they attack Fang Xingjian?"

"Superpowers? Magic? Who on earth are they?"

Countless people watching this could only see the two of them appearing within a single second, then countless explosions were set off around Fang Xingjian. No one could see the process.

After stopping their attacks, both Zhou Peng and Long Tiandi looked warily at the center of the explosions.

Zhou Peng thought, 'After receiving our continuous attacks for 100 minutes, anything would be smashed no matter what they are.'

Long Tiandi's eyes narrowed slightly. However, at the next moment, after all the explosions scattered off, his eyes opened wide as he saw Fang Xingjian appearing unscathed before them.

They were supposed to have have saved the world. By killing Fang Xingjian, they would become the heroes of the world.

"It's time."

A cold voice rang out in the mind of the two men.

Zhou Peng shouted, "Shi Chen, activate your ability quickly!"

"There's no need to call for him. He is already dead," Fang Xingjian looked coldly at the two of them as his voice rang out in the two men's mind once again. "The changes to the Earth's magnetic field are almost done. All that's left are you guys. To speak the truth, the way you guys use your abilities is too childish.

"Long Tiandi, the past 12 days of guidance I've given you are all for naught."

In the distance, with a single thought from Fang Xingjian, Shi Chen was wrapped up by the sword intent Fang Xingjian had left in him, and he exploded into countless fragments like a great firework. The large amount of ether particles in his body scattered out and covered up the South Pole, joining the Earth's magnetic field.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian appeared before Long Tiandi with a single step, tapping on his forehead with a single finger.

"Lacking in vigor, only looking impressive on the outside. Trash."

Long Tiandi instantly flew out, bringing along a series of afterimages after him as he flew toward the Americas. He exerted all his power, and his face flushed red. However, despite this, he was unable to move in the least. He ended up being moved by the power that Fang Xingjian had channeled onto his body, unable to come to a stop.

"Appearing strong on the outside but actually weak on the side. Unable to withstand a single blow. Trash."

Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian's gaze turned, and he glared at Zhou Peng. The latter shivered and flew toward Europe.