Chapter 682: Discover

 Chapter 682: Discover

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Ever since Fang Xingjian arrived in this universe and in this city, his martial will had been constantly moving about in the atmosphere, the networks, and the electromagnetic signals.

He clearly remembered that there had been no ether particles in this world in the past. However, right now, he could feel the existence of ether particles coming from this young man.

The problem now was... Was this Earth a parallel universe of Miracle World? Or was it like how it had been with Fang Xingjian's hometown, where the doors to Miracle World had been opened?

He casually left a stream of sword intent on this young man. With a few consecutive flashes, Fang Xingjian arrived above the Eastern Sea.

The Earth, which was Fang Xingjian's home planet, had overlapped with Miracle World where the Eastern Sea was located. Could it be the same for this world?

Fang Xingjian's martial will unleashed stacking layers of waves, encompassing across the entire sea. He wanted to look for any kind of traces relating to Miracle World.

Therefore, across the next few days, Fang Xingjian's martial will moved across the entire globe in the sky. He crossed the Eastern Sea and Southern Sea, across the land and islands. Fang Xingjian was trying to find the smallest traces of ether particles.

Simultaneously, countless influences and characters were also very busy thanks to Fang Xingjian.

In an underground bomb shelter, over ten soldiers were armed with firearms and aiming at Zhou Peng, who was 20 meters away.

Zhou Peng had both his arms wrapped across his chest, appearing as if he did not care at all.

From the observation room in the distance, General Sun gave the order, "Begin."

As he spoke, the over ten soldiers fired their guns concurrently. Sparks gushed out, and densely packed metal came surging over. They could turn even the smooth surface of a steel plate into one covered with bumps and dents.

However, despite being attacked at such great prowess, Zhou Peng still remained very at ease and was not hurt in the least.

His arms remained crossed as he looked at the other people with a look of disdain. Streams of sparks flashed on his body, but as long as the bullets got within one inch of his body, they would seem to hit against some kind of superalloy, sending sparks splattering.

In the control room, a research member gasped, "This is unbelievable. When all attacks arrive at the surface of his body, they get blocked off by a layer of force field. The defense of this force field is very powerful and seems to be able to withstand an impact of over ten tons per square meter."

General Sun frowned. "Are there any issues with the regulatory measures?"

The research member nodded. "There are no problems. The nano bombs we implanted in him are still operating as normal. As long as he makes any abnormal movements, we'll be able to blow up his heart and brain."

General Sun nodded. However, at the next moment, his pupils contracted as Zhou Peng grabbed across the air, and over ten guns were pulled up toward the sky. With a bang, they were pushed together. Then after a series of creaking sounds, they were twisted together, forming a lump of metal.

"Too weak," Zhou Peng stated in contempt. He clenched his fists, looked at his body, and said, "I feel that the power in my body is endless. I'm becoming stronger constantly, and I feel that the current me will be able to crush even a tank."

As he spoke, he made a single thought, and spluttering sounds rang out in the surrounding air as it was crushed into lumps of air currents.

"I... have already surpassed humans."

In the air, Fang Xingjian silently scanned the underground bomb shelter. Looking at the extremely arrogant Zhou Peng, he nodded slightly and said, "Interesting. It's true that the ether particles in his body are continuing to grow. Moreover, it seemed that there are some of my aura mixed inside?"

He casually left behind a stream of sword intent on Zhou Peng, and Fang Xingjian's martial will then swept out into the distance.

In the bedroom, Professor Qian once again sat up with his head covered in sweat. He was floating in midair about one meter away from his bed.

However, he was no longer concerned about this. His mind was still filled with the scene of corpse mountains and seas of blood in his dream.

He had similar dreams many times, but none of them had been as clear as it was today.

Amidst the seas of blood, Fang Xingjian was standing arrogantly in the air, exuding overwhelming ferocity and might.

His gaze swept across the world. Cities had been wiped out, and mountains and rivers were hanging in the air.

His palm cut across the sky, tearing the sky into pieces, and the seas were completely evaporated.

The entire world was trembling, and countless people were turned into pools of blood that scattered across the sky.

Despair and horror... Professor Qian felt as if he was in a dark abyss, unable to sense any hint of light or hope.

Then just as Professor Qian was about to wake up from his dream, five silhouettes appeared before Fang Xingjian.

"Find them! They must be found!"

With this final bellow, Professor Qian finally woken up completely.

"Stop Fang Xingjian... I must stop him..." Professor Qian was still submerged in that endless feeling of terror. "We must find those five people. Only they will be able to stop Fang Xingjian."

Behind Professor Qian, Fang Xingjian tapped out across space, and hints of sword intent gathered into Professor Qian's body.

"It's another one."

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian's figure flashed and went on with his search.

10,000 meters up in the air, a blazing meteor cut across the clouds at a speed that was three times the speed of sound, bringing along a long air wave as it split the sea of clouds.

There was a human figure in the blazing meteor. He suddenly came to a stop, and streams of plasma flame currents extended out from his back just like a pair of blazing wings.

This man was the scarred-face man from the Great Radiant Sect. He looked at his own body with great fervor. At this moment, his physical body was completely encompassed by flames, continuously shooting out plasma flames with a scorching temperature of over 20,000 degrees Celsius.

This made him appeared just like the legendary Angel of Judgement.

Tears flowed out from his lips, but they were instantly evaporated completely.

"God, is this the presage you have given me?

"I understand now. I'll inherit your will and use your power to wipe out all evils in the world."

While the scarred-face man was drowned in great fervor and agitation, Fang Xingjian's palm had already darted through spatial gaps and pinched the head of the scarred-face man.

'A person like this is not suited to live.

'But...' Fang Xingjian's gaze flickered for a moment, and he eventually released his grip. At the same time, he channelled in a stream of sword intent into the scarred-face man's body.

'I can observe him for a little longer.'

With that, Fang Xingjian's will swept across the atmosphere and headed for a bank.

In the bank, all things seemed to have come to a standstill. The water in the washroom dripped down drop by drop. An elderly man's footstep landed toward the ground in millimeters, and a female counter staff's eyelids moved downward inch by inch, as if just the action of shutting one's eyes would take ten million years.

Everything in the bank seemed to have been slowed down by ten thousand or a hundred thousand times, entering a state of slow motion.

In this slow motion scene, a young man walked into the bank with great ease, as if he was walking in his own backyard.