Chapter 681: Ether

 Chapter 681: Ether

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For the rest of the live streaming, in order to prove the credibility of the entire event, Fang Xingjian even got a leader of the China government to give his word that they would take charge of the ten billion for now. Upon the event that someone successfully kills or defeats Fang Xingjian, the government would then hand the money over to the person.

Of course, many people would still express their disbelief in this. However, Fang Xingjian was just trying to find a way to attract the attention of people with extraordinary powers. He wanted to add fuel to the fire and bring more hype to the reports about him. Fang Xingjian wanted the entire world, even those who stayed deep in the mountains and forests, to find out.

After so long, he still had not managed to find any traces of superpowers. This made him feel a little anxious.

Simultaneously, as Fang Xingjian's martial will passed through the many network cables, hints of distortions that were hard to detect by the naked eye extended outward. They then disappeared at the next moment.


At the airport, a scarred-face man looked at the live stream on this cell phone and let out a cold laugh. The killing intent in his eyes soared.

'Fang Xingjian, you killed my brothers and attacked our Great Radiant Sect. I'll use your blood to wash off this vengeance.'

He was the scarred-face man who had shouted that he was going to get revenge after the Great Radiant Sect was attacked.

He evaded the tracking of several countries' intelligence networks and relied on his amazing background and top notch concealing abilities to arrive in the city where Fang Xingjian was in at the moment. Numerous revenge plans continued to seethe through his mind one after another.

Just then, slight distortions flashed through his body. He grabbed his head, feeling a little puzzled, "Why do I feel some sort of headache?"

China's government started to comb for people with superpowers. However, this task was too difficult. After all, the countless people who claimed to be Masters were all proven to be tricksters.

It was almost impossible to find people with extraordinary powers in this world.

Although Fang Xingjian had released the news, the large number of military troops in the city and the floating Fang Tian Corporation's building had stopped the challenges from all ordinary people.

There was no one who could get close to Fang Xingjian, let alone challenge him.

In fact, this was also a hurdle that Fang Xingjian had intentionally set. Otherwise, all kinds of people who were unafraid of death would get close to him and attack him. It would be extremely bothersome.

In a conference room in the suburbs of the city, Professor Qian, who General Sun had gotten as his consultant, was there. This renowned professor, who came from Peking University's Physics Department, put his hand to his head and drew in cold air.

One of the staff members next to him asked, "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing." Professor Qian waved his hand. "It's just that my headache is very bad recently. It could be because I've stayed up for many nights."

In a shared accomodation on the other side of the city, a young man was eating instant noodles while controlling the game character on the screen to kill off the surrounding enemies. However, due to the consecutive lags, he was eventually killed by his opponents.

Seeing how his teammates were scolding his head off, fury grew in his heart. "Damn it, can this telecommunication company's service still be used? Why does it keep hanging? The recent delays have been extremely bad."

Shaking his head, he clicked to enter the live streaming channel. He had just sent out a comment when he was flooded by a bunch of other people laughing at how delayed his reactions were. The young man got so angry that he smashed down on his keyboard fiercely.

"What the heck."

Time passed by, and in a short three days' time, the powers of the state apparatus were all revealed.

Before General Sun, there stood a soldier who looked extremely strong and had a body that seemed to be filled with power. A hint of arrogance and relentlessness flashed in his eyes. He was like a lone wolf on the grass plains, giving out an intense feeling of threat.

General Sun nodded and looked at the information in his hands.

The soldier was called Zhou Peng. He had originally been a normal member of the army. However, he suddenly collapsed from illness last night, and after he woke up, his personality changed drastically. Not only did he appear arrogant and unrelenting, the even more astonishing thing was that he now possessed extraordinary powers.

"Zhou Peng, right?" General Sun said and nodded. "Demonstrate your abilities."

Zhou Peng smiled pridefully. Both of his hands grabbed out into the air, and the sofa before him was grabbed across space. Then with a loud bang , it shattered into pieces.

"I can easily crush anything around me that is within a radius of 100 meters, even steel. Moreover, I feel that I'm getting stronger with every passing moment. As long as I'm given enough time, I can crush that Fang Xingjian."

A hint of spark flashed in General Sun's eyes, but there was also a hint of hesitation.

'To think that there are really people with superpowers. However, are we really going to handover such existences to Fang Xingjian?'

In the end, Zhou Peng still did not meet Fang Xingjian. After his body was implanted with many medicines and signal transmitting devices, he was brought to a secret military base. He then started to look through the secret manuals that were in Fang Xingjian's USB drive.

"Nurture Zhou Peng. Find out the secrets behind superpowers.

"He'll be our secret weapon.

"The possibility to defeating Fang Xingjian may just lie in him."

Elsewhere, Professor Qian woke up from his dream with a shock while covered in sweat. That dream had seemed so real. The flashing lights and shadows from blades, as well as the seas of blood, still continued to echo in his mind.

'What on earth is happening?'

However, at the next moment, he was suddenly stunned, realizing he was floating in midair.

In a shared accomodation in another part of the city, the young man, whose internet kept lagging, was controlling his keyboard and mouse in great surprise. He continued to complete triple kills or quadruple kills in the game.

Right now, in his eyes, the entire world seemed to have slowed down.

In a nameless hotel, the scarred-face man from the Great Radiant Sect was rejoicing. Streams of flames kept on flashing on his hands.

"This is a miracle! This is the power that the Great Radiant God has bestowed upon me.

"God, have you also felt my fury?

"Fang Xingjian, just you wait. I'll use the power that God has bestowed upon me to kill you completely."

At this time, Fang Xingjian was drifting about above the city. His Sudden Inspiration had given him a feeling, and he went through the cities, passed by buildings, flew over viaducts, went over small alleys, and finally arrived before a cyber cafe.

He went through the cyber cafe and came to its backdoor. A young man was being pushed to a corner, surrounded by three delinquent youths.

"Brother, please help to provide some emergency relief. Lend us some money."

"We'll be brothers in the future. If you meet any problems, you can bring up our names."

Looking at the three people before him, a smirk flashed in the eyes of the young man. Suddenly, with a pa sound, he stomped down on the ground, and a crisp cracking sound rang out. He had actually stomped through the cement floor, creating a large area of cracks. The young man had even caused over ten shards to fly out.


Seeing that the young man had scared off the other three, Fang Xingjian used his martial will to scan the young man's body, only to be slightly stunned.

'Ether particles?

'Why are there ether particles in this world? I remember that ether particles shouldn't exist in this entire city.

'Since ether particles have appeared, then this world... Is it Earth's parallel world? Or is it Miracle World's parallel world?'