Chapter 680: Great Impact

 Chapter 680: Great Impact

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At this moment, John was feeling very proud of himself. Relying on his wits and elements of the modern society, he had managed to hoodwink a powerful expert who had god-like power. The other party probably still had no idea what influence had attacked him.

John had first abducted two people, and then threatened their lives and the lives of their families. He had made the two of them communicate with Fang Xingjian and control the genetic weapon from afar through the use of remotely controlled computers and a small-scale signal transmitter.

While he, on the other hand, controlled the two of them by sending them messages via the smart glasses.

At the instant the explosives were set off, not only would the smart glasses be destroyed but all the records in them would be removed as well. Even the laptop which he had used to send messages with would self-destruct.

Moreover, this operation also made used of CIA's special encryption means. So, even if the data were to be recovered, the other party would probably be unable to decipher them.

Of course, there might be many flaws left behind in the details, but by the time Fang Xingjian got to them, John would already be out of China.

Not only had he managed to probe Fang Xingjian's multiple abilities in this one battle, but he might have also managed to sow the seed of distrust between Fang Xingjian and China's government.

Thinking of this, his right thumb pressed onto his cell phone, and the detailed information of this battle was sent to the headquarters of the USA's CIA through the secret network which the CIA themselves had created.

After completing all these, John felt increasingly proud of himself.

However, at that moment, the car John was in tremored fiercely and flew up into the sky.


At the next moment, the figure that had made countless people shiver in horror suddenly appeared, floating right before John.

John fell into a slight daze at Fang Xingjian's sudden appearance. Then, he smiled and said, "Mister Fang, what matters do you have with me?"

"There's no need to keep up with the pretense," Fang Xingjian said indifferently. "In the process of restoring Song Lili's body, I've also reconstructed all the food she ate during the past six hours and found what you planted the poison in. I then went through all the security camera recordings in the banks, convenience shops, highways, and cross junctions for this time period and managed to find you.

"You can let others handle all the work, with the exception of the planting of the genetic weapon. You didn't feel at ease to let someone else handle this.

"Additionally, before coming here, I searched all the information on your entry through China's borders, as well as the information of your fake identity. I conducted an image recognition search based off your photo and found some other information as well. You're from the United States, right? CIA? FBI? BSI? Or is it the NSA? 1 "

John smiled bitterly in his heart, but his expression still seemed as if he was ignorant. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Fang Xingjian smiled, lifted up one of his hands, and white sword light started flashing. "The Pentagon or the White House, take your pick."

John's countenance turned pale. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"According to the information I've gathered online, both the Pentagon and the White House are important buildings in the United States, right? If you still don't speak the truth, I'll destroy these two buildings."

John was shocked and fury flashed in his eyes. "Do you know what you're saying? Are you going to proclaim war with the strongest country in this planet?"

Fang Xingjian shook his head. "There won't be any war. It'll just simply be a massacre." As he spoke, a beam of light pillar soared up into the air and shot out toward the moon in the sky.

John shouted, "No!"

Fang Xingjian continued to ask, "Where are you from?"

John had an extremely dejected expression. He looked at Fang Xingjian with a gaze filled with killing intent and fury. "Where did you attack?"

"The White House. The place should have been turned into ruins now." Fang Xingjian flicked his nails nonchalantly. Sword light once again flickered in his hands. "I'll ask one last time."

"CIA!" John bellowed. "I'm CIA's John Soros. That's enough. Today's operation was just me acting on my own. However, you'll pay the price for your actions today."

Of course, Fang Xingjian had not really wiped out the White House. He did not have the habit of conducting reckless massacres. After confirming once again that John had really done all these by himself, Fang Xingjian did not continue killing.

However, at 7a.m. the next day, when the Director of the CIA walked into the office, he saw John Soros' corpse placed neatly on his desk with a row of words inscribed next to him.

"Don't provoke me."

An emergency meeting was immediately called within the CIA, and the United States entered a semi-war state.

"Unforgivable. He is challenging the United State's dignity, challenging the strongest influence on this planet."

"The truth is that regular means are useless against Fang Xingjian. We need new weapons."

"The weapons we had in the past were all targeted toward armory, fortresses, and all sorts of large-scale targets. We don't have the experience to deal with such personal forces."

"Mobilize all resources and set up a small team that specifically deals with Fang Xingjian. No one can climb over the heads of the United States, not even god."

China was unaware of all these. They were still submerged in the excitement of the USB drive.

Then Fang Xingjian's second request came.

General Sun frowned and said, "Look for people with extraordinary powers?"

Song Lili nodded. "That's right. Xingjian hopes that the government can mobilize all of its effort to search for any humans within the country who possess extraordinary powers."

Fang Xingjian did not plan on waiting passively. He continued to search for information on extraordinary powers online while simultaneously notifying the government to help him search for people with extraordinary powers.

He also logged onto the live streaming channel once again.

In the live stream, Fang Xingjian was walking slowly in a huge green park. The public had been evacuated, and the park was now surrounded by countless military personnel.

Fang Xingjian strolled in the park, and on the green ground behind him, there were over ten billion dollars in cash placed neatly behind him.

"F*ck, so much money?"

"Is this for real? Where did so much money come from?"

"If they are all in renminbi, then there are at least several billion there?"

"Haha, the great beauty has appeared again. She looks very beautiful in this office attire as well."

"Brother Delay, you're late again."

Just as the screen filled up with comments once again, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "When I went online, I saw a comic in your world called 'Dragon Ball'."

"Damn, who the heck told Brother Fang about Dragon Ball?"

"I'm going to go take a photo of the moon first."

"Are we going to say goodbye to the moon?"

"Heck, it can't possibly be to draw lots to destroy cities right?"

Fang Xingjian continued, "Do you guys still remember the Cell Game 2 ?"

At the next moment, the entire world went into a frenzy once again.

"Defeat me, kill me, and this ten billion will be yours.

"There are no conditions, no requests. You can use any weapons or means. I'll be waiting in the Fang Tian Corporation's building. As long as any one of you are able to kill me, this ten billion here will be yours."