Chapter 677: Sounding Out

 Chapter 677: Sounding Out

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Susu threw a glance toward Fang Xingjian. Her bluetooth earpiece was out of battery, and she had lost her connection to the outside world. This made her feel a little uneasy.

Especially after having seen Fang Xingjian's light pillar attack which penetrated through the skies, she felt increasingly unsettled.

After bearing with it for a moment, she finally could not bear with it any longer and asked, "Can I go onto the internet?"

Fang Xingjian took a look in her direction and said, "Do as you wish. All the places and items in the entire building are free for you to access and use."

A rumbling sound suddenly came from Zhao Yuting. Then after seeing the Fang Xingjian's and Susu's gazes, Zhao Yuting's face flushed red as she said, "I'm hungry."

"Mmmm, I didn't put enough consideration into this area." Fang Xingjian grabbed out into the air, and all sorts of food dishes, encompassed by his martial will, flew over from a restaurant several kilometers away.

Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian snapped his fingers, and a hint of electricity channeled out from his finger. In that instant, the entire building lit up once again, as if it was once again connected to electricity.

Susu asked in astonishment, "What did you do?"

"I merely supplied us with electricity and a network connection once again," Fang Xingjian replied casually. With his martial will of a Divine level expert, he was even able to enter deep into the microscopic world. It was an easy feat for him to let electricity and electrical signals run through the building.

A large amount of food flew directly into the office, and Fang Xingjian said, "I grabbed these from a restaurant. You guys are free to have them."

Zhao Yuting was the first one who could not put up with the hunger and walked up to the food, starting to eat and drink.

Fang Xingyue was also woken up by the series of activities. Seeing the table of food after waking up, she asked, "Where did these come from?"

After Fang Xingjian explained once again, Fang Xingyue nodded and went straight over to eat. Both she and Zhao Yuting had not had any food for an entire day, so they were really hungry.

Susu, on the other hand, only took a few bites before she brought a laptop over. She could not wait to go onto the internet. Then when she saw that her photos had been posted on all the major websites, there was a very complicated expression in her eyes.

After that, she saw that the Great Radiant Sect had been attacked. This caused her to relax a little. Even though she had tried to persuade Fang Xingjian to not attack earlier, that had only been because of General Sun's orders. She did not feel much about the Great Radiant Sect being attacked. After all, this armed organization had been notorious for a long time. They had assaulted commoners in developed countries on multiple occasions and were a horrible influence.

After giving it some thought, she opened up the messaging software on the laptop and entered her username and password.

At almost the same instant she logged on, the notification sounds kept ringing out. Ding ding ding ding! Susu went to close the notifications one by one, only to realize that the number of notifications continued to increase, reaching several ten thousand. It was beyond her. So, she decided to give up on closing the messages and only checked a few messages from the people on her friends list.

First, she looked at the messages from her parents. A few hundred messages had been sent to her, and she sighed helplessly. She was just about to reply them to let them know that she was safe when her mother's display picture blinked. Susu received a new message.

"Hello, I'm General Sun. Are your bluetooth earphones out of battery?"

Susu was stunned for a moment, and at the next moment, her countenance turned grim. "Where are my parents?"

General Sun explained, "I have them under protection. Due to your current situation, there may be many people who have their eyes on you and your parents."

Hearing that, Susu calmed down. She knew that General Sun was not wrong. Therefore, she asked, "Then what about my elder brother?"

In the office, General Sun's brows furrowed. He lifted his head and asked, "Has He Suxin's elder brother been found?"

"Not yet."

"His colleagues and classmates aren't able to find him."

"The thing we're worried about is that he'll do something out of our control after watching the live stream."

General Sun shook his head, "Continue to search. Notify me at the first instant that you find him."

"Your elder brother is also under our protection. What's the situation like in the building? Why are the lights lit up? You're still able to get onto the internet?"

Susu explained the situation on her side.

Her chat records were being analyzed by over 100 specialists.

"Fang Xingjian has the ability to transform heat and light energies."

"It seems that that isn't all. He's also able to produce electricity and control electrical signals."

"He really has god-like abilities. It's no wonder that he can still continue the live streaming despite being 1,000 meters up in the sky."

General Sun asked, "Since he can control electrical signals, does that mean that he's able to find out even the chat records between us and He Suxin?"

A specialist pushed up his glasses and said, "We aren't sure. We have no idea how he controls electrical signals. Even if you are a manager of a cybercafe, you won't be able to constantly checks through all chat records.

"However, if you are a router, you'll be able to know of the exchanges between every single electrical signal.

"Right now, we aren't sure if Fang Xingjian is a router or a manager of a cybercafe."

General Sun gave out his order coldly, "Before we're sure if Fang Xingjian can check through these, all communication through the networks are forbidden in the command center. All interactions can only be through talking and writing."

Just then, Song Lili walked in. "The ten billion cash is ready."

General Sun nodded and said, "Go and make your preparations. Tell him our conditions. If he is agreeable to them, we're willing to give him the ten billion cash."

As General Sun spoke, he stood up. Then he looked at Song Lili with a solemn expression and said, "Song Lili, I hope you understand that this concern's the country's interests and safety. It is an important time for the future of millions and millions of citizens.

"I hope that you can place the country's interests above everything else."

Song Lili smiled. "That's but of course."

At the next moment, Song Lili left the office while wearing a confident smile. In a mere six hours plus, with the backing of Fang Xingjian, she had enjoyed the rights of being above everyone else, being able to mobilize tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people and moving ten billion in funds.

This feeling of being at the very top and enjoying great power was very intoxicating. Both her face and body were slightly flushed from excitement, and even her lower body felt a little wet.

Simultaneously, as food went into Song Lili's stomach and then flowed to all parts of her body through the bloodstream, the viruses had woken up instantly. They were like a bunch of demons that could not be seen by the naked eye, moving around in Song Lili's body, as if they were patrolling their own territories.

The large amount of ultimate viruses that had been created by the military forces of the United States extended out toward Song Lili's lymphs, blood vessels, nerves, and brain. They lurked in her body, not actually acting up.

From now onward, as long as the United States' military forces wished to, they only needed to send out a signal to be able to instantly kill Song Lili.

Similarly, as long as they were willing to, they would be able to spread out different viruses through body fluids, body contact, or even breathing.

Several tens of kilometers away, a middle-aged man with golden hair and blue eyes stood at the balcony of an office with his trusted assistant next to him. He looked at the Fang Tian Corporation's building in the sky, and his eyes narrowed like there was cold light gleaming in them.

His assistant said a little worriedly, "Sir, don't we have to report this to the management?"

The middle-aged man with golden hair and blue eyes said coldly, "I won't take any risks that could potentially divulge out plan. Moreover, China has too much of an advantage in this matter. We're already too far behind and we can't continue to wait anymore. If we wait until the management makes a decision, we'd have missed the opportunity." As he spoke, he exuded a disposition that was like a lonely hero, like the heroes in the America movies who makes vigorous efforts to turn the situation around and save the world.

His assistant asked worriedly, "But what if we anger the other party?"

The golden-haired man did not reply, but his mind was filled with killing intent. 'All relevant parties will be executed immediately. Unless his abilities and knowledge can allow him to understand the truth, no one will be able to find out what happened. After all, they are just some terminal diseases, and everyone can get sick.

'A power of this level must be in the hands of the United States. If some lives must be sacrificed for this, it will still be necessary.'