Chapter 676: Meeting

 Chapter 676: Meeting

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In Peking University's Physics Department...

Several hundred people were gathered in a classroom where a white-haired elderly man was speaking with confidence and composure, "Parallel universe refers to the parallel space-time which has a different value in the superfluous areas of a higher dimension of the universe.

"They come from the uncertainty of quantum mechanics..."

The class ended half an hour later and the students left. However, a lady walked up to the Professor and asked, "Hello, may I ask if you're Professor Qian of Peking University's Physics Department?"

Professor Qian raised his head, pushed up his glasses, and asked, "That's me. Is there anything I can help you with?"

The lady took out her identification documents, and the words 'National Security Bureau' appeared right before Professor Qian's eyes. "We have something that we need to consult you on."

As she spoke, two men had already appeared on the left and right of Professor Qian respectively. The lady continued, "I apologize. You may become very busy from now on."

Professor Qian followed the lady out of the classroom, feeling a bit at a loss. They arrived at the school's stadium where an armed helicopter was parked, and there were countless astonished students crowding around it.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh! Noisy sounds rang out. As the helicopter's rotor blades spun at a rapid speed, Professor Qian used his hand to block off the strong wind and shouted, "Where are we going?"

The lady who had came from the National Security Bureau smiled and said, "The battlefield."

Six hours later, Professor Qian stood at the balcony of a huge conference room, which was 30 kilometers away from the Fang Tian Corporation's building, and looked at the sky. The Fang Tian Corporation's building was floating in the air, spinning at a constant pace.

"Unbelievable." Professor Qian looked at the floating building, feeling a little fascinated.

"It really is unbelievable," General Sun said while walking over from behind Professor Qian. Then he asked, "Have you seen the video about Fang Xingjian?"

"I have," Professor Qian smiled bitterly and said, "He almost made me doubt all the things that I've learned in my entire lifetime."

General Sun asked, "Then in your opinion, how high is the possibility that he comes from a parallel world?"

"I don't know," Professor Qian said, shrugging his thin shoulders. He sighed and continued, "The theory of parallel universes is just a conjecture in the research of physics. We currently don't have any means of certifying such conjectures."

General Sun pursed his lips and asked again, "From your personal viewpoint, do you think that what he said is the truth?"

Professor Qian fell silent for a moment before saying, "Personally, I believe what he said."

General Sun said with surprise, "Why?"

Professor Qian answered a little humorously, "It's because any other guesses would be even more atrocious."

General Sun smiled and headed back inside the conference room. "Let's go, the meeting will be starting soon."

In the huge conference room, aside from the City Bureau's leaders, military leaders, police forces, and the leaders of the company behind the live streaming platform, there were also over 50 scholars.

They were all top notch experts, professors, physicist, chemists, biologists, Information Technology experts, historians, sociologists, psychologists, and many other expert from the various universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and research laboratories across the country.

After General Sun took the seat as chairperson, he looked at the people present and said, "Everyone, most of you should be aware of the current situation. If you have any questions, I already have sent the information to the computers."

There was a tablet personal computer placed before everyone, with detailed information of Fang Xingjian and the Fang Tian Corporation's building.

General Sun continued, "This matter concerning the Fang Tian Corporation's building has already become an international event that affects the entire world. All of us have many questions that need to be solved, but the most important thing right now is that we need to understand how Fang Xingjian did that attack six hours ago, which is being referred to as divine punishment. Moreover, will he pose a threat to the safety of the country's higher management? Are there any ways of fending off his attacks?"

Just then, a middle-aged lady raised her hand and asked, "Are there any photos of the attack site?"

Professor Qian took a look at her name tag-Chinese Academy of Sciences, Division of Life Sciences and Medical Sciences, Zhang Yulan.

General Sun nodded, and the display on the big screen behind him changed to project many photos. There were the photos of the house, before and after the attack.

"These are the photos of the house the locals took one year ago. The photo at the back is one that we took using a drone."

Seeing the charred ground in the photo, where the house had been completely incinerated into ashes without leaving any traces behind, everyone gasped.

"Is it some kind of light energy attack? Laser weapon?"

"He can actually use the moon to reflect the attack? Are there any images of the surface of the moon?"

"The deterioration of laser in the atmosphere is too high. How on earth did he do that?"

Many orders were given out in this meeting.

"I need the earth specimen of the attack site."

"All the security recordings of the entire Fang Tian Corporation's building at that point."

"The surveillance data of the atmosphere in the past seven days."

"Where's the construction diagram of the Fang Tian Corporation's building? Get someone to bring it here immediately."

"Based on the current information we have on Fang Xingjian, I want you guys to complete the sketches of the other people within 24 hours. I want to know what his goal his, what he is thinking, and if there's any need for us to continue interacting with him."

"And that vlogger called Susu... Get her parents to come here."

While many orders were given out, bags of cash were being loaded into an armored car at a branch of the People's Bank of China. Several tens of the bank's staff were quickly counting the money before them.

There were several hundred soldiers armed with loaded guns surrounding them as they prepared ten billion dollars in a hurry. However, they did not hand the money over to Fang Xingjian immediately.

There was no way that General Sun would hand over ten billion cash so easily.

Inside the office in Fang Tian Corporation's building, Fang Xingyue had fallen asleep on the sofa.

Zhao Yuting, who was wearing office clothes, and Susu, who was wearing maid uniform with fishnet stockings, were seated on the sofa and looking up at the ceiling in a daze.

In the live streaming channel, countless people were still deep in astonishment from the earlier divine punishment attack. There were people who went wild, some who idolized Fang Xingjian, and others who harbored great hatred toward him. Additionally, there were also people who watched on coldly as if it was none of their business, as well as people who seemed to be enjoying a good show of watching others suffer.

The number of viewers in the live streaming channel had exceeded 200 million. Under the country's support, the server of the live streaming platform was expanded rapidly, thus managing to support this amount of traffic somehow.

Despite this, there were densely packed words flying across the screen constantly. So, they had no choice but to deploy bypassing measurements to display the comments on different parts of the screen based on geographical locations.

"One more time! One more time!"

"A village girl in Qiming Village was raped 1 . The Village Chief and the Village Party Branch Secretary shield and cover up each other's the dirty deeds. Sir, please help to redress the injustice!"

"Vlogger, be careful of the Great Radiant Sect seeking revenge. They kill without batting even an eyelid."

"Idiot, the vlogger is able to destroy an entire city in a single hit. Why would he be afraid of the Great Radiant Sect?"

"Vlogger, would you dare to destroy the Yasukuni Shrine? I'll send you 100 rockets."

"What the f*ck? He's actually cosplaying as Saint Seiya? Anyone knows where he attacked?"

" Brother, you're seriously lagging... Go get your internet connection fixed. 2 "