Chapter 675: Saint Seiya

 Chapter 675: Saint Seiya

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As Fang Xingjian finished his words, the entire live streaming channel went into a huge uproar.

"Damn! So Saint Seiyas were real!"


"That person who said that Saint Seiyas are real! Don't you dare run away!"

"Can he also use constellations as reflectors?"

"The closest constellation is at least several million light years away. What the heck is there to reflect?"

"What the heck?! The building is flying?!"

"The brother over there, you're seriously lagging."

Fang Xingjian lifted his head to look toward the sky where the waxing moon could be seen. Although the sun was still out, a bright moon could also be seen suspended in the sky.

He said calmly, "Of course, I can't do something like using constellations to reflect attacks. It's also meaningless. However, I can use this beautiful moon you have here in the sky as a reflector."

As Fang Xingjian spoke, he raised his right hand, and beams of flickering light scattered out from his palm like a light sword that emitted faint blue light.

Susu immediately said nervously, "Are you saying that you're going to use the moon to ricochet your attacks?"

Simultaneously, General Sun's anxious voice rang out, "Ask him where he is going to attack."

Susu quickly asked, "Where are you going to attack?"

Fang Xingjian replied nonchalantly, "I've looked through your history and gained an understanding of your current situation. Through the endless network, I've also discovered countless sins."

He turned his gaze toward the west and said, "There's an organization there that commits murder and arson, as well as traffick women and children. The country turns a blind eye on them for the sake of their self-interest, but I have no reservations at all."

From the information he obtained after scanning through the internet, he found out that there was an armed organization in the desolate desert over 10,000 lis away from them in the west. This organization was similar to the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon, but it was more brutal.

"Try to persuade him," General Sun said with a frown. "Tell him not to attack."

Slightly stunned, Susu said, "Don't... Don't be rash. You'll harm the innocent."

Fang Xingjian looked at Susu, and there seemed to be countless merciless events flashing in his eyes. His tone became increasingly cold as he said, "I'll attack an area of about 100 square meters. At least, within that area, I can guarantee that there are no innocent people."

A hint of fury flashed in General Sun's eyes. "No regard for rules and regulations! He simply has no regard for rules and regulations! Send someone immediately..."

Fang Xingjian's martial will kept on jumping about within the networks. Countless photographs, news reports, and pieces of information gushed into his mind.

His martial will was sent out like electromagnetic waves at light speed, instantly arriving 10,000 lis away while locked onto the targets.

Any Divine level expert would be able to instantly disintegrate and reappear, and attack a target that was an extremely far distance away, just like Alexander and the Undying Xia had done previously.

Let alone a second tier Divine level expert like Fang Xingjian.

All he needed were the coordinates. It was too easy to get the coordinates on this Earth when it was connected by countless networks, and almost all cities, towns, and even villages were connected to each other by the internet.

The angle of the reflection, data, effects of the atmosphere, and other pieces of information were all extremely simple to figure out with Fang Xingjian's calculating abilities.

At the next moment, the light on Fang Xingjian's palm shot out, and the light sword which was formed by his martial will instantly pierced through the sky. It rose into the sky like a beam of light pillar from the roof of the Fang Tian Corporation's building, penetrating through the atmosphere and striking the moon.

In the city, countless people stared at the light pillar that rose up from the center of the city, and a feeling of fear ran through their spine.

At this moment, two words appeared in the minds of the countless people.

'Divine punishment.'

'Is this divine punishment?'

In that instant, the light sword formed from the martial will had already ricocheted off the moon and once again returned to Earth. It sliced through the atmosphere and the clouds, piercing into the ground.

The Earth was about 380,000 kilometers away from the moon. Yet in less than three seconds, after drawing support from ricocheting off the moon, the violent power instantly engulfed an area of 100 square meters that was 10,000 lis away from Fang Xingjia's location.

At the center of the town located in the desolate desert, a house was engulfed by the light pillar. About 12 adult men were incinerated into ashes, not even able to let out a single cry.

Countless fierce warriors instantly gushed out from the surroundings, equipped with knives, guns, and cannons. They looked at the light pillar which was slowly dissipating, and their eyes gleamed in horror.

Some of them dropped to their knees, while their eyes were completely filled with fear.

However, some fierce-looking men pulled out their guns and shouted toward the sky.

"Who is that? The Americans? The British? Or is it the Russians?"

"Who attacked us?!"

"Revenge! We must have revenge! No matter who they are, our Great Radiant Sect will make them pay!"

"Who was the one who killed my brothers?" A scar-face man bellowed furiously. "I'm going to kill all the men in his family and have all the women become the dirtiest and cheapest slaves!"

This single attack could be said to be world-shaking, and all the information gathering organizations of the countries throughout the world started taking action.

Suddenly, countless gazes throughout the world were focused on the assaulted area.

Looking at the information in his hands, General Sun felt as if his head was in so much pain that he was going to pass out.

"It's the Great Radiant Sect?"

The Great Radiant Sect was an extremely dangerous international mercenary organization. They revered the Great Radiant God and committed acts of murder and arson, snatched others' possessions, and even trafficked women. They also conducted all sorts of dealings in drugs and weapons.

However, as the higher management of many big countries made used of them for military operations, it helped the Great Radiant Sect to grow and develop, becoming more powerful. Right now, they even had the ability to go against the military forces of small countries, and the number of commoners they had killed were in tens of thousands.

Additionally, the constraints that the various big countries placed on each other also allowed the Great Radiant Sect to tap into the loopholes and grow rapidly. They had never really been wiped out.

The Great Radiant Sect's existence was similar to that of Miracle World's mercenary organization-the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon. However, due to their precarious state and also due to their religious beliefs, this organization was even more undisciplined and ruthless.

However, a few minutes ago, Fang Xingjian's strike from 10,000 lis away had killed 12 leaders of the Great Radiant Sect. This caused the Great Radiant Sect to be instantly paralyzed, and it shook the entire world.

An hour later, the Great Radiant Sect made an announcement on Facebook, announcing that they would be fighting out with Fang Xingjian until one party perishes. They would kill all of the direct family members in Fang Xingjian's clan.

However, no matter government boards placed their concern on this matter. Countless officers and military organizations turned their attention onto Fang Xingjian's attack.

"What kind of attack is that? Find that out immediately!"

"We must request for China's government to release a connection means to Fang Xingjian. they mustn't be the only one to have the rights to talk to Fang Xingjian."

"Activate the evacuation plan for wartime. All members of the management should hide in shelters, preventing the aerial attacks that could come at any moment."

In the office, General Sun was on the phone with a solemn expression. He kept on nodding his head, murmuring replies.

Ten minutes later, he hung up the phone, looked at the members of his team, and said, "All members of management have hidden in the emergency shelters.

"We have seven days. We must find out immediately how on earth he did that and what the limits of his abilities are.

"Seven days later, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, United States, and many other big countries will start to interfere."

Song Lili asked, "Then what about the ten billion cash?"