Chapter 674: Talk

 Chapter 674: Talk

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Xia He was stunned for a moment before he asked, "This is a live streaming channel on our platform...?"

Old Wang was panting so heavily that he could not say a word. He just nodded furiously.

Then Xia He said agitatedly, "What are you still standing there for? Where's the Business Development Team? The Marketing Team? And the Technology Team as well... Get all of the people in charge to come over here and get this live streaming channel onto the homepage, as well as other platforms..."

Before the series of orders were sent down, footsteps rang out, and a large group of armed military personnel entered. A middle-aged military officer, who wore a solemn expression and had a pair of wolf-like eyes, walked up to Xia He and said coldly, "Hello, you must be Xia He, right? From today onward, we'll be temporarily taking charge over the entire live streaming platform."

Putting aside the fact that the entire live streaming company had gone hysterical, the popularity of Susu's channel had risen rapidly. Within the one hour after Fang Xingjian displayed his extraordinary strength, the number of viewers had hit over 20 million and was still continuing to increase.

"Father, mother, quick. Come take a look at this live streaming channel."

"What the heck, the person who lifted up the building has appeared."

"God has arrived."

"Enter the live streaming channel quickly. It might be gone in a while."

In an office, many people kept on playing the video in which the small building was lifted up.

"This is crazy."

"Who on earth is this guy?"

In a school, many students were watching the videos both during and outside of the classes. Even the teachers were not in the mood to teach.

"This guy is so handsome."

"Is this a superpower?"

"He might be someone cultivating to become an immortal!"

The address of the live streaming channel appeared in countless forums, Weibo posts, and news websites.

"Shocking appearance of mysterious man lifting up a three-story building."

"Mysterious man claims to have lifted up the Fang Tian Corporation's building. Gives live demonstration of superpowers."

Many religions made all sorts of claims that the world was coming to an end, that God had descended, or that the Devil had come.

Fang Xingjian had stirred up a huge uproar in the live streaming channel. This time around, it was not just within the country. Countless viewers from overseas were also joining the channel at a crazy rate. Everyone wanted to see what this man who had performed a miracle was like. The viewer count kept on increasing at an unbelievable rate.

Concurrently, in the company of the live streaming platform, numerous employees, members of the News Monitoring Unit, policemen, and military officers were gathered were in a conference room that could accommodate several hundred people. Everyone was bickering intensely.

The president of the live streaming company, as well as their department heads and technicians, could only quietly stay in a corner of the room.

"Cut off the connection immediately. We can't let him continue to air this. God knows what he will do."

"There are too many people watching the live stream. The bandwidth of the server won't be able to keep up."

"Can we contact that that vlogger Susu? We need to communicate with Fang Xingjian."

"What should we do with the news websites and social media platforms? There's no way that we will be able to ban all the posts. Moreover, the news is already out on the internet and there's no way for us to control it."

"There are riots in the eastern district. We need to expand the evacuation area! "

"Do you know how much financial loss we will incur with each street we evacuate? And how much chaos will be created?"

As the arguments became more and more intense, the middle-aged military officer slammed his hand on the table and shouted, "Enough!"

Everyone instantly fell silent. A military officer said softly, "General Sun..."

"Since the higher management has temporarily handed this case to me, I'll be the one to make all the decisions."

The man who was addressed as General Sun threw a glance at the people in the conference room and said coldly, "I hope that everyone can understand that although it isn't an all out war yet, the other party has invaded the center of our city, lifted up two buildings which weigh over one million tons in total, causing ten millions of people to be in a state of panic. This...

" already war."

Everyone listened quietly without saying a word. General Sun gave instructions to one of his subordinates, and a short moment later, Song Lili followed a military officer into the room.

She nodded at General Sun and then said, "I'm sure I can just go straight to the point. The battle prowess that Fang Xingjian has displayed can go up against our strongest fleet of aircraft carriers. I'm sure there's no need for me to explain how dangerous a person like him is.

"According to his request, the live stream mustn't be shut down, and there must be more platforms displaying it so that more people would get to see it.

"And he still has another request."

General Sun's eyes narrowed, and he asked, "What request?"

Song Lili remained silent for a moment before saying, "Ten billion... in cash."


"This lunatic!"

"No way!"

"We mustn't make compromises with people like him. Otherwise, he'll only get more and more arrogant!"

General Sun's eyes stared at the big screen which was playing the live stream. It was as if he felt conflicted.

Song Lili exhaled, but her mind could not help but start thinking, 'Ten billion cash... What on earth do you want to do? Will the government accept your request?'

Suddenly, General Sun pointed to Susu, who was aired in the live stream, and asked, "Are those earphones of hers bluetooth earphones?"


Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian stood next to the railings on the roof of the great building, looking down at the densely packed concrete forest under his feet. Susu looked at Fang Xingjian, feeling both reserved and nervous. Ever since she got to know that he possessed had extraordinary strength, she had entered a state of fear and anxiety.

Hearing her intense heartbeat, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "There's no need to be nervous. I harbor no ill wishes toward you. To be accurate, I harbor no ill wishes toward your world."

In the live stream channel, the camera was turned toward the two of them with great accuracy under Fang Xingjian's control. Susu's clothes were both sexy and cute. If she were to appear at the anime fest, there would be a large number of otakus who would want to take a photo together with her. However, at this moment, no one in the live stream channel could be bothered looking at her.

Densely packed words in Chinese, English, Japanese, French, and many other languages kept popping up, filling up almost the entire screen.

"Are you an alien?"

"Are you going to destroy the world?"

"Master, please take me as your disciple!"

"Which idiot fired the rocket 1 ?"


When Susu heard what Fang Xingjian said, she felt that starting from when they first met till now, he did not seem as cruel and savage. Therefore, her curiosity finally won over her fear, and she could not help but ask, "Our world? You aren't someone from our world?"

Fang Xingjian nodded. "I come from another parallel universe."

Susu asked curiously, "Then why do you have superpowers? Could it be that everyone in your world has superpowers?"

"Not everyone, but it's true that many people there have extraordinary strength."

As if she had been assured by Fang Xingjian calming tone, Susu's expression calmed down a little. Just then, a man's voice rang out in her bluetooth earphones.

"Hello vlogger Susu, I'm General Sun. From here, I hope that you can cooperate with us in asking Fang Xingjian a few questions."

"Huh?" Susu pressed in her bluetooth earphones in surprise. She had specially put them on so that she could listen to her own voice while doing live streams, so she had not expected to hear another person's voice coming from it.

"There's no need to panic. This matter concerns the safety of our country, and I hope that you can cooperate with us."

Susu gulped and nodded.

After a while of silence, she looked toward Fang Xingjian and said, "To what extent can your superpowers do? Other than lifting up buildings, are you able to teleport? Regenerate? Do you have x-ray eyes? Precognition?"

Fang Xingjian smiled as his gaze seemed to brush past her bluetooth earphones. He suddenly looked toward the sky and said, "When I was browsing through the internet, I saw that there's a comic in your world called Saint Seiya 2 .

"There's one scene in it where the Saints can reflect light speed punches through the constellations, instantly attacking their enemies from a distance of several ten thousand kilometers."