Chapter 670: Rescue

 Chapter 670: Rescue

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Just then, Zhao Yuting entered, bringing in coffee. She had changed into office lady attire, wearing a white blouse with a pair of stockings. With her slight baby fat, she appeared pure yet sexy, exuding great charm.

However, seeing how she appeared to be on the verge of tears, it was clear she was not in a good mood.

Zhao Yuting's mind was in a total daze.

'How did it become like this?

'Kidnapping Song Clan's Young Miss?

'Then won't I be considered an accomplice as well?

'I've become a kidnapper?

'If I'm caught, for how many years will I be behind bars?

'Am I going to jail?'

Her mind was in a complete mess, and a bitter expression covered her face.

As an ordinary person in society, Zhao Yuting, as well as Fang Xingyue and the others, had a natural fear toward the state apparatus. To them, Fang Xingjian's way of doing things was going against the country and was courting death.

Moreover, the person he had kidnapped was Song Clan's Young Miss, treated as a precious princess. She could imagine how infuriated the government and the other leaders would be. Once the country activated their military powers, their prowess would be beyond imagination.

Although Song Lili appeared terrified, she was only afraid of what Fang Xingjian would do to her before he got apprehended.

None of them believed that Fang Xingjian would remain safe and sound.

When the coffee was placed on the office desk, it formed a thin flow and entered his mouth with a single thought from him.

Fang Xingjian had been in Miracle World for a very long time, and it had been quite a while since he had drunk any of the drinks from Earth.

Fang Xingyue, who was seated at the sofa on the side, seemed to have summoned her courage and stood up. She faced Fang Xingjian and said, "Xingjian, do you know what you're doing?"

"I'm very clear on what I'm doing. With my abilities, even if I want to destroy the entire human race, it'll only take a few seconds. It's already considered a very soft approach for me to be negotiating with the country and getting them to help me," Fang Xingjian said. Then turned his head and added expressionlessly, "The question is whether you know what you're doing now."

Fang Xingyue shook her head fiercely and said, "I don't know what you're talking about nor do I know where you got your abilities from. But do you understand that you're committing a crime? And that you're going up against the country? You don't understand the weight that the Song Clan has in the government. Right now, they are on the side of reason, and there's no one who will help us.

"Do you understand that? Xingjian, before you commit any grave crimes, you better go and turn yourself in!"

Song Lili, who was at the side, also lifted up her head and said, "Fang Xingjian, earlier, I was the one in the wrong. I shouldn't have tried to create trouble for the Fang Clan. If you let me go and turn yourself in, I promise that I won't pursue this matter.

"As long as I don't pursue this matter, my grandfather and father won't either. You won't have to go to jail and can continue to be the Young Master of the Fang Clan! I promise!"

Of course, Song Lili was not actually thinking this.

'This b*stard. When he's seized, I'll definitely get my father to kill him.'

Zhao Yuting also looked at Fang Xingjian with some anticipation, as if thinking that turning himself in seemed to be the best solution at present.

However, Fang Xingjian did not give a reply to them. He merely smiled and said, "They've come."

Right now, at the first floor of the Fang Tian Corporation, many military police officers, who wore combat gear and wielded firearms, were breaking into the building at rapid speed. They planned on surrounding Fang Xingjian, who was on the 30th floor.

Concurrently, many helicopters flew toward the building's rooftop. Then from those helicopters, many military police officers descended using ropes and landed on the rooftop.

As Fang Xingjian did not take the initiative to conceal himself, the military police managed to locate his position very quickly.

However, the moment these military police enter the building, they were struck by Fang Xingjian's martial will and fell unconscious.

After the over 50 military police officers collapsed in the Fang Tian Corporation, all the other troops withdrew quietly.

A minute later, the phone on Fang Xingjian's office desk rang.

After sending his martial will sweeping out to press the button, the voice of a middle-aged man rang out, "Hello Mr Fang, I'm the Head of the municipal bureau, Jing Xin..."

Fang Xingjian interrupted the other party's words and said indifferently, "Your level is too low. Get someone else to talk to me."

With that, he hung up the phone.

In an office several kilometers away, Jing Xin looked at the phone in his hands, slightly stunned.

The consultant next to him shook his head and said, "He refuses to communicate."

Jing Xin's eyes narrowed and he said, "How's that person from the Song Clan?"

The video feed of the 30th level of the Fang Tian Corporation was being projected at the front of the office. There were also a few other screens nearby that showed the situation outside the office.

The entire office was extremely clean, and none of the three ladies were injured.

"The hostages are fine. Currently, it seems that the perpetrator's psychological state is very good. He doesn't seem to have the intention of harming the hostages."

Just then, a female officer walked up to Jing Xin with a cell phone and said, "Sir, a call from the Municipal Committee Secretary."

"What is it now?" Jing Xin asked with a frowned.

That female police officer smiled bitterly and said, "Song Weiguo is currently in the Secretary's office."

Jing Xin breathed out. He knew that this was the Song Clan applying pressure on him.

Just thinking about it made him feel that he was extremely unlucky. To think that someone would dare to kidnap the Song Clan's Young Miss... He could imagine that if the tiniest mishap were to happen to the Song Clan's Young Miss, he would probably lose his job.

Jing Xin waved his hand and said to the female police officer who was holding the handphone, "Tell him that I'm handling the case and can't pick up the phone."

He then looked toward another male police officer and said, "Little Wang, are the statements that were taken from the guests at the manor here yet?"

Little Wang put down the phone and smiled bitterly while saying, "They are all useless. They're all saying stuff about him tearing off the roof and flying away with the people. The preliminary suspicion is that the perpetrator added psychedelic drugs into the food and then assaulted the manor with explosives..."

Jing Xin's frown deepened, and he asked again, "Have they found out the situation at the Fang Tian Corporation? Why did the military police officers fall unconscious?"

"The experts suspect that some kind of hypnotic gas was dispersed near the entrance. Team C says that they can try to break in from the underground car park.

Jing Xin shook his head. "He thought of the entrances from the first floor and the roof, so how could he possibly have forgotten about the underground carpark? Get them to wait for further instructions first."

He then looked toward the consultant at the side and asked, "What is the perpetrator's motive?"

"It should be because of the pressure that the Song Clan has exerted on the Fang Clan over the past year. This Fang Xingjian has been a profligate young master since young and has always been the bully. When had he ever been bullied?

"The grief from his parents dying in a car accident, along with the addition of the years of accumulated stress... All of it is probably exploding at this time.

"I suspect that even though the perpetrator appears calm, he may have a strong inclination to self-destruct. For Miss Song's safety, it's best to not give the command to attack without thinking it through."

Jing Xin rubbed his head, feeling increasingly annoyed. He could not help but take out a cigarette and start smoking.

At that moment, another phone call came in. A short moment later, one of his assistants reported to Jing Xin, "Boss, the sniper says that there's an opportunity."

Jing Xin's gaze narrowed, and he asked, "How confident is he?"