Chapter 662: Had Enough?

 Chapter 662: Had Enough?

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The Panwu Heavenly Raiment the six clan heads were using had been restored by the Gold Mage King through his gold faction's black magic. Not only had it wiped out the will in the Armor but its power had also been restored to a new peak.

Although this Divine Armor was no match for the Hell's White Bone Armor, which could only be used for defense, the Panwu Heavenly Raiment contained the Mountainous Sea Dynasty's inference of the Pangu's martial power, which possessed an extremely powerful attacking force.

When Fang Xingjian dealt with the Hell's White Bone Armor in the past, he had to borrow the powers of the Hades Vault's self-destruction. What would it be like when the target was now the Panwu Heavenly Raiment, which had a defense that was a little weaker than that of the Hell's White Bone Armor?

The extraordinary golden-armored figure with a height of 1,000 meters punched down, and its huge shadow almost covered up half of the entire valley. As strong gales blew, countless experts were even sent flying off.

"It's so... so big!"

"To think that they managed to transform their martial wills into such a massive figure?"

"It's not just the power of the six clan heads. It's also the power of that Divine Armor. This alone is terrifying enough. The size of the a physical body that one's martial will can be converted into represents the immenseness of one's power."

Starting from the second tier of the Divine level, the martial will which contained endless possibilities would be able to be transformed into a physical body.

As such, the greater the power of the martial will, the bigger the size of the physical body it would be able to transform into.

By this stage, one could say that the greater the physical body got, it represented the great power that one possessed.

Pan Gu, who was the creator of the world in the Western Land's legend, had boundless power, so his body was even bigger than the entire Western Land itself. He possessed an unimaginable amount of power.

The Panwu Heavenly Raiment was the product which the Mountainous Sea Dynasty came up with after studying and surmising the Pangu's power. Its displayed power created the extraordinary golden-armored figure with a towering height of over 1,000 meters.

Looking at it, Fang Xingjian's body, which had a height of several hundred meters, was not even half of the extraordinary golden-armored figure. The difference in their powers was very clear.

"Where did this Divine Armor come from?"

"What a terrifying power. How powerful have the six clan heads become by joining forces? Third tier of the Divine level? Fourth tier? Fifth tier?"

Just as different thoughts flashed through everyone's mind, the extraordinary golden-armored figure's fist, which was like the size of a small mound, came smashing and was right in front of Fang Xingjian.

The space above the figure's arm was all distorted, and what was left of the fist were lumps of blurry golden light. Under the stacking layers of distorted light, there was no way for one to be able to see the content within it clearly.

The violent power coming from this punch would almost be able to smash through and send an entire city flying away. Now that it was being unleashed without any reservations, the power condensed into one lump under the spatial distortions.

Fang Xingjian neither moved nor dodged when this punch came toward him. Tapping out his sword finger repetitively, streams of All-Conquering swords were sent slashing out.

The terrifying sword intents seemed as if they were alive. They moved through the distorted space, continuing to cut and slash their way through.

Amidst crisp pffft sounds, large amounts of sparks splattered out from the extraordinary golden-armored figure's arm. It was as if many shooting stars had brushed past the surface of its body.

Under the repetitive slash from the All-Conquering sword intents, what followed after the many brilliant sparks were splatters of blood. The extraordinary golden-armored figure was slashed into a bloodied state.

Great pools of fresh blood splattered about explosively as many wounds, which were so deep that one could see the bones, were created. In the end, there was only a little bit of skin and flesh left connected on the entire arm.

Blood clots landed on the ground, and each of them were like a heavy truck, smashing huge craters into the ground.

Even a single drop of blood that landed was like a shot 1 , smashing into the ground and creating loud bangs.

However, despite facing such serious injuries, the extraordinary golden-armored figure did not stop at all. He continued to slash out, and his fist smashed against Fang Xingjian's body with a loud boom .

Then the fist that was like a heavenly pillar landed on Fang Xingjian's body. Without stopping, it went crashing into the ground.


Violent shock waves radiated out in all directions from where Fang Xingjian came into contact with the ground. Seething smoke and dust also shot out like many huge dragons.

With this one punch, the world crumbled. This was the result after most of the power was condensed, and there was less than 0.0001% of the power that had leaked out.

With a loud boom , Fang Xingjian's body exploded completely, turning into a puddle of blood. One could see large pieces of flesh struggling and twisting around in it, as if wanting to regenerate.

The extraordinary golden-armored figure laughed out loud, "Fang Xingjian, you're a goner!"

With that, another punch came smashing down, and Fang Xingjian's flesh and blood turned into blood foam.

Boom boom boom boom! Deafening sounds rang out incessantly, and each time, the earth tremored and the mountains and rivers crumbled.

Everyone looked at this scene in great astonishment, seeming to have been shocked speechless by the power displayed by the extraordinary golden-armored figure.

Audrey covered her mouth in disbelief and said, "How could things be like this?"

Xingxing`er wore an extremely shocked expression. "Powerful, too powerful. The power of the six Old Ancestors is really too unfathomable."

Standing in the distant ruins, Shan He wore a look of despair, as if she found it hard to accept the result that was displayed before her.

Elder Grand quickly rushed over and grabbed her by the arm, wanting to escape.

"Young Miss, run quickly. After Fang Xingjian is dead, the six Old Ancestors will probably come looking for us next."

Shan He shook her head. The despair in her eyes was now even stronger than before. "Escape? Where to? The six Old Ancestors have immeasurable power. Who will be able to go up against them? Who will be able to shield us from them? There is no longer a place in the world for us now."

Saying that, she fell limply onto the ground. Her eyes reflected that she was at a loss.

In the short moment that they had paused for, Young Master Lei, Young Master Ye, Young Master Long, and Young Master Meng came crowding around Shan He, looking at her with ridicule.

"Shan He, you really have a good sense of judgement. Do you really think that you can depend on Fang Xingjian?"

"There's no need to say much to them. We'll see what the six Old Ancestors have to say later."

In the distance, Bai Di's countenance was pale as he stood up, trembling as the great beauty supported him. Sensing the repeated tremors in the ground, the great beauty looked at the extraordinary golden-armored figure, that was 1,000 meters in height, and asked with a shocked expression, "What Divine Armor is this? What a great power."

"This is the Panwu Heavenly Raiment which Master and my adoptive fathers have been preparing to subdue for the past three years. It contains the great power of the Western Land's Mountainous Sea Dynasty," Bai Di said while looking at Fang Xingjian's body which had been smashed up into fragments. He smiled coldly and continued, "Faced with a power like this, there's no way that Fang Xingjian can resist even if there are ten of him. This is the true trump card of our six great clans."

However, at the next moment, a huge shadow fell from the sky.

Starting from an unknown point in time, the entire valley, including the snowy mountains which surrounded it, had all been covered up by the endless shadows.

"Little bug, had enough?"

The extraordinary golden-armored figure's movements stopped and lifted his head. The endless number of black shadows filled up the entire sky, and it was impossible to see what was there. The other party was far too big in size.

"What's that?"

After spending an entire second assembling and then shrinking the image of the black shadows into their consciousness, the six Old Ancestors finally understood what they were looking at.

It was Fang Xingjian's massive body that had a height of over 100,000 meters, seated cross-legged in void space. Fang Xingjian had one hand supporting his cheek while the other placed on his knee. He looked down at the extraordinary golden-armored figure like he was looking at a little ant.

"How can this be?"

The extraordinary golden-armored figure looked back and saw that the pile of smashed flesh he had been blasting at had already gradually taken on Jacob's appearance.