Chapter 660: Directly Stomped to Death

 Chapter 660: Directly Stomped to Death

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Everyone had the delusion that Bai Di should immediately kill this person.

Many thoughts flashed through their minds at lightning speed, but in real life, the flow of time was still as fast as before.

Bai Di was emitting holy light from all over his body. He arrived before Fang Xingjian and slammed down his palm, bringing along the beliefs of atonement, sacrifice, and salvation.

Under the reinforcement of the formation protecting the mountain, the power that Bai Di unleashed at that moment was overwhelmingly destructive.

Whilst under the violent power, the white light was distorted into a lump and then condensed into a seemingly material state before pressing down on Fang Xingjian. It was as if an entire sun had been tossed out toward him.

Amidst the layers and layers of white light, all the physical particles started seething, constantly releasing countless explosions. However, they were all firmly locked within the distorted space and gathered toward Fang Xingjian.

Faced with this palm that came down from the skies, representing salvation and bringing along the power of the sun, Fang Xingjian snorted coldly. Then he sent out a hand, reaching toward Bai Di.

Each of the fingers on the huge hand seemed to hold sword intent. It reached out with a force that seemed to want to tear apart the skies and earth, and tore up the Light of Judgement into pieces.

Then, as bang bang bang bang sounds of explosions rang out, Fang Xingjian's physical body shattered and reassembled yet again. His physical body turned into that of a giant with a height of several hundred meters under the transformation of his martial will. He then grabbed Bai Di in his hand.


No matter how much white light Bai Di sent bursting out from his body, he was unable to break out of Fang Xingjian's grasp. The thing that astonished Bai Di the most was that Fang Xingjian had easily broken through the attack he had made after activating the formation and garnering all of his powers.

At the next moment, the formation continued to attack. Ten thousand light pillars burst forth, piercing through the sky, and shooting out toward Fang Xingjian's body.

Although this great formation did not have the support of the Gates of Heaven, it had also stored and amassed a tremendous amount of the power of sunlight within several lis. After continuously amassing for several hundred of years, its prowess far surpassed even that of the formation was set up on the tropical island using the Gates of Heaven.

However, how much more stronger was Fang Xingjian now? Faced with that endless white light, he stomped onto the ground and bellowed loudly like an enraged ancient Tyrannosaurus. With a single howl, he shot out layers of stacking sound waves while bringing along the radiations from the distorted space.

On the ground, the impact from his foot also sent seething air currents gushing out.

With a single stomp and roar, the ground within 100 lis had exploded. The entire mountain valley was in a state of destruction with the manor having been sent flying. The 10,000 light pillars shattered, and the great formation shattered into pieces as the roar rang out.

Bai Di's physical body was shattered into dust. He turned into a ball of white light gathered in Fang Xingjian's palm. He cried out in astonishment, "Fang Xingjian! The six Old Ancestors won't let you off!"

"Let me off?" Clenching down his palm, Fang Xingjian mashed up Bai Di into paste and then tossed him out.

Bai Di was crushed into mush and thrown against the ground. As if a meteor had come crashing down, a huge crater was created, sending up endless dust as Bai Di struggled painfully to regenerate.

"I've already seriously injured Jacob and killed the other five. If Jacob dares to appear today, I'll rip that Panwu Heavenly Raiment off him."

On the ground, the residence was crumbling down. However, everyone present was an expert, so all of them retreated, and there was not a single death.

Additionally, Uncle Ying, Ou Bai, and Young Master Meng had been shielded by Fang Xingjian's sword intent and thus were unscathed as well.

As the Infiltrating Void's sword intent radiated out, Fang Xingjian's words and the scene of him killing and seriously injuring the six clan heads was transmitted into everyone's mind in the blink of an eye.

If Fang Xingjian had released these scenes from his memories earlier, the people present would probably be unable to trust him easily, maybe even suspecting that Fang Xingjian had forged these images to lie to them.

However, seeing that Fang Xingjian had crushed his opponents in succession and even slapped Bai Di into paste with great ease... Seeing him doing all these with an astonishing and impressive impact, no one dared to doubt him any further.

"Fang Xingjian!" Bai Di roared out. He had regenerated his physical body yet again and dashed out into the air, as if wanting to battle once again.

However, Bai Di had not even flown out for three meters when Fang Xingjian's huge foot came stamping down. As this foot came plunging down, many cracks that were several kilometers long extended out from under his foot in all directions.

The foot once again stomped Bai Di into paste, and Fang Xingjian said coldly, "You guys still have 52 seconds left."

As a violent power gushed through the entire valley, an astonishing aura continued to resound in everyone's heart. In particular, the scenes of Fang Xingjian stomping down on the Holy Light Clan, killing the five clans heads with one sword attack each, seriously injuring Jacob, and going up against Alexander continued to linger in their minds.

It seemed that it was only now that everyone remembered Fang Xingjian's earlier words: 'Kneel and you shall not die.'

With a thud, Elder Grand was the first one to drop to his knees. 'I was wrong, I was in the wrong. Miss Shan He made the right judgement. Fang Xingjian is really a great talent who has emerged. He'll probably be unstoppable throughout the entire Empire in the future.'

Then, as more thudding sounds continued to ring out, the many people from the seven great clans dropped to their knees.

Young Master Lei bellowed furiously, "Are you all crazy? Why are you believing Fang Xingjian's rubbish?! Stand up! Stand up, all of you!"

Walking over, Young Master Lei pulled them up one after another. However, those people paid him no heed. All of them rushed to kneel down.

Right now, in their eyes, Fang Xingjian was a living legend, a real legend.

Xingxing`er looked at this scene in a daze as she watched Fang Xingjian, who stood upright as if he were supporting up the sky. Her mouth stayed agape from the beginning to the end, unable to close up.

'To think that even the six Old Ancestors have been defeated? Even Bai Di wasn't able to take a single attack from him. Just how powerful is this Fang Xingjian?'

Finally, her legs went limp, and she also dropped to her knees. Simultaneously, she turned toward Audrey, smiled bitterly, and said, "Audrey, I wanted to pull you in to join in together with me. However, you're already being shielded by Fang Xingjian to begin with. I've been too rash."

Audrey shook her head, not saying a word. She merely looked at Fang Xingjian with a complicated expression in her eyes.

Right now, in her eyes, Fang Xingjian, who had stomped down on Bai Di and slashed down the seven great clans, was amazingly handsome.

The lady of great beauty, who had been standing behind Bai Di previously, was now also looking extremely dejected. She had not expected this to happen.

'Bai Di... Bai Di has been defeated? How is this possible? To think that Fang Xingjian defeated the six Old Ancestors? How can this be possible?'

However, Fang Xingjian did not take a single look at these people who had knelt down. The Infiltrating Void sword intent kept on shooting out toward the surrounding mountain valleys. Then, with a huge roar, they pushed away the clouds and opened up an area of clear blue sky.

"Jacob, get out here.

"If you still don't come out, I'll stomp your precious successor to death completely."

Bai Di struggled crazily under Fang Xingjian's foot, but under the layers of sword Qis, he was unable to move in the slightest. Right now, great feelings of humiliation surged in his mind.

Then just at this moment, chunks of sand and stone suddenly flew around in the air.

Six figures descended from the sky, and Jacob's will came surging out.

"Fang Xingjian, you asked for it."