Chapter 659: Bai Di Takes Action

 Chapter 659: Bai Di Takes Action

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Seeing that Fang Xingjian had managed to stomp on Young Master Meng, everyone was very surprised.

However, at the next moment, once Fang Xingjian gave his name, they were even more astonished.

"Fang Xingjian? So it's him? No wonder he dares to raise his hand!"

"It's that Fang Xingjian who killed Xia and crippled the First Prince? He's really audacious."

Elder Grand finally understood everything, 'So that's why. To think that it's actually Fang Xingjian. No wonder Miss Shan He allows him to do as he wishes.'

However, at the next moment, a hint of hatred flashed in Elder Grand's eyes, 'But Young Miss, we're facing the six great clans, and the six Old Ancestors have long attained the Divine level. Even if Fang Xingjian can go up against them, what will happen to our Tianmen Clan?'

At this moment, Elder Grand only felt that Shan He was still too young and had made a decision too hastily.

Grand thought, 'Young Miss, are you aware that you've thrown our Tianmen Clan into great turmoil?'

Once they found out Fang Xingjian's identity, everyone finally understood this young man's backing. To be able to kill the Undying Xia, defeat the Blue Sacred Moonlight, and cripple the First Prince... It was true that he had the power to be at the top of the world.

However, right now, he was facing Bai Di as well as the seven great clans!

Xingxing`er shook her head, "So it's Fang Xingjian. He's even more audacious than what the rumors paint him. However, right now, he isn't facing the second tier Divine level expert, Xia, nor the second tier Divine level expert, the Blue Sacred Moonlight, nor is he facing the First Prince.

"He is facing Bai Di and the six Old Ancestors, a total of seven Divine level experts. He is facing the seven great clans, who have been pulling countless strings from the dark in this Empire, for more than a hundred years now. They possesses wealth equal to that of an entire country and overwhelming power."

What Xingxing`er said was what many other people present were thinking. In their opinion, it was true that Fang Xingjian was very powerful, and if any of them were to encounter him, they would not be able to do anything but lower themselves in submission.

However, before the seven great clans with a history of several centuries, and before the six Old Ancestors' attainment of the Divine level and their gains of immeasurable prowess, Fang Xingjian appeared to be too frail.

Moreover, he had already incurred the wrath of the Empire's royal family. How could he possibly dare to make more enemies?

"I understand now. Fang Xingjian is probably still unaware that the six Old Ancestors have already attained the Divine level."

"Haha, I wonder if Fang Xingjian knows that there are a total of seven Divine level experts backing up the seven great clans. How would he feel then?"

"He'd probably die of regret. He has already offended the royal family. To think that he would still dare to offend the seven great clans. No matter how ingenious a person like him is, with how unyielding he is, he won't be able to survive for long."

Everyone looked at Fang Xingjian as if they were waiting to watch a good show. It was as if they were waiting to see his stunned expression after finding out the truth.

As for what Fang Xingjian had said, that those who knelt down would not have to die, they did not pay those words any heed.

The lady of unparalleled beauty who was standing behind Bai Di thought the same as well. She looked at Fang Xingjian and shook her head, 'It's a pity that you came barging in here all by yourselves. If it was any other time, you'd still have the option of retreat. However, with all seven great clans gathered here today, you won't be able to leave easily.'

Amongst the Four Gentlemen, Young Master Ye was on the closest terms with Young Master Meng. Right now, seeing that his good friend was being stomped down under Fang Xingjian's feet, fury flashed in his eyes and he was the first to step out and say, "Fang Xingjian, you must still be unaware of what kind of opponent you've offended.

"Our seven great clans have developed for several centuries and our power far surpasses your imagination. Right now, the six Old Ancestors have attained the Divine Country and Lord Bai Di has already reached the first tier of the Divine level. When facing seven Divine level experts, even the Empire's royal family wouldn't be able to treat them lightly.

"But to think that you would dare to insult our great clans here! You really don't know any better."

Young Master Ye knew that he was no match for Fang Xingjian, thus he did not plan on fighting. He merely spoke with confidence and composure, hitting where it hurt with every single word. "Fang Xingjian, if you don't wish to go up against the centuries of influence our seven great clans have built, if you don't wish to offend our seven Divine level experts, then surrender, apologize, and admit your mistake. You may still have a chance to keep your life."

Hearing Young Master Ye's words, everyone broke out laughing. They looked at Fang Xingjian, as if waiting to see a clown who had entered the wrong hall, waiting to see Fang Xingjian's stunned and dazed expression.

However, Fang Xingjian showed no signs of being surprised at all. On the contrary, he looked at Young Master Ye as if he were looking at a fool. Then, he puffed out a breath, which took the form of a sword.


Bang! A white line shot out and the explosive sound that rang with it sounded like several tens of thousand of lightning bolts passing through in void space. Young Master Ye was sent flying, as if he had been electrocuted. He instantly knocked through 12 small buildings, dust rising as he went flying. Then, with a loud boom he collided into a wall and his lower body was blasted into a pile of mush.

"How dare you!!" When Bai Di saw Fang Xingjian take action, he knew that it could not be good. Just as he was setting in motion, Fang Xingjian's sword Qis darted through spatial gaps, appearing and disappearing, making it difficult to grasp where they were.

And with this slight delay, the lower half of Young Master Ye's body had been destroyed. Now, he slowly wriggled as he regenerated his body.

As white holy light extended outward and encompassed the surroundings, Bai Di's martial will burst out.

"Fang Xingjian! What audacity! I hadn't wanted to make an enemy out of you, but to think that you don't know what's good for you and you keep making trouble for our seven great clans time and time again! You're really courting death. Do you really think that we aren't a match for you?

"From today onward, our seven great clans and our seven Divine level experts will go all out to fight with you!"

Bai Di's martial will expanded outward like holy light, and a scorching feeling seemed to pervade the air. Encompassed by the holy light, everyone had the urge to commit suicide in order to atone for their sins, feeling ashamed of their own unworthiness.

"What an amazing Judgement Divine Light!"

"It's said that under this Judgement Divine Light, one's feeling of guilt can reach an extreme and when this skill is trained to the greatest height, the user can force one to commit suicide with just a single glance."

Beams of white light burst out, accompanied by the strong resonance of hymns. Waves of emotions that came from the desolate universe, from the historical poetry that ancient humans had written came gushing forth. Everyone seemed to have seen the lofty sentiments of great heroes from generations of humans sacrificing themselves to save humanity and to save the world.

Feelings of wanting to join the ranks of the heroes, of offering themselves, and also feelings of shame and guilt, regret of what they had done in their lives gradually gushed into their hearts.

It was the Holy Light Clan's ultimate technique-the Judgement Divine Light. It was an extremely powerful martial technique that took shape in the concept of sacrificing all lives to save all lives, an unrivalled secret art that attacked the mind.

The lady of unrivalled beauty stood behind Bai Di, looking at his godlike appearance as he floated in the air and stepped on void space while sending a myriad of light rays bursting out. She was also filled with overwhelming astonishment.

'Bai Di has gotten even stronger again. I remember that his Judgement Divine Light wasn't this strong. To think that now even I'm having the feelings of a moth wanting to pounce into the flames and thoughts of wanting to sacrifice my own life.

'Despite this, Fang Xingjian is still an expert who killed a second tier Divine level expert after all. Bai Di is probably a bit weaker, in comparison.

However, at the next moment, everyone understood what Bai Di had been relying on.

Within a radius of several lis, many light pillars rose up. Bai Di knew that Fang Xingjian was very powerful and had activated the great formation that protected the mountains from the very start. Under the reinforcement from the great formation, he was now enveloped by the white light and his aura rose slowly as endless power gushed from all of his limbs and bones.

Within a radius of several lis, the energy from the sunlight accumulated for several centuries now gathered on Bai Di's body. Centuries of sunlight were unleashed within a single second. How terrifying was that prowess? It was as if several billions worth of sunlight energy had burst out, akin to the power of all the sunlight in the world being unleashed in an instant in a single pointed beam.

With such a terrifying power, even space seemed to be trembling, giving the impression that it was going to melt.

It was only then that everyone reacted, "That's right! There's still the great formation of Holy Light Clan that protects the mountain!"

"This great formation has accumulated countless years' worth of energy and even Fang Xingjian won't be able to break through it easily."

"This is the Holy Light Clan's accumulation of power."

As Bai Di took steps to walk toward Fang Xingjian, his body did not change at all, but he seemed to be standing most upright, supporting up the skies.

On the contrary, Fang Xingjian seemed to be getting increasingly small. It was as if he was a evil man who had amassed all the viciousness and evil in the world.

Bai Di coldly declared, "Fang Xingjian, this Heavenly Great Formation has never been activated since it was set up, 300 years ago. It can only be used to attack once. The wealth of energy accumulated here over the course of 300 years is enough to buy the entire Northern Ice Region. It was meant to be used in order to deal with experts from the Mage Association or the Church of Universal Truth. You can be proud to meet your end under this formation."