Chapter 656: Center of Attention

 Chapter 656: Center of Attention

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"It's said that the seven great clans have kept themselves hidden behind the scenes for years on end, but their hidden influence is by no means insignificant. They control countless aristocrats, factions, and organizations in the background. Do you know what today's gathering is for?" Audrey asked, astonished.

"I heard that the seven great clans are going to join forces," Xingxing`er said excitedly. "Look over there. That's Lightning Dojo's leader, Suede. And that person over there is from Eastern Sand Region's Flatley Clan..."

Audrey looked over, and under Xingxing`er's introduction, she saw the Fire Dance Sect, Five Thunders Cult, Oath of Romance, Heroes Society... All sorts of factions, organizations, and clans entered one after another, showing off the unparalleled hidden influence of the seven great clans.

Just then, a gasp rang out in the crowd. Audrey and Xingxing`er turned in that direction and saw a purple-haired young man who had sharp sloping eyebrows and a pair of bright eyes brimming with vigor. He entered while surrounded by many people.

Xingxing`er said agitatedly, "That's the son of the Illusory Clan's head, Young Master Meng. He is one of the Four Gentlemen. As expected, he came this time as well."

Audrey frowned, "Is he very famous?"

"The great clans form a small circle, and all of them interact in their inner circle. They don't think much of the small sects and factions outside," Xingxing`er explained. "However, Young Master Meng still has another nickname outside-Illusory Sword."

Audrey was taken by surprise, "The Illusory Sword? Isn't that the number one swordsman in the Southern Flame Region? To think that he is the Young Master Meng from the seven great clans?"

"Haha, you weren't expecting this, right? The influence of the seven great clans is everywhere. Look at person, he is the Deputy Governor of your Northern Ice Region, right? You didn't expect that he would also be a member of the Holy Light Clan, right?" Xingxing`er said proudly. "The seven great clans have legacies of several centuries. Their roots run deeply into the Empire, but it's just that they usually kept themselves hidden, not revealing themselves. However, once they are activated, it will be world-shaking, and they'll be able to create a stir in the world. Even the Empire's royal family will not be able to insult or humiliate them."

Audrey frowned and said, "But the royal family has the backing of Divine level experts..."

Xingxing`er shook her head and said, "Six out of the seven clan heads have shared their great arts and attained the Divine level. Who across the entire Empire would be able to stand up against six Divine level experts?"

Hearing this, Audrey drew in a cold gasp as well. Six Divine level experts who have several centuries of legacies as well as endless influence and wealth... Such existences were truly too astonishing. Moreover, they were still going to join forces.

Just then, more voices rang out, and both Audrey and Xingxing`er looked over. They saw three young men walk in. One of them was elegant-looking, while another appeared deep and unfathomable, and the last was clever and capable-looking.

Xingxing`er said, "The Dark Shadow Clan's Young Master Ying, the Night Massacre Clan's Young Master Ye, and the Fervent Dragon Clan's Young Master Long. Now all the Four Gentlemen have arrived."

Looking at the Four Gentlemen made Xingxing`er's eyes reveal feelings of admiration as she said, "The four of them are the most outstanding people from the seven great clans. Not only are they like extremely influential amongst the aristocrat circles, but they are also the core members amongst the younger generation. They each have their own identities outside with towering reputations, and all of them are exceptional characters."

Xingxing`er sighed, "It's said that all four of them are close to attaining the Divine Country and will probably be able to reach a breakthrough within a few months. By then, the seven great clans will have over ten Divine level experts. With such an influence, they will be able to create a storm throughout the entire Empire, and it's likely that even the Empire will have to show them some respect."

Looking at the Four Gentlemen who were surrounded, receiving respect, jealousy, and admiration from countless people, Audrey frowned slightly. She worried for the Empire's future.

However, just then, a shout rang out from outside the crowd, "Bai Di is here!"

The words 'Bai Di' seemed to hold a special magical power. As these words appeared, the entire gathering fell silent, and no one spoke another word.

Amidst the silence that was like a television had just been switched off, everyone looked toward the entrance with gazes filled with zealousness, admiration, and excitement.

A young man with white hair and eyes, who wore white clothes, walked in slowly. He looked just like the spring water from snowy mountains, like the moon in the sky, like the innocence in children's eyes, and like that one most beautiful memory people held in their hearts.

The young man did not say a single word or do a single thing, yet the people already felt a great sense of trust and conviction in him. He gave off an unbelievable sense of attraction to others.

With his arrival, the Four Gentlemen were the first to step forth and head toward him.

"Eldest Brother!"

"Eldest Brother, you're finally here!"

"We've been waiting for you!"

The Four Gentlemen went up to Bai Di respectfully and warmly. The surrounding crowd gathered around them like planets revolving around the sun. Wherever Bai Di was, the place would be the center of the entire gathering.

People kept on swarming up to greet and try to get close with him.

A lady of unparalleled beauty and the middle-aged Uncle Ying, who was wearing white clothes, followed from a distance. They looked at that man who was like a god, and their gazes seemed to reflect that something like this was logical and proper.

This was Bai Di, the pride of the seven great clans. He was a hero who held great power, an existence that was meant to have his name left behind in history and crowned with eternal glory.

Audrey looked at Bai Di in astonishment. The Four Gentlemen were treating him with great respect, and the heads of countless factions and clans were also humbling themselves before him. Who on earth was this person?

Xingxing`er looked at Bai Di with a gaze as if she was looking at a miracle. It was as if she was looking at a living god.

"This is Bai Di, the top person amongst the younger generation in the seven great clans. The six Old Ancestors recognized him as their successor, and he holds power over the seven great clans. No... It's not even an exaggeration to call him a god," Xingxing`er said with an infatuated expression. "He possesses an influence that can overturn the world, as well as wealth that can match that of an entire country. He has even attained a breakthrough to the Divine level. Moreover, he also has the support of the six Old Ancestors. If a person like him isn't god, then who is?"

Audrey looked at Bai Di with a grim countenance. With such disposition and reputation, she was given the impression that a man like this could be placed on par with Xia. He also seemed to be close to Fang Xingjian's level.

This was especially when the influence and power he wielded were far too terrifying. Not only was his influence deeply rooted in the Empire, but it also extended out to all areas and trades. It was practically omnipresent.

The people who had come today were only a small batch of the powers that came under the seven great clans. Who knew if the various experts or leaders whom one encountered outside might also be a member of the seven great clans? It would be too terrifying.

Moreover, such tremendous powers were all at the feet of one person.

Bai Di.


After tens of minutes, the Pantheon Ark arrived in the sky above an endless stretch of snowy mountains. Several hundred meters away, a mountain stood slanted on the ground, just like a huge sword that had been tossed down from the heavens. It was the Divine Sword Peak.

The flying cruiser had just come to a stop when a person dressed in white flew up and said, "All of you are esteemed guests from the Tianmen Clan, yes?"

Then at the lead of this white-robed person, they were all brought to a cave, and a door of light suddenly opened on top of a formation that exuded a luminous glow.

Stepping through the doors, everyone suddenly arrived in a beautiful valley from the ice-covered mountain range.

Upon entering, some of the people turned their gazes toward Shan He. However, after recognizing who she was, not many people came over.

After all, with the Enraged Lion losing his life in battle and the Tianmen Clan's head dead, the Tianmen Clan's influence was now extremely weak. Of course, Shan He would not be highly regarded.

Upon entering the manor, Elder Ou Bai quivered and finally regained his senses.