Chapter 653: Snowy Mountain

 Chapter 653: Snowy Mountain

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Elder Ou Bai smiled and nodded, then he said slightly hesitantly, "The thing that Lord Bai Di promised me..."

"Don't worry," the white-clothed middle-aged man said coldly, "What kind of character is Lord Bai Di? Amongst the younger generation of this world, there is no one who is a match for him. He is an existence destined to take over the entire world and create a great stir in it. How could he possibly have greed over that little thing of yours? You just have to wait quietly."

Elder Ou Bai smiled while nodding, then he cut off the connection in the mirror.

"That young Shan He knows what's important. In the Empire, probably only the royal family will be able to fend them off when the six great clans join forces. What can that little Fang Xingjian do?" Thinking of this, Elder Ou Bai smiled even more happily than before.

Fang Xingjian did not say anything and departed with a flash. He did not wish to raise any unnecessary alarm. After all, he would just take care of all of them three days later.

With a flash, he arrived at a garden. Shan He seemed to have expected that he would be coming and was waiting there, having sent away all other people.

Seeing Fang Xingjian's sudden appearance, her countenance changed slightly. However, she still did not reveal any fury or nervousness, displaying an extremely deep sense of shrewdness.

She merely asked, "Fang Xingjian, what are you planning this time around? Can it be that you're going to fight it out with the six great clans?"

Fang Xingjian asked indifferently, "Can't I do that?"

Shan He frowned and said, "The heads of the six great clans have all attained the Divine level. With a total of six Divine level experts, who all have several centuries of legacies passed down within their clans... They have numerous Divine Weapons, secret arts, and things that can turn situations around. Even if you deal with them, you probably don't have full confidence that you'll definitely win, right?

"I don't wish to send the Tianmen Clan into an impasse."

Although she did not wish to turn her back on Fang Xingjian previously, neither was she willing to help Fang Xingjian take the initiative to deal with the six great clans. In her opinion, it would be best if either party would not interfere with the other. Otherwise, if a fight were to break out, both parties would probably end up suffering great casualties, and the Tianmen Clan would also lose a lot. They might even be treated as cannon fodder.

Fang Xingjian was amazing, but Shan He also understood clearly that the six great clans' accumulated power and wealth were not to be underestimated. This was especially when the six clan heads shared their great arts with each other and went into seclusion together. The progress of their martial arts probably far surpassed what an ordinary person could imagine.

As a wielder of power in a great clan, Shan he had never doubted the formidability of a great clan.

However, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "One day ago, I encountered Jacob and the other five clan heads in the Southern Sea."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Shan He's pupils contracted slightly.

She then heard Fang Xingjian continue saying calmly, "They set up the Gates of Heaven formation, then they surrounded and attacked me. In the end, I killed the clan heads of the Night Massacre Clan, the Illusory Clan, the Dark Shadow Clan, the Fervent Dragon Clan, and the Thunder King Clan. I've also destroyed the physical body of Jacob, the head of the Holy Light Clan, and dealt a heavy injury to his will."

"Impossible!" Shan He cried out in astonishment. "You're saying that you single-handedly, with a single sword, killed five clan heads and dealt Jacob with heavy injuries? How is this possible? All of them are Divine level experts. Moreover, the Gates of Heaven formation is the Holy Light Clan's signature formation. It is a formation that is set up by surrounding the gates with many Divine Equipment that have been passed down for centuries. The formation is able to absorb the power of sunlight from a range of several hundred lis!

"Moreover, with the addition of the reinforcements from the six Divine level experts, the prowess would be simply world-shaking! How could you possibly have slashed them all with a single sword?"

Shan He found Fang Xingjian's words truly unbelievable. Even if she understood that it was highly unlikely that Fang Xingjian would lie to her, she still found it unbelievable. Fang Xingjian was not even 20 years of age, and the time he had spent cultivating had not even exceeded two years. Despite this, he had managed to kill five Divine level experts by himself, as well as inflict serious injuries onto Jacob, the head of the Holy Light Clan. Something like this was too astonishing and far beyond what she was capable of imagining.

However, Fang Xingjian ignored her doubts and carried on, "However, when I was about to kill Jacob, Alexander appeared to stop me, allowing that old man to escape. This time around, the reason I want you to bring me to the Holy Light Clan is so that I can force that Jacob out and truly kill him."


The name 'Alexander' seemed to hold a terrifying demonic power. When Shan He heard this name, she could not help but gasp. "You said that Alexander stopped you? You're referring to Alexander Krieg?"

"Who else could it be?" Fang Xingjian said coldly, "If it wasn't for him, Jacob would have been killed by me."

At the next moment, just as Shan He was about to say more, Fang Xingjian tapped out with a single finger. He sent the images of him killing the five clan heads, seriously injuring Jacob, and fighting against Alexander into Shan He's mind.

As the entire scene was transmitted over to her, Shan He's eyes opened wide like a pair of light bulbs. She stared at Fang Xingjian like she was staring at a monster.

Fang Xingjian waved his finger toward Shan He and said calmly, "Anyway, three days later, I'll go with you to the Holy Light Clan. You better cooperate and not harbor any other ideas. Otherwise, after I flatten the six great clans, I wouldn't mind wiping out your Tianmen Clan either."

At this instant, Shan He was extremely thankful over her choice.


In another place that was extremely far away in the Northern Ice Region, in the depths of many snowy mountains, there was one towering mountain that penetrated through the cloud layers, piercing through the skies.

At its very peak, a white-clothed man was standing there upright with an air of arrogance, as if he were a god that had descended from the heavens, looking down on the mountains, rivers, and earth.

Behind him, a lady of great beauty sat quietly at the stone table. Her hands kept on moving as she prepared tea.

Her movements were proficient and graceful, and as she moved, a fragrance was being emitted from the teapot. She took a whiff at the tea and smiled, saying, "This is a new type of tea sent by the Illusory Clan's Young Master Meng. It's called the 'Ye Fruit' Tea. Its taste isn't bad.

"Ye Fruit? This name sounds quite special." Bai Di turned and looked at the beautiful lady for a while before walking up to the stone bench to take a seat. "I'll have a taste." After a sip, he laughed and said, "Ling`er, your skill in making tea is getting better and better."

Just then, a white-clothed middle-aged man walked over, looking at Bai Di with a gaze that was filled with deep respect and admiration. This young man before him had grown tremendously over the past ten years, building up a reputation amongst the six great clans. Bai Di had also received the attention from the Holy Light Clan' s head, and his hidden influence had been radiating out across several great regions. The amounts of wealth and influence he wielded and kept concealed were tremendous.

With just an order from him, the world's situation would change, and there would be rivers of blood.

This was especially when the time in which the six clan heads kept themselves in seclusion during the past three years had grown increasingly longer, making Bai Di's words often more effective than those of the clan heads.

The middle-aged man strongly believed that under Bai Di's lead, the six great clans-no, the seven great clans would definitely grow to an unprecedented height. It might even be possible for them to replace the Krieg royal family.

The middle-aged man half-knelt and said, "Sir, Tianmen Clan has sent news that Shan He is willing to form an alliance. I've asked them to wait at the Divine Sword Peak. We'll then transmit them into the manor through a formation."

Bai Di waved his hand and said, "Uncle Ying, how many times have I already said this? Don't kneel down to me."

"Sir, we mustn't do away with these formalities. Three days later, you'll be the leader of the seven great clans. With six Old Ancestors at your side and the hidden influence of the seven great clans spreading across the world, even the Krieg royal family will have to show you some courtesy and not look down on you.

"Moreover, you saved my life. What does it matter for me to just kneel before you?"