Chapter 652: Conversation

 Chapter 652: Conversation

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The thin and weak-looking young lady was the daughter of the Tianmen Clan's head. Fang Xingjian recalled having seen her at the Full Moon Shrine the other time, hiding between many other Elders of the clan.

When he killed the Enraged Lion and the Tianmen Clan's head, this lady had shown no signs of fury, grieve, or sadness. He had thought that this girl had not had a deep relationship with the Tianmen Clan's head, but it seemed that she was a deep and shrewd lady.

However, the other Elders present were extremely dissatisfied with Shan He's reply.

This was especially so for the white-haired elderly man who was leading the opposition. He shouted, "Shan He, you're really defiant and treacherous. Fang Xingjian killed your elder brother, your father, and your grandfather. Yet you aren't even thinking of exacting revenge?

"Right now, the heads of the six great clans have attained the Divine level, and this is a rare opportunity that's hard to come by. Instead of planning to seek revenge, you're thinking of submitting to Fang Xingjian. I don't accept you as the head of the Tianmen Clan."

"Elder Ou Bai!" A man in black mourning clothes said angrily, "The young clan head is also doing this for the sake of the Tianmen Clan. Pardon me for speaking bluntly but with the powers Fang Xingjian displayed at the Full Moon Shrine, it's an easy feat for him to take revenge on us even if he might not be able to take the six clan heads on. It's really not a good decision to be offending Fang Xingjian over this."

Elder Ou Bai let out a cold snort, saying, "After our seven great clans join forces, we'll all move to the Holy Light Fort deep in the Northern Ice Region. The Holy Light Clan has a great formation that protects the mountain, and all of you should be clear about the Holy Light Fort's proficiency in the area of formations. The Evil Spirit Sect just got some superficial knowledge from their clan, and they could already turn the entire Northern Ice Region over many years ago.

"If we keep ourselves hidden in that great formation, Fang Xingjian won't even be able to hurt us in the slightest even if he comes in person."

Hearing what Elder Ou Bai said, the few Elders who had supported Shan He previously hesitated as well.

It was true that Fang Xingjian was terrifying. However, if they could hide in the Holy Light Clan's great formation and avoid Fang Xingjian, then it would be great.

Shan He said coldly, "The Holy Light Clan wants to swallow up the remaining six great clans. If we go, there probably won't be a Tianmen Clan in the future."

Elder Ou Bai laughed out loud, "The six great clan heads have attained the Divine level and shared their masteries. They've already reached a high level of success and possess an astonishing might.

"Moreover, the current top person in the Holy Light Clan in this generation, Bai Di 1 , is a person of extraordinary talent and can be said to be demonic. He hasn't even reached 30 years of age but rumors say that he has already attained the Divine level.

"All six clan heads value him in high regard, and each of them has passed him their great arts. When they went into seclusion, they even handed all the management rights of the six great clans into his hands.

"Now, Bai Di has already contacted all the influential characters of the six great clans and will be calling to have a meet up in three days. The seven great clans shall support each other from now on, forming an alliance."

"Bai Di?"

"I've heard of him before. It's said that this person is the top person amongst the younger generation in the six great clans."

"Lord Jacob praised him for being a talent that's hard to come by once in even a thousand years."

"It's said that the other clan heads have taken him as their adopted son, and all of the younger members of the six great clan all see him as their leader."

"The six clan heads have kept themselves in seclusion throughout the years to increase their mastery of their cultivation. In the future, Bai Di will probably be the one to take over the clans."

At the thought of the six great clans joining hands with the Tianmen Clan... How immense would their power be when the seven great clans joined forces? It would be simply world-shaking, causing a situation that would create a stir in the entire Empire.

Hearing Elder Ou Bai's words, the other Elders murmured amongst themselves. However, even Shan He was frowning with worry in her eyes.

Fang Xingjian, who was hidden within the spatial gaps, continued to listen into the conversation and gained a brief understanding of the current situation.

The news of him having killed five out of six of the clan heads yesterday, as well as destroying Jacob's body, had yet to reach the ears of these great clans.

It made perfect sense. In the time of merely one day, how could Jacob have had the time to send out the news? Moreover, this was a piece of news that must not be disseminated easily. Otherwise, if the news that five of the six clan heads had died while the remaining one was injured were to leak, it would definitely create a huge stir.

Previously, the six clan heads had spent years preparing for the Gates of Heaven formation and secluded themselves for training on the small island to share their great arts. They had handed all of their clans' matters to a young man called Bai Di. This person was the most outstanding out of the younger generation in the six clans. He had the ambition to get the seven great clans to join forces, for him to lead the countless experts, and then eventually create a huge stir in the world.

Fang Xingjian gave it some thought before he released his sword finger, sending an intent into Shan He's mind.

"Don't continue arguing with him."

"Who's speaking?" Shan He said inwardly, slightly surprised.

"I'm Fang Xingjian. I'm looking for the people from the Holy Light Clan. Give him your agreement to join the alliance. Three days later, I'll go with you to attend the banquet."

Hearing the words 'Fang Xingjian', a hint of a complicated expression flashed in Shan He's eyes. She nodded slightly, indicating that she understood.

She then looked at Ou Bai, who was still going on with his story. Shan He waved her hand and said, "Alright, I got it. I'll agree to join the alliance. Three days later, I'll personally make a trip to the Northern Ice Region."

"Oh?" Elder Ou Bai was slightly surprised, but he still reacted immediately, speaking in the tone of an elder speaking to a junior, "Excellent, excellent, excellent. Shan He, it's good that you understand the overall picture. With the world's metamorphosis and the seventh onslaught oncoming, it's time for our seven great clans to join forces and show off our prowess.

"That person from the Holy Light Clan is a person of great talent and bold vision. You must take the opportunity to have a good chat with him." He then showed an ambiguous smile. "With the clan head dead, it's too hard for a lady to support the entire clan by yourself. Bai Di is a rare talent from our seven great clans, and you should consider forging a close relationship with him."

Hearing Elder Ou Bai's words, how could Shan He not understand what he was trying to say? Not only did he want Tianmen Clan to join the alliance, he even wanted her to seduce Bai Di. Thinking of this, a hint of killing intent flashed in Shan He's eyes.

However, Elder Ou Bai paid no need to Shan He's feelings. He let out a few laughs and left the place.

"The envoys sent by the Holy Light Clan are still waiting for my news. I'll go inform them of the good news immediately."

Watching Elder Ou Bai leave with a smug smile, it was apparent that he was trying to show off in the name of the Holy Light Clan.

Thinking of this, Shan He's fists clenched even tighter.

'Ignorant old man. You really deserve to be killed.'

Fang Xingjian did not say anything. With a move of his body, he followed Ou Bai.

Ou Bai returned to his own residence and flipped open a mirror. As the water ripples in the mirror flashed, a white-clothed middle-aged man appeared in it. Seeing this man, Elder Ou Bai bowed humbly and said, "I'm fortunate to not have failed in my mission and didn't disappoint Lord Bai Di's expectations. Shan He has already agreed to join the alliance and will head to the Northern Ice Region in three days."

"Alright," the white-clothed middle-aged man nodded while saying, "Three days later, come to the Divine Sword Peak in the northmost part of the Northern Ice Region. There'll be people picking you up."

Fang Xingjian frowned. He had not expected for them to be engaged in long-distance communication. Moreover, till now, the other party was still unwilling to share the actual location of the Holy Light Clan. These great clans with several centuries of legacies were truly careful and wary. However, it would only be three more days. He did not mind the wait.

Moreover, three days later, all seven great clans would be gathered together. It would be easy for him to take them all down together.