Chapter 651: Desert Oasis

 Chapter 651: Desert Oasis

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After one day, Fang Xingjian floated in the sky above the Great Western Region with electric sparks surrounding him, which then gradually dissipated.

Before him, the Thunder Calamity seemed to be both sinking and floating, and there was no longer any hint of sharp glow coming from it.

'After spending one day and one night on this, I've finally channeled the All-Conquering's sword intent and the power of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation into the Thunder Calamity.'

Looking at the Divine Sword before him, Fang Xingjian broke into a slight smile. Then at the next moment, three beams of white light flashed at his chest, and the three white bone short swords appeared.

'If I activate the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation now while using the Thunder Calamity as the core, the power that I can absorb from the radius of 100,000 meters will have increased by two folds or more.'

The three white bone short swords circulated around the Thunder Calamity like three satellites. Violent and surging powers continued to seethe and transmit between them.

Simultaneously, the entire Thunder Calamity turned pitch-black. It was because everything material that passed by it, including light, were all sliced through, thus causing his location to become pitch-black.

Within the three white bone short swords, the short sword, which represented the Infiltrating Void, concurrently brought along hints of light spots. The light spots were from the concept of astral forces-which came from the Universal Astral Realm book-that had been merged into the Infiltrating Void.

In the Celestial Eradication Four Swords-In the Celestial Eradication Four Swords-Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, All-Conquering and Instant-Fang Xingjian had used the Infiltrating Void to represent gravity, adding in the Myriad Stars Palace's way of the stars.

He used the All-Conquering to represent electromagnetic forces, using the Thunder Calamity Divine Sword to hold it.

Next, if he could also use the Light Pursuit and Infiltrating Void to represent other forces, and find Divine Swords to bear the weight of the the Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, and Instant swords respectively... then the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation would be able to grow even more tremendously.

However, after getting the Thunder Calamity, Fang Xingjian's powers had already increased tremendously once again.

'It's a pity that the smelting and modification of the Hell's White Bone Armor are far too difficult. Otherwise, with one more Divine Sword, I'll be able to become even stronger.'

However, Fang Xingjian knew that such things should not be rushed. Right now, it was already taking a lot of effort from Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan to be able to forge the Thunder Calamity so quickly. It would be useless even if he were to urge them to speed up.

Divine Swords were things which required luck to encounter and could not be forced. In terms of the modifications, he could only rely on Wang Xiaoyan and Fang Qian.

The only thing Fang Xingjian could truly control right now was his attempt to strive for the third tier of the Divine level. However, that would require him to retrain his physical body to the stage when his martial will and physical body could be 100% interchangeable as he wished. Only then would he be able to strive to attain the third tier of the Divine level. As such, he still needed to work on this area for some time longer.

'Both the Myriad Stars Palace's and the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's methods of training up the body aren't bad. However, after finding out the locations of those six great clans, I'll be able to gather a batch of techniques for training up one's body when it's at the second tier. This will allow my foundation to become even stronger.'

Just then, a graceful figure flew over. It was Audrey, the Northern Ice Region's top beauty whom even Xia had wanted to seize for himself.

Audrey flew over while wearing a purple mantle which exuded faint power. It was clearly a tool to assist with flying.

Looking at Audrey, Fang Xingjian asked, "What matters do you have?"

Audrey put out her tongue a little embarrassedly, and a hint of flush flashed on her fair and tender face. She said, "Xingjian, you left a stream of sword intent in my body and will be able to sense if anything were to happen. Then can I go out? It's boring to stay in the academy all the time."

"Go out?" Fang Xingjian was stunned. He had never felt that it was boring to be staying in the academy. If it was not because this world was a world of competition where he had things to take care of everywhere he went, he would be satisfied to just be staying in the academy and cultivating everyday.

However, Audrey was not a cultivation maniac like him. On the contrary, she was a young lady who was like a beautiful flower. It was very normal for her to like to go out to play.

Moreover, Fang Xingjian had the Sudden Inspiration ability, as well as the ability to move at a speed akin to light speed which second tier Divine level experts could achieve. So, he was not afraid that Audrey would be in danger.

Seeing Fang Xingjian nodding, Audrey spun around excitedly. Full of smiles, she grabbed onto Fang Xingjian's armed and said in a coquettish tone, "Then can I go back to the Northern Ice Region?"

Regardless of whether it was the Great Western Region or the Northern Ice Region, Fang Xingjian would be able to arrive in the blink of an eye. There was no difference between them.

After seeing Fang Xingjian nod once again, Audrey cheered just like a little sparrow that had dashed out of its cage. She even hugged Fang Xingjian, gave him a peck on the cheek, and then said excitedly, "Oh, right. Do you want to come along with me to the Northern Ice Region to have some fun?"

Of course, Fang Xingjian shook his head. "Enough, just go back. I have some things to take care of."

After sending Audrey back, the memories in Fang Xingjian's mind started to seethe. 'Holy Light Clan, Jacob?

'I remember an old man I killed in the past. He was also from one of the eight clans that founded the country, right?'

The eight great founding clans of the country, were the clans that the eight founding Divine level experts of the country had created. Other than the Empire's royal family, there was also the Tianmen Clan, that Fang Xingjian met back at the Full Moon Shrine and at the Hades Vault, as well as the six clans which included the Holy Light Clan that he encountered during the fight for the Panwu Heavenly Raiment.

'I remember that the Tianmen Clan already surrendered. I should be able to find out where the Holy Light Clan's location from them.'

Having gotten his hands on the Thunder Calamity and the prowess of his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation increasing once again, Fang Xingjian gained a huge raise in his powers. Of course, there was no way that he could possibly let Jacob off. This time around, even if Alexander were to come and stop him, Fang Xingjian would still have the confidence to kill Jacob with a single sword attack.

Neither Jacob nor Alexander would expect that Fang Xingjian would be able to get so much stronger in just one day and then go looking for Jacob once again.

With a flash, Fang Xingjian's body appeared above the Eastern Sand Region. Then at the next moment, he cut across the air like a plane that travelled at supersonic speed, sweeping through the Eastern Sand Region's desert ceaselessly.

Fang Xingjian slowly flipped through the memories in his mind. 'I remember that the Enraged Lion and the clan head I killed back in the Full Moon Shrine were from the Tianmen Clan. They mentioned where their location was previously...'

Five minutes later, Fang Xingjian arrived in an oasis. When he saw how busy and prosperous the place was, he was slightly shocked.

'Although this Tianmen Clan is built in the desert, they are self-sufficient. They also have immense wealth, a huge population, and they are thriving.'

At the next moment, he was already flying out toward the center of the Tianmen Clan with a slight flash, arriving in a huge meeting room in their residence.

Simultaneously, at a conference table in the Tianmen Clan, a white-haired elderly man shouted furiously, "Shan He! What are you still hesitating about? The six great clans have already joined as one, helping each other other and forming an alliance. Lord Jacob and the others have already attained the Divine level, and there are a total of six Divine level experts now. Furthermore, they also have the several centuries of legacies that are passed down through the six clans. This is the time for us to join them."

Another elderly man said, "That's right. That Fang Xingjian killed our clansmen and annihilated our clan head. How can we possibly submit to him? This is the best opportunity for us to join the alliance of the six great clans. With Lord Jacob backing us up, there won't be a need for us to worry about Fang Xingjian."

A middle-aged man stood up and shouted, "No matter how powerful that Fang Xingjian is, he's still just one person and is just a young man at that. Lord Jacob and the other five experts have accumulated great power and wealth over the years. Are we not going to join them but instead slog for Fang Xingjian, that kid? He killed your elder brother, your father, and your grandfather! Do you really not want to seek revenge?"

Before them, under the protection of a few other Elders, a thin and weak-looking young lady said calmly, "Elders, I understand what you are feeling. However, you weren't at the Full Moon Shrine the other time, and you won't understand how terrifying Fang Xingjian is without seeing it in person. We've already agreed to submit to him. If we were to go back on our words and join the Holy Light Clan, what awaits us will probably the annihilation of our clan."