Chapter 649: Inferno

 Chapter 649: Inferno

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With a single move, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation's prowess was activated at full force. Sword shadows came surging, encompassing the entire world. Each sword shadow had the power to lift an entire city and send it flying away. The seething spatial ripples caused rays of light to become distorted, covering up the sun. The air was completely sucked dry and the area within an area of 100 li seemed to have become a vacuum like in outer space.

Within a single move, Fang Xingjian had turned the area around him into an environment resembling the outer space's vacuum. The astonishing power made even Alexander's heart sway slightly.

Jacob looked at the scene before him in great astonishment. He sensed that his own martial will was heavily injured, but he still found this unbelievable.

'How could you dare? How could you dare?! The King is here, the royal family is on my side, and the entire Empire is on my side. How could you dare to make a move right before Alexander?!'

Jacob could not understand Fang Xingjian's actions at all. Was he really unafraid of death?

Alexander on the other hand, thought with great wonder, 'What a guy. A true dragon has actually been nurtured in a small pond. To think that at the second tier of the Divine level his power has reached such a level.

'If it wasn't for the evil god summoning ritual, I'd really kill you right on the spot.'

Seeing this, Alexander also unleashed his true powers. He attacked with an Overturned Hell, also distorting space and expelling the air. Its power was so violent that it felt as if even the entire world was trembling and seething.

Compared to how the First Prince had smashed the entire hell onto the mortal world, as the space was in a state of chaos in Alexander's palm, it was as if the world's most evil and brutal power was going to turn the entire world into hell.

Kacha kacha kacha! The sword shadows and palm shadows clashed together intensely. Fang Xingjian gave a stifled snort and retreated several hundred meters back, concealing himself in the spatial gaps.

Alexander's palm trembled a little as he grew increasingly astonished. 'What a guy! His power equals to over 70% of mine...'

Seeing that Fang Xingjian had darted into the spatial gaps, Alexander's martial will turned into a gust of black whirlwind that swept out.

"Fang Xingjian, you're not too bad. This is the first time I've seen a sword arts talent like yours.

"However, in terms of real cultivation, you're still too green."

He slapped out with his palm and space seethed, throwing Fang Xingjian out of the spatial gaps where he was hiding. Then, the landscape transformed before Fang Xingjian and he realized that the world before him had completely changed.

The seawater and tropical island under his feet were no more. They had turned into large areas of volcanoes, lava, mountains and swords, and seas of flames.

There was no more blue sky and white clouds above him. Volcanic ashes had replaced them, and there was even a strong smell of sulphuric lava. The previous sea view had vanished.

Seeing the scene before him, Fang Xingjian exhaled, "Divine Country?"

The Divine Country. A fifth tier Divine level expert could fold, distort, stretch, and compress space. At this stage, they would be able to make use of these means to create a space that was truly their own.

It could be a storage space, or a small world like the Hades Vault.

And among these, a space that was specifically used for battles would be called the Divine Country.

The Divine Country was a space that a fifth tier Divine level expert condensed with the purpose of battle. They were extremely suitable for the users to unleash their characteristic powers and also had unique spatial structures that would support the cultivator in their attacks.

Having been dragged into Alexander's Divine Country, Fang Xingjian instantly lost his sense of Jacob and Alexander.

"That's right, this is my Divine Country-Inferno," Alexander's voice rang out from every direction, accompanied by seething lightning, dark clouds, and volcanic ash. It was as if he was the Demon Lord from hell, bellowing away.

"You don't have the means of controlling space that fifth tier Divine level experts have. There's no way that you'll be able to break out of this place. Just stay here at ease."

"There's no need for you make up stories in front of me. I'm very much aware of the abilities of a fifth tier Divine level expert. It's just a Divine Country, not a real world in itself," Fang Xingjian answered calmly. "You want me to stay here at ease? You should just take this sword attack first."

As Fang Xingjian spoke, he once again sent a sword attack slashing out. Sword light flashed, sweeping across the horizon, even tearing apart the sky and causing the ground to shatter. The dark clouds in the sky were slashed apart and the volcano under his feet was slashed into two. A deep, bottomless cut, several tens of kilometers long, had appeared on the ground. One could see hints of scorching lava in its depths.

Fang Xingjian frowned slightly. He had not meant to attack such a large area, but when attacking, he realized that his power had been instantly scattered by the space's structures. It was like the water in water pipes flowing directly into the sewers.

Although the impact of this attack seemed tremendous, its prowess had been significantly dispersed. It was much less condensed than Fang Xingjian had anticipated it to be.

This was the Divine Country, where one could condense various complicated spatial structures. Fang Xingjian's attack had been dissipated and Alexander was simply unaffected.

Moreover, the lava of the volcanos below him also seemed to have a unique set rhythm. They were probably part of a powerful formation.

Fang Xingjian snorted coldly and slashed with his sword a few more times.The ripples in the space undulated ceaselessly. Fang Xingjian was not trying to destroy the environment, but to destroy the spatial structures in the Inferno.

Sword shadows flew about everywhere, and spreaded out swiftly, like a wind tempest. Wherever they passed by, violent powers would flatten the space, allowing for Fang Xingjian's power to perform freely.

As he was incessantly expanding his territory in the Inferno, it suddenly shattered and disappeared. Fang Xingjian once again returned to the island.

However, right now, there was no more sight of Jacob and the King.

Only Alexander's voice remained, ringing in his ears. It sounded like the decree of the Gods from the heavens, "Fang Xingjian, I've already sent Jacob away and the Panwu Heavenly Raiment will be considered his compensation for him. Don't look for trouble with him anymore and stop raising riots everywhere.

"You know that I have Sudden Inspiration. No matter whom you're going to kill recklessly, I'll be there to stop you.

"Pull your unrestrained self together and come to the Imperial Capital to receive your commendation in a few days' time. While you're at it, prepare to accept your new job.

"Remember, the reason I'm keeping you alive is because I want to use you. However, whether or not you will still live once I've made use of you, it'll all depend on your own performance. Don't spoil things for yourself and waste the talent that you have."

Hearing Alexander's words, a cold gleam burst from Fang Xingjian's eyes and he snorted coldly while thinking to himself, 'The prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation and the four white bone short swords is still insufficient. Otherwise, even if I were to be pulled into a Divine Country, I'd be able to slash my way out with a single sword attack.'

Despite hearing the King's warning, Fang Xingjian still had no intention to do what he was told. He would head to the Imperial Capital, but that would be after he had killed the Holy Light Clan's head, Jacob, and retrieved the Panwu Heavenly Raiment.

However, in order to kill Jacob, he had to break through Alexander's protection.

Moreover, if he wished to get stronger, he would have to strive for the third tier of the Divine level or to once again increase the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation.

The third tier of the Divine level required one to forge the body, allowing for the physical body and martial will to merge together perfectly. Only through this would he be able to achieve the third tier of the Divine level. It was not something easily within reach.

In order to further increase the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, he would need to improve his sword arts cultivation further or to use longswords that were Divine Remains Equipment.

Thinking of this, a chaotic glow once again filled Fang Xingjian's eyes. With his Sudden Inspiration, his plans were already decided. 'Wang Xiaoyan and Fang Qian should already be done with the Divine Remains Equipment. If I have a Divine level longsword, the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation would be further increased. I would then be able to breakthrough Alexander's protection and kill Jacob.'

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian's silhouette suddenly shattered. He flew all the way to the sky above the Great Western City at light speed and then reassembled his physical body there.