Chapter 646: Holy Light

 Chapter 646: Holy Light

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Three years ago, the six of them had yet to attain the Divine level and had not been a match for the Panwu Heavenly Raiment.

However, the six of them were now Divine level experts, and they had also set up the Gates of Heaven formation on the island. So, how could they possibly be afraid of Fang Xingjian?

'Pity, such a pity. This person is probably a powerful expert of his generation. However, having barged into our great formation, it's like refusing to take the path to heaven and instead choosing to barge into hell when there are no doors leading to it.'

At the next moment, Jacob once again clenched his hands into a seal, guiding all the sunlight within a range of several hundred li to this spot.

Amidst blasting explosions, the air was heated up until it was boiling up like water would. Then a series of seven beams of light shot through Fang Xingjian's location, and violent heat and light energies seethed in the atmosphere.

Even the sea turned violent as large amounts of seawater were evaporated. Following that, large areas of vortexes and tsunamis were formed.

Even after nine beams of light rays, that could vaporize a first tier Divine level, were shot out in succession, Jacob was still not assured. He sent out another six beams of light rays shooting out from the Gates of Heaven, coming only to a stop when it seemed as if everything on the tropical island was going to be wiped out by the repercussive heat waves. He then said, "Go up and get the Panwu Heavenly Raiment."

Throughout the entire process, the Panwu Heavenly Raiment had stayed at the side with a weakened aura. Its will watched this scene in a daze, not daring to move an inch.

'These people were easily defeated by me three years ago. To think that all of them have now attained the Divine level...

'And what formation was it that they set up? To think that its prowess is so terrifying! Even the Panwu Heavenly Raiment might not be able to easily fend off the prowess of this great formation.'

He watched as Fang Xingjian, who had unrivalled ferocity, was engulfed by the terrifying light rays. The terrifying energy that the light rays held was horrifying, but the more terrifying thing was that over ten beams of such light rays had shot out at one go. This made the Panwu Heavenly Raiment's will feel a deep horror.

Now, seeing the head of the Night Massacre Clan appear before him and then grabbing him, the Panwu Heavenly Raiment did not dare to resist in the least and just allowed himself to be seized.

However, when the head of the Night Massacre Clan was about to grab onto the Panwu Heavenly Raiment, a beam of sword light flashed by, slashing the body of the Night Massacre Clan's head and chopping off his hand.

The countenance of the Night Massacre Clan's head changed. Then as he was about to dodge the sword light and continue seizing hold of the Panwu Heavenly Raiment, even more sword light came plummeting down. His body was instantly slashed into over 100 pieces, exploding and sending blood splattering into the sky.

A black martial will cried out agonizingly and made its escape.

In just this moment of exchange, the Night Massacre Clan's head who was a first tier Divine level expert had his body entirely smashed to pieces, and his martial will suffered a serious injury. The other remaining clan heads were all astonished, and they stared at the figure who had made the attack.

They watched Fang Xingjian walk out slowly from the boiling fog.

Four white bone short swords had pierced out from Fang Xingjian's rib bones, with three of the sword handles connected together and appearing like a trident that floated behind him.

Fang Xingjian held the fourth white bone short sword gently in his hand. It exuded waves of killing aura that seemed to be material.

The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was activated, and the four longswords were like power amplifiers, rapidly increasing Fang Xingjian's power. The ether particles and physical particles within a radius of 100,000 meters exploded at the same time, unleashing waves of ferocious energy waves that surged toward Fang Xingjian.

Sensing endless sword Qis and sword intents condensing around Fang Xingjian, the six clan heads were all nervous wrecks.

Since the start of the battle, this was the first time that Fang Xingjian was holding onto a sword.

"Do you guys want to die so badly?"

Jacob felt a great wave of fear in his heart, as if someone had put a sword on his neck and even his life was within someone else's control. While he was shocked at Fang Xingjian's overwhelming killing aura, he gathered his will to fend off Fang Xingjian's aura.

Jacob smiled coldly and said, "Kid, it's true that you're powerful, and you are even able to move at close to light speed. You must be at second tier of the Divine level, right?

"However, we, six Divine level experts, have joined hands and even set up the Gates of Heaven formation. So what if you have godlike sword arts?

"The amount of effort that we have devoted for the past three years is no joke.

"At this moment, in this formation, even if the Abyss Lord were to come or if His Majesty the king has arrived, we would still be able to put up a fight. Or do you think that you're even more amazing than the people from the Ancient Path of Hell?"

"What's there to talk about with him?" The Night Massacre Clan's head had reassembled the form of his martial will with great difficulty. His eyes were now looking at Fang Xingjian with a deep vengeance. "Kill him and crush his consciousness. Since he destroyed my physical body, I'll strip him of his body."

Holy light once again condensed in the Gates of Heaven which were in the sky above the small island. Clumps of light rays surrounded the center of the Gates of Heaven, exuding waves of glow. With the darkness in the surroundings setting off a contrast, it looked just like the heavens had descended.

"Activate the formation," the Dark Shadow Clan's head said, smiling coldly. "He is a second tier Divine level expert after all and can transform his martial will into flesh and blood. We'll vaporize his body a few more times and he'll be scared."

The six clan heads once again activated the great formation. None of them felt that Fang Xingjian would be able to fend off the attack. Right now, they looked at him with gazes filled with blatant greed.

A second tier Divine level expert... What a rare material to come by. If they could trap and kill him in the formation, leaving a portion of his remains behind, they would be able to fill up a large gap in the expenditure which they had put into setting up the formation over the years.

The holy light in the Gates of Heaven instantly gathered to an extreme level The light rays seemed to have become something material, yet they also seemed like water droplets that were going to flow out from the Gates of Heaven.

Boom! A sound that was like mountains collapsing and the ground cracking seemed to ring out from the depths of the Gates of Heaven. Milky white holy light burst forth explosively, instantly encompassing Fang Xingjian's entire body.

"Too weak."

Amidst the white light pillar, black deathly sword intents burst out. Fang Xingjian sent a sword attack slashing out, and the holy light was separated into two at the middle.

"What?!" Jacob looked at this scene with great astonishment and once again quickly formed seals with his hands. Another three beams of holy light burst forth from the Gates of Heaven.

However, this time around, the black edge of the sword in Fang Xingjian's hand flashed once again, and he once again slashed through the three beams of holy light. The three beams of holy light then brushed passed him, shooting into the seas. They evaporated several million tons of seawater and brought up great surging waves that almost engulfed the entire small island.

This was not all. At the same moment when he slashed through the holy light, Fang Xingjian had pushed through the holy light and charged toward the Gates of Heaven.

"What is he trying to do?" The Night Massacre Clan's head was overwhelmed with both astonishment and fury.

"Damn it, he's going to attack the Gates of Heaven," Jacob said furiously. The Gates of Heaven in the sky was the secret treasure passed down in the Holy Light Clan's legacies. It was also the central pillar of the entire Gates of Heaven formation, the crux to everything.

"He's daydreaming!" the will of the Dark Shadow Clan's head bellowed furiously in void space. "The prowess of the holy light gets stronger the closer it is to the Gates of Heaven. Let's unleash its full power. There's no way we can hold back anymore. Kill him!"

The six of them activated the formation together, and the entire Gates of Heaven started trembling intensely. Waves of milky white light shot out from the center of the gates, condensing together. They eventually turned into a light pillar, plummeting from the skies and engulfing Fang Xingjian's body like divine punishment.