Chapter 641: Sword Intent

 Chapter 641: Sword Intent

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Fang Xingchen, who as at the side, looked different from before. The two small buns on his head had now grown into a pair of long and bending horns, and a long tail had sprouted out from the end of his vertebra. He looked just like a demon.

As a Red Robed Mage, this was his means of cultivating.

Unlike the Mages of the other factions, Red Robed Mages' cultivation was to continuously change their own appearances and become closer and closer to what the legendary red evil god looked like.

Each of the 12 factions of Mages had different black magic, and the evil god they revered was completely different as well.

The Red Robed Mage's cultivation was to gradually evolve from a human to the red evil god. They would continue to get closer to that of the red evil god in terms of appearance, power, structure, and mentality.

Fang Xingchen looked increasingly unlike a human, and this represented that his cultivation had improved tremendously. All these were caused by the stimulation he had received from Fang Xingjian.

Thinking of how Fang Xingjian had killed the Undying Xia and had a cultivation which could push a second tier Divine level expert to his wits' end, Fang Xingchen was filled with anxiety. Other than spending all of this time into cultivating black magic day and night, there was nothing else that could relieve the anxiety he was feeling.

Hearing the Black Mage King's question, the Mage who was on his knees said, "Lord, I was praying to the god at the altar on the outer region of the Phantom City when this lady suddenly flew down from the sky, crashing into the ground. I checked. She seems to be a Divine level expert, thus I immediately sent her over for your examination."

The Black Mage King assessed Titan's wonderful figure and beautiful face before he frowned and said, "This lass seems to be from Earth as well?"

Fang Xingchen nodded. As an important member of the Fang Clan, he naturally knew this Divine level expert from Earth. "It's Titan. She seems to have been badly injured. I wonder who could have hurt her to this extend?"

The corners of the Black Mage King's lips curled up. "This is really interesting. There are over ten or twenty sword intents in her body, suppressing her and making her unable to move."

Just as they were talking between themselves, Titan's eyelashes shivered a little, and she moaned as she woke up.

The moment she woke up, she felt the violent deathly sword intents in her body and cried out agonizingly.

Fang Xingchen walked up to her and asked, "Titan, what on earth happened?"

Titan lifted her head, looked at Fang Xingchen, and then looked at the Black Mage King who was further away. She exhaled and said, "Tiandao and I met Fang Xingjian. Tiandao was killed by him, while I was sent flying to Phantom City from the Xingwu Region with a single sword attack."

When Fang Xingchen heard the words 'Fang Xingjian', strong feelings of vengeance were reflected in his eyes. Upon hearing that Fang Xingjian had killed Tiandao and even sent Titan flying from the Xingwu Region to the Phantom City with a single sword attack, Fang Xingchen became startled and infuriated.

"What kind of joke is that? How far away is this place from the Xingwu Region? He sent you over here with a single sword slash? How is that possible?"

"It's the truth," Titan exhaled and said, "Fang Xingjian's abilities are too terrifying. I think that the Mage Association must pay more attention to him in the future."

Fang Xingchen said defiantly, "It's true that he's very amazing and he is the current goal that I'm chasing after. However, you seem to think too highly of him to want the Mage Association to place their attention on him."

Titan shook her head, as if recalling how terrifying Fang Xingjian was again and great astonishment was revealed in her eyes. "This news should have been temporarily concealed by the Gold Robed Mages, but you will probably find out soon enough.

"Tiandao killed Elnoworth and stole the Crystal of Time. He then went to Xingwang Mountain to challenge the Astral Ancestor but ended up being killed by Fang Xingjian with a single sword attack."

"What?!" Fang Xingchen's eyes were filled with complete disbelief. "The Crystal of Time has the ability to accelerate time intermittently, and in the time acceleration, the entire world would appear to be at a standstill. How is it possible for Tiandao to kill Elnoworth? And how is it possible for Fang Xingjian to kill Tiandao, who possessed the Crystal of Time, with a single sword attack? Unless..."

As if he had thought of something, Fang Xingchen's gaze changed slightly.

The Black Mage King continued Fang Xingchen's words. "It's natural for Tiandao to have killed Elnoworth within a second, and then for Fang Xingjian to kill Tiandao within a second.

"When I was young, such things were very common. This genius or that genius might just die on any day."

Fang Xingchen's countenance changed drastically. The increase in Fang Xingjian's abilities had once again surpassed his expectations.

Looking at how Fang Xingchen's countenance had changed, the Black Mage King shook his head and said, "You're feeling dejected just from this? He has merely killed a single Tiandao. When you strive for the second tier of the Divine level, god knows how many people there are of such a caliber."

Fang Xingchen nodded. "I understand, Master. Although Fang Xingjian is amazing, he's unable to cultivate black magic and can't grasp true power. He's merely just an ant in the end. I'll work hard in my cultivation, and within one or two years at most, I'll definitely surpass him."

"It's great that you're confident, but there's no need for one or two years," the Black Mage King said, closing his eyes. Then he nodded and continued, "The evil god summoning ritual will be starting very soon. Prepare yourself well. You'll benefit from it. By then, regardless of how you wish to deal with Fang Xingjian, one word will be all it takes."

Just then, the Black Mage King's gaze flickered slightly, and a Black Robed Mage dashed in, "Lord, there's important news."

"Speak up."

The Black Robed Mage said, "A few days ago, Fang Xingjian and the First Prince were engaged in a great battle at Mingyue Mountain. Based on our investigations, Fang Xingjian single-handedly took on a total of four Divine level experts-the Full Moon Shrine, Tianmen Clan's Enraged Lion, and Full Moon Shrine's Blue Sacred Moonlight and Lan Yue. Aside from Lan Yue, it's likely that none of the others survived."

With a loud bang , the ground under Fang Xingchen's feet exploded, and green veins popped up on his head. It was as if he found this result unbelievable.

The Black Mage King's lowered his eyes and asked, "You aren't able to keep your cool just from this?"

Fang Xingchen said, "Master, I'm only worried that he will affect the evil god summoning ritual."

"The evil god summoning ritual isn't something he can affect." The Black Mage King rested on his recliner like he had fallen asleep. "It's just a single Fang Xingjian. Keep your cool. Those monsters that you'll have to face in the future are over 100 times stronger than him."

Titan's face became increasingly pale as she interrupted, "Lord, Fang Xingjian left behind his newly created sword intents in my body and said that if we're unable to even break through them, then don't go looking for him and courting death."

"Hahahaha," the Black Mage King laughed, not saying a single word. It was as if he could not be bothered to dispute this.

With a tap of his finger, a gust of black thick smoke started to encompass Titan.

However, at the next moment, the thick smoke was shattered, and the subtle sounds of moaning swords rang out from Titan's body. She cried out agonizingly, and blood splattered from all over her body. The sword intents dissipated, but she was also seriously injured.

The Black Mage King narrowed his eyes slightly, and there seemed to be cold light flashing in them. A wound the size of a needle's tip had appeared on his finger, but it was already healed just after it appeared.

However, Fang Xingchen still managed to catch this scene.

'To think that the over ten sword intents he had left behind were able to harm Master?'

The Black Mage King stood up. "To hell with it.

"Where is that b*stard Fang Xingjian?"