Chapter 638: Powerful Black Magic

 Chapter 638: Powerful Black Magic

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Just as Tiandao passed by the Astral Ancestor's body and was clashing fiercely toward Fang Xingjian, a faint blue light blocked him. That was Lan Yue's martial will, which was like a material city wall, striking out from the side and stopping his movements.

There seemed to be a rumbling sound in void space as layers and layers of distorted Waves splattered out from their collision, causing the area within a radius of 100 meters to sink by one meter.

Moreover, this was when both parties had extremely masterful control over their powers and there was close to no repercussive waves.

When Tiandao was blocked off by this attack, the savage grin at the corner of his lips deepened. When he saw Lan Yue, a hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

However, what kind of character was he? He was a powerful expert who had devoted almost his entire life to martial arts. Yet when he saw Lan Yue, he was only astonished by her beauty.

He then looked at Lan Yue and the Astral Ancestor, who were in front and behind him respectively. After that, Tiandao smiled and said, "Why, the two of you wish to attack me together?"

As he spoke, Titan arrived as well. Her pair of long and slender legs appeared even more sexy when wrapped by the leather pants. She stepped lightly on the shattered rock like a dancer performing a sexy dance.

She appeared before everyone, very much as ease, and accepted the speculating gazes from the two Divine level experts. It was as if she did not care about Lan Yue and the Astral Ancestor at all.

Glancing at Titan, Tiandao smiled and said, "Sister Titan, don't take any action later. I want to deal with them personally."

Titan frowned and seemed as if she was eager to make a move. "There are two Divine level experts here."

"What's the difference between there being one or two specks of dust in the air?" Sensing the endless mystical powers in the Crystal of Time, the bloodthirsty glow in Tiandao's eyes grew increasingly stronger.

Right now, he was like a infuriated ferocious beast, a demon lord in hell. There was no hint of the shy young man from earlier.

The words he said were from the bottom of his heart. With the Crystal of Time, it was practically impossible for ordinary Divine level Knights to break through this time magic.

For him to forever have an additional second over others... This represented not only that he would constantly be able to attack without having to defend against his opponents but that he would also always have an additional second to make his escape.

Moreover, other than the Crystal of Time, he still had the black magic which he had spent a lot of hard work cultivating.

After all, when he defeated the Elnoworth who had the Crystal of Time, Tiandao had relied on his own abilities.

Even if it was all three of them, including the cultivating Fang Xingjian, Tiandao would not think much of them, let alone now that there was only Lan Yue and the Astral Ancestor.

Simultaneously, both the Astral Ancestor and Lan Yue also kept on communicating with their martial wills. Countless messages were being exchanged in that instant.

Lan Yue snorted, "What's the matter? Who is this kid?"

The Astral Ancestor said, "I don't know, but he seems to be able to perform black magic. He has the smell of a Mage on him. Be careful, this kid's ability is very strange."

Lan Yue laughed coldly, "You led him here yourself and still have the nerve to tell us to be careful? Do you think that I don't know what you're thinking?"

It was clear that this was not his first time meeting Lan Yue. He knew that although this junior was very attractive, she was very petty and would bear grudges.

He could only say helplessly, "Don't underestimate this kid. His ability is very strange. Even if the two of us join forces, we may not have the upperhand."

"He's so powerful?" Lan Yue seemed to find this hard to believe.

The Astral Ancestor transmitted all the information from when he exchanged blows with Tiandao to Lan Yue. When Lan Yue saw the information, her countenance turned grim instantly.

'This ability... Could it be time?'

Just then, Tiandao's voice also reached their ears. Lan Yue's eyes narrowed, and her moonlight martial will pounced out toward Tiandao like a tsunami. "You alone? Against the two of us? Who do you think that you're talking to?"

The Astral Ancestor made his move concurrently. He sent out a punch, and the combination of the powers from his body and martial will was crazily layered upon by gravitational waves. When this punch struck out, the world seemed to be fill up, and it was as if there was suddenly a huge star striking out toward Tiandao.

On one side, Lan Yue made her move, condensing her martial will and striking out with her Full Moon Palm. It was as if a moon was plunging down, wanting to collide into the ground and completely destroy the world.

On the other side, the Astral Ancestor made his move, sending stars falling and meteors plunging down. He brought along endless gravitational forces and prowess as he charged out toward Tiandao.

The two of them worked very well together, attacking from the left and right respectively. It was as if two stars were striking down, sending terrifying powers crushing toward every inch of space Tiandao was in.

The spatial distortions immediately took up a range of 100 meters, and wherever they passed by filled with a boundless and indistinct feeling. It was as if time space and time were being thrown into disorder and the world was becoming distorted.

When the two Divine level experts joined forces, the powers they unleashed were so terrifying and fierce that Titan was filled with apprehension just by watching from the side.

However, Tiandao, who was in the midst of these attacks, did not appear anxious at all. Then he finally displayed his abilities that allowed him to flee from the Gold Robed Mages, gave him the courage to come to Xingwang Mountain, and allowed him to suppress two Divine level experts.

The Crystal of Time was activated, and the world once again came to a standstill.

However, this time around, Tiandao did not attack anyone. He only unleashed a second black magic in this quiet space.

It was the level 9 black magic-Gracefulness of Time. Accompanied by a wildly flashing golden light, layers of invisible ripples encompassed the area within a radius of 100 meters.

This black magic had once been performed by Shan Kong when Fang Xingjian went up against the Earth's Federation. However, when Tiandao performed just then, the degree of its prowess far surpassed that of everyone's imagination.

Within the range of 100 meters, the transmission speed of all the powers that were attacking Tiandao was dragged out to a rate of one meter per second under the effect of the diabolic energy.

When time regained its flow, the eyes of both the Astral Ancestor and Lan Yue revealed great disbelief.

The martial will attacks they had sent out at light speed were now bringing about overwhelming powers with them, moving one meter by one meter toward Tiandao's direction.

"What kind of joke is this?"

"What black magic is this?"

Speed was power. When any attacks were as slow as this, they would become only a joke regardless of how terrifying a prowess they carried.

Lan Yue could not believe it and struck out her palm again. Even the strong gales brought about by her punches and kicks were moving slowly at one meter per second, let alone her martial will.

The Astral Ancestor made his move as well. However, no matter if it was his Fist's Transition to Stars, Astral River Smash, or even if it was the purely gravitational forces, the strong gales created from his punches or kicks, or the pressure from his martial will... They would all move at a slow speed of one meter per second.

Dodging the attacks with great ease and looking at their astonished gazes, Tiandao smiled and said, "The two of you fought Mages before, right? 20 years ago, the Empire even destroyed the Terrene Shrine.

"However, there are differences in power between the 12 factions of black magic. The Gray Robed Mages are but a bunch of losers who were chased out by the other Mages from the Mage Association.

"What you Divine level Knights can do only after leveling up slowly a step at a time, we can rely on black magic to achieve from just the first tier of the Divine level.

"This is the difference between Knights and Mages."