Chapter 632: Snuffed Out

 Chapter 632: Snuffed Out

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The power that the Astral Ancestor demonstrated at right then distorted the space directly. As he grabbed out, the space and atmosphere twisted, and there were glimmering lights in his palm. It was as if the entire world was being shattered.

The Lonestar Knight and the other two Demigods had joined forces to produce a power that could even shake the entire Xingwang Mountain. However, it was still insufficient to distort space.

Yet, the Astral Ancestor was able to distort space with a casual strike from his palm. However, he then condensed the power through the space distortions, directing them all toward Fang Xingjian.

Through this one attack, Fang Xingjian understood that something had gone wrong with the Astral Ancestor's memories, turning him into an idiot. However, there were no problems with his martial arts cultivation. The way he distorted space and condensed his power was about the same as how the Blue Sacred Moonlight had done it. In fact, it could even be stronger.

However, faced with the great pressure from the Astral Ancestor, Fang Xingjian remained unfazed, not backing off at all. He struck out with his palm toward the Astral Ancestor's palm with a great force that could hold up the sky. The violent power also distorted space, bring about layers and layers of ripples, clashing into the Astral Ancestor's hand.

Bang! There seemed to be the roaring of a myriad of thunder claps in void space, and the Lonestar Knight and his two juniors turned pale. Their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses had started to bleed due to the tremors, and they retreated rapidly.

Even Lan Yue's body was shaken. Although she did not back off, her face had turned a little pale as well.

The two palms separated upon contact. Fang Xingjian let out a stifled grunt and retreated three steps back. The space around him trembled furiously, distorting into small and broken waves before he came to a stop.

'Oh? The strength of this old man's martial will is very powerful. So, this is the Astral Spiritual Physique? As expected of a technique that dominates with power.'

As Fang Xingjian sensed the power struck out that the Astral Ancestor with, a hint of satisfaction flashed in his eyes.

Watching this scene in which Fang Xingjian was pushed back, the eyes of the Lonestar Knight and his two martial juniors lit up with excitement. It could be said that with these three steps Fang Xingjian retreated, this was the first time he had been in a disadvantageous position ever since he came up the mountain.

'There's hope. There's really hope,' The Lonestar Knight thought. 'Master's cultivation really hasn't retreated but has progressed instead. He might really be able to suppress Fang Xingjian completely.'

The Stardust Fairy and Starbeast Hunter also displayed hints of joyful expressions. 'Could it be that Master has succeeded in attaining the third tier of the Divine level? If that's the case, then he'll definitely be able to suppress Fang Xingjian.'

The pressure that Fang Xingjian gave the three of them was far too great. He was so powerful that they were unable to resist at all. Right now, just seeing Fang Xingjian reveal a hint of being in a disadvantaged position gave them endless hope.

Lan Yue, who was at the side, also frowned slightly as she thought, 'It seems that even though the Astral Ancestor's memories are in a mess, he hasn't lost his martial art instincts. It could even be that with him fully focused on cultivating martial arts, he has become even stronger instead.

'Fang Xingjian is still too rash. After all, the Astral Ancestor is someone who tried for the third tier of the Divine level. Even if he became a fool, he is still not to be underestimated.'

Thinking of this, schemes flashed through her eyes, and she even started to think about a problem.

'If the Astral Ancestor really suppresses Fang Xingjian, then do I take action? Who do I take action against? Fang Xingjian...?' A great impulse slowly gushed up in her heart.

Just as the four of them who were at the side each had different thoughts running through their minds, the Astral Ancestor turned his head completely. The starlight in his eyes was now flashing even more brilliantly.

"Hmmm? There seems to be the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique... the Rebirth Sword Technique... the White Bone Sword Physique? There are also hints of a few other light swords. What an attack to have so many sword techniques incorporated into it..." The Astral Ancestor did not move his mouth and just mumbled through his martial will like a puppet. "What great sword arts. Amongst all the swordsmen in the world, you can be ranked in the top five. Take this Astral River Smash from me."

He then stood up abruptly, placing his two hands together and raising them high up as endless streams of strong forces exuded from his body. The void space in the surroundings started to flash in the starlight. At this moment, the Astral Ancestor himself seemed to have turned into a star, exuding endless gravitational waves and causing the space within several tens of meters around him to distort.

This Astral River Smash was a martial technique that changed and made use of the surrounding gravity, and then incorporated the violent astral gravitational forces, displaying an extremely terrifying destructive force.

The Astral Ancestor's hands, which he had put together, had turned pitch-black just like a pitch-black sphere. Under the ceaselessly stacking gravity, which violently absorbed the surrounding air, it formed strong gales that filled up the place.

It was as if he had turned into a planet, and the planet had then exploded, becoming a black hole. This Astral River Smash was a technique that imitated a phenomenon in the universe.

Countless amounts of soil, grass, and trees were absorbed into it. However, it was like a bottomless hole that could never be filled to the brim.

Even the rays of sunlight that fell from the sky, spiralling into the Astral Ancestor's palms. It was as if even light rays were being engulfed.

Looking at the black hole-like existence between the Astral Ancestor's palms, the countenances of everyone present changed again. It was because the Astral Ancestor had unleashed too powerful an attack, and the astral forces seemed to have been utilized to an extreme.

This was especially when the black sphere seemed to give off a feeling of wanting to engulf all living creatures and mess up the world. It caused the Lonestar Knight and the others to feel like everything had been encompassed by that black sphere. Even their martial wills seemed to be stir, wanting to be absorbed into it.

Then as more and more physical substances were engulfed, the absorption of this attack got increasingly stronger.

The Astral River Smash could press down and condense the entire Xingwang Mountain into the size of a thumb. It could even absorb and destroy the martial will of Divine level experts directly. Even the will of a Divine level expert would not be able to come into contact with it easily. Its amazing prowess was unrivalled, and it was now fully directed toward Fang Xingjian.

'The Astral River Smash is one of the three greatest secret arts in the Universal Astral Realm Book. However, no one has been able to learn it for over 1,000 years. I didn't expect that when Master lost his mind while striving for the third tier of the Divine level and ended up only knowing to cultivate, he managed to comprehend the profoundness behind this move instead.'

Looking at this scene, the Lonestar Knight's eyes were filled with exhilaration. 'It's said that this attack is an ultimate technique that was created back when the starry skies still existed and someone had observed the life and destruction in the starry skies. It imitates the scene of the changing universe and shows that even the starry skies can be destroyed.'

'We won!'

The Lonestar Knight was not the only one who had sensed how terrifying the Astral River Smash was. The Stardust Fairy and the Starbeast Hunter felt the same, and the words 'we won' also appeared in their minds.

Faced with this ultimate technique from the Astral Ancestor, Fang Xingjian finally unleashed his true powers for the first time since he came to the Xingwang Mountain.

Four shadows flashed by. Four white bone short swords had pierced out from Fang Xingjian's ribs, coming together and forming the shape of a cross as they floated behind him.

In that instant, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation's body adhesion mode was activated. All powers within a radius of 100,000 meters, regardless if they were ether particles or physical particles, started to gush into Fang Xingjian's body like a long seething river.

Faced with the Astral Ancestor's full power attack, Fang Xingjian activated the sword formation and then grabbed out with his palm.

The clean and fair-skinned palm seemed to bring along dreamy colors. Everywhere it passed by, there would be layers and layers of ripples in the space, and the particles clashed against each other. It seemed as if there would be an explosion of nuclear fusions at any moment now.

This one palm gave off the feeling of great power and might, as if it represented a kind of extremity of strength.

Under the Astral Ancestor's dazed gaze, the palm abruptly grabbed onto the black sphere, that was formed by endlessly stacking gravitational forces, and then clenched down fiercely.

It was as if even the space was shattered by this one clench. There seemed to be countless cracks flashing in the air. The black sphere, which could condense everything within several tens of li into the size of a thumb, had burst from Fang Xingjian's clench. The violent gravitational forces exploded in Fang Xingjian's fist. However, as they were clenched inside his fist, they were unable to break through.

Then as the gravitational forces exploded further, Fang Xingjian's fist was slowly pushed open. Fang Xingjian's expression remained unchanged as the terrifying gravitational waves in his palms were then completely snuffed out.