Chapter 630: Meeting

 Chapter 630: Meeting

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Maria rubbed her eyes and said in a slight daze, "Father, were there three mountains flying in the sky earlier?"

Maria's father still had his mouth agape and did not reply for a very long time. It was only when Maria shook his arm that he closed his mouth, gulped, and said, "Blowing away three mountains with a single breath? Probably only a Divine level expert would be able to do something like this."

As he looked at Fang Xingjian's lonely back view, his eyes were still filled with disbelief. "To think that he's a Divine level expert..."

Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind like a bolt of lightning. He opened his mouth and mumbled, "With this power, how he looks so young, and he's a Divine level expert... Fang Xingjian? Could he be Fang Xingjian?"

Now that the First Prince was crippled, the Empire's 11 known Divine level experts returned back to being ten Divine level experts.

Amongst these ten Divine level experts, aside from Fang Xingjian, the rest had the appearances of middle-aged or elderly people. Although they could change their appearances as they wished, they tended not to care enough to do such things and would only habitually maintain their original appearance.

Out of the ten Divine level experts, the only one who could fit this scene was Fang Xingjian. Furthermore, it was also rumored that Fang Xingjian was at the Full Moon Shrine, reading through the manuals there.

Thinking of how this young expert was Fang Xingjian and then thinking of how Fang Xingjian had asked if his daughter wanted to become his disciple but was rejected...

Upon thinking of these, a bitter expression instantly appeared on the face of Maria's father. He felt that even his saliva tasted bitter now.

Maria's father lowered his head and looked at Maria, who was still in a daze. He smacked his lips and sighed while thinking, 'Maria still doesn't know what she has missed out on. I only hope that she won't blame me in the future.'

As for the many representatives from various influences and organizations in the area, all of them had turned pale from shock, unable to say a single word.

In particular, after hearing what Maria's father was mumbling, huge waves surged in their hearts, and some of them even started to rejoice.

"Thank goodness. Thank goodness I didn't follow the others and take action earlier. Otherwise, I'd be dead."

"I heard that Fang Xingjian is one who seeks revenge for all feuds, and he didn't let even the First Prince and the Undying Xia off. Thank goodness we didn't offend him."

"Phew... To think that it's Fang Xingjian. I heard that he defeated the Blue Sacred Moonlight and crippled the First Prince single-handedly. I originally thought that the rumors were exaggerated, but it seems that this person is really terrifying, truly terrifying."

While everyone was overwhelmed with emotions, they cast occasional glances toward the aristocratic young man who was standing at the side. Their gazes were filled with feelings of joy and pity over his calamity.

The aristocratic young man's back was filled with cold sweat, and his feet were trembling slightly. His heart seemed to be filled with endless regret and terror.

He was bellowing out in his heart, 'Damn it! Damn the Myriad Stars Palace! Damn Fang Xingjian! If you're so amazing, why don't you just give out your name? Why don't you just take action immediately? You... This is a trick to get people to fall into the trap!'

Right now, his mind was still filled with the scene of Fang Xingjian blowing away three mountains with a single breath. The scene of the flying mountains continued to swirl about in his mind, bringing him an increasing sense of regret. The only thing he could do now was pray that Fang Xingjian had forgotten about him.

Simultaneously, the Lonestar Knight, Stardust Fairy, and Starbeast Hunter had all regained their senses and guessed Fang Xingjian's identity. The Lonestar Knight took a long look at Fang Xingjian and said, "You must be Fang Xingjian, right? You're really amazing.

"To be able to blow away our joint attack with a single breath, using pure strength to go up against astral radiation and astral powers... This is an extremely difficult feat.

"After that, you were even able to slash through the mountains several lis away in a single breath, unrooting them from the ground and blowing them into the sky... This is an even tougher feat.

"There are probably no more than ten people who can do something like this."

Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "With the world's metamorphosis, something like this is nothing. In the future, there will only be more and more people who can do things like this."

The Lonestar Knight nodded. "You're right."

By now, the dispositions of the Myriad Stars Palace's three powerful disciples had been revealed.

When the Stardust Fairy and the Starbeast Hunter saw the scene where Fang Xingjian had blown off mountains with a single breath, they were completely scared out of their wits. They no longer showed the arrogance they had shown Fang Xingjian earlier, and they did not even dare to speak loudly now. The two of them were currently as nervous as ordinary people who had encountered a great white shark right in front of them.

On the contrary, the Lonestar Knight, who had been the most polite earlier, could still maintain a normal conversation with Fang Xingjian despite his pale countenance, quick heartbeat, and anxiety in his eyes. This showed off his outstanding mental disposition. If one were to have such mental disposition when undergoing cultivation and breaking through barriers, one would get double the results. Therefore, the Lonestar Knight was the most outstanding out of the three.

The Lonestar Knight said, "With your abilities, it's true that the Myriad Stars Palace isn't your match. However, to have us give up our manual which has been passed down in secret... It's really an act of betrayal and disservice to our ancestors. How about... How about you meet up with our Master first?"

Even after Fang Xingjian wreaked such havoc, the Astral Ancestor had yet to appear. Fang Xingjian had felt that this was strange to begin with, and now, seeing that the Lonestar Knight seemed to be hiding some things, he felt even more suspicious.

'Could it be that something has happened to the Astral Ancestor?'

Fang Xingjian did not harbor any good impressions toward this senior Divine level expert. After all, the Astral Ancestor had once taken the First Prince's side during the trial for the Rebirth Sword Technique, giving a statement that there was a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique.

As such, Fang Xingjian and the Astral Ancestor could be considered to have some enmity between them. However, how could Fang Xingjian possibly be scared of the Astral Ancestor now?

Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "Then let's go meet him."

The Lonestar Knight made a welcoming gesture before looking toward Lan Yue. Right now, Lan Yue had already changed back to her original appearance. Looking at the Stardust Fairy's, the Starbeast Hunter's, and the others' infuriating gazes, Lan Yue chuckled. "You should know about the Full Moon Shrine's condition by now. There's no way that I can stop Xingjian from what he wants to do."

After saying that, she followed Fang Xingjian. However, after taking a few steps, she suddenly turned to throw a glance toward Maria and the others. She gave a smile that was as beautiful as blossoming flowers and then turned to leave.

The aristocratic young master, who had been in great shock earlier, shivered and collapsed to the ground.

Lan Yue had crippled him of his cultivation. It was clear that other than being beautiful and strong, this beautiful lady was also the kind of woman who was petty and would bear a grudge.

However, after sensing his condition, the aristocratic young master heaved a sigh of relief.

His cultivation had been nothing fantastic to begin with, so it was of no loss for him to lose it. As long as he could keep his life, he would be able to train back if he were to spend over ten years cultivating. Everything would be fine if he could still keep his life. The stress that Fang Xingjian had given him earlier was much too great.

Accompanied by the Lonestar Knight, the Stardust Fairy, and the Starbeast Hunter, Fang Xingjian and Lonestar Knight headed deep into Xingwang Mountain. As for the other disciples of the Myriad Stars Palace, they had been dismissed and sent off.