Chapter 629: Moving Mountain, Moving Mountain

 Chapter 629: Moving Mountain, Moving Mountain

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Deathly sword intent soared from Fang Xingjian's body, piercing into the air like a sharp invisible sword.

An immense sense of danger grew in the hearts of Lonestar Knight, the Stardust Fairy, and the Starbeast Hunter. That feeling was like Fang Xingjian's killing aura had taken the form of a material blade, brushing past the surface of their skin.


It took only an instant for all three of them to bring out their full powers.

A stardust phantom image rose behind the Lonestar Knight. It was like a meteor that seemed to descend from the skies, wanting to collide into the ground. It would destroy everything, including the human world, society, and then reconstruct the entire ecosphere.

The Lonestar Knight pushed his hands out fiercely, and a tremendous amount of energy gushed into the phantom image. In the blink of an eye, the phantom image became extremely compact, as if it had really became a World Annihilating Star that was going to destroy the world. It then smashed out toward Fang Xingjian.

Terrifying power tore through the air currents, and there seemed to be a burnt smell in the air. It was caused by the atmosphere being heated up till it was seething. The intense power trembled, as if wanting to turn the entire training ground into dust from the tremors.

The Stardust Fairy created a myriad flashing starlight which seemed to have turned into a surging Milky Way, and it struck out toward Fang Xingjian.

When Fang Xingjian participated in the Regional Selection and went up against the Myriad Stars Palace's third generation disciple, Hoult, the latter had performed this Astral Tempest once before. It was a Killing technique condensed from the bone cells that the cultivator would eliminate on a daily basis.

However, when the Stardust Fairy was performing the Astral Tempest, it was more than one thousand, or even ten thousand, times stronger than when Hoult had performed it.

Wherever it passed by, there would be the depiction of time accelerating and the universe changing. Each flashing starlight was like a level 29 Divine Weapon that pierced out at several tens of times that of the speed of sound, and they could penetrate through a mountain.

Right now, they were sweeping out toward Fang Xingjian like a meteor shower with a world-shaking prowess. It was as if several hundred bombers were launching missiles incessantly. They could blast an entire city into smithereens and even wipe out an entire base.

The Starbeast Hunter made his move as well. Many wild beasts that were flashing amidst the starlight roared out furiously. These Starbeasts had all been condensed from his astral powers and astral radiation. Each of them had several tens or over 100 tons of power, and they moved at a speed that could break through sound barriers. It was easy for them to tear through steel and penetrate city walls.

There were a total of 18 Starbeasts, and they could flatten a small country entirely.

However, this was only the Starbeasts' weakest ability. Their most terrifying ability was that they could self-detonate. Once they did so, it would be like the explosion of an unguided bomb. The gravitational forces in their bodies would be unleashed instantly, and they would condense everything within a radius of 100 meters into the size of a rice grain. This damaging prowess could threaten even a Demigod with five tiers of perfection.

Right now, all 18 Starbeasts were charging toward Fang Xingjian, ready to self-detonate. Once they did that, their combined prowess would be so powerful that even some slightly weaker Divine level experts would not dare to face the impact head-on.

The three disciples of the Myriad Stars Palace had reacted too quickly. It was as if they went all out the moment they sensed there was danger. Moreover, they complemented each other. The Lonestar Knight's World Annihilating Star served as the main attack, the Stardust Fairy's Astral Tempest worked as the complementary framework, and then the 18 Starbeasts' surprise attack was the true killing move.

The trio's attacking prowess, condition, and teamwork had almost reached a state of perfection.

Within this attack, it was as if the trio's minds were truly connected.

'With the joint attack from the three of us, even a first tier Divine level expert would not dare to take the impact head-on!'

However, when faced with the attacks from the trio, Fang Xingjian showed no signs of anxiety. He continued to regard everything with the nonchalant flow of the heaven's laws, as if he was looking down on the mortal world from the side.

He opened his mouth slightly and blew out a gust of air. The white air currents seemed faint and light at the very beginning, but at the next moment, they turned into a violent thunderstorm. The thunderstorm was then condensed into a longsword that was accompanied by strong gales, and it went piercing out toward the trio.

"Exhaling to form a sword?" The Lonestar Knight was the first to react to what Fang Xingjian was doing. However, he felt deep contempt for a move like this.

'Using the great power of his lungs to exhale air currents and then turn them into sword Qis...? It's one thing to be using this against ordinary people, but when used against us, he's simply courting death.'

When the Stardust Fairy and the Starbeast Hunter saw Fang Xingjian's move in reaction to theirs, both of them had feelings of strong disdain flash past their eyes. They could not believe that he would be able to go up against their joint ultimate move just with the power of his lungs' exhale.

However, what they did not know was that Fang Xingjian's exhale, which formed the sword, contained not only the explosive power of his lungs but also had the deathly sword intent that had 800 points in attribute.

Therefore, at the next moment, the white air currents clashed fiercely against the Lonestar Knight's World Annihilating Star, turning it into dust. The Lonestar Knight was forced to back off while spurting blood.

Violent gales swept out toward the Stardust Fairy's Astral Tempest, causing the myriad stars to plunge down and blow out of the atmospheric layer with a single breath.

As for the 18 Starbeasts, before they could self-detonate, the violent gales had already swept out toward them. Each breeze was like an invisible sharp sword dismembering the 18 beasts, turning them into star fragments and scattering them into the air.

White air currents came gushing out, but the Lonestar Knight, the Stardust Fairy, and the Starbeast Hunter were all so stunned with their mouths agape that they had forgotten to resist. They watched in a daze as the air currents went through their bodies and swept out toward the mountain behind them.

The three of them had never expected that their full-power joint attack would be broken through with such ease.

The Starbeast Hunter watched as the 18 Starbeasts turned into star fragments, and a hint of savageness flashed in his eyes. He immediately regained his senses from his shocked state and let out a furious bellow, wanting to attack once again.

However, at the next moment, the Xingwang Mountain under their feet tremored fiercely. Loud kacha kacha sounds rang out behind them, and it sounded like the void space was trembling and the earth's crust was shattering.

The Starbeast Hunter turned his head, and his pupils instantly contracted as a scene that caused his soul to leave his body was presented before him.

The white air currents, that Fang Xingjian had exhaled, had moved across the sky. They swept through mountains and clashed into a mountain that was faraway. Amidst the rumbling sounds, the mountain shattered, and countless cracks were formed in the ground, extending out to a distance of several tens of kilometers.

As the last rumble rang out, the violent air currents had already broken off, uprooted, and blown away three mountains, sending them flying at raid speed. They eventually turned into a black speck and then disappeared from everyone's view.

He blew away three mountains with a single breath? Just how terrifying was this scene? It caused everyone present to turn pale and become extremely agitated and unsettled.

The Starbeast Hunter, who had wanted to fight it out to the bitter end earlier, now stood there with a pale countenance as if he had lost his soul. He looked just like ordinary person who had been thrown into a state of shock. What kind of shock would a Demigod have to be put through to be completely stunned?

However, they were not the only ones who were stunned. Even Lan Yue, who was also a Divine level expert like Fang Xingjian, was overwhelmed with astonishment as well.

Uprooting three mountains with a single exhale, and then sending them flying into the air and out of the cloud layers... Something like this was something that could only be heard from ancient legends and myths. Yet this had actually happened right before her eyes, so how could she possibly not be shocked?

Her assessment of Fang Xingjian immediately rose by a few levels.

As for Maria and the others who had followed Fang Xingjian, they were now completely stunned speechless.