Chapter 628: Receiving Sword Attack

 Chapter 628: Receiving Sword Attack

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After the two of them walked roughly over 300 steps, a loud bellow came down together with several tens of tornado air currents.

"What audacity, to barge..."

Before the sentence was finished, Fang Xingjian slapped out across space. One could almost hear a slapping sound as the silhouette in the tornado started tumbling in midair, becoming a black dot as he flew countless kilometers away.

The people in the forest behind them all shuddered as they watched this.

Maria's father gulped and said, "That... seems to be the Myriad Stars Palace's third generation disciple, Aster?"

"Giant Star God Aster is considered to be at the very top of the third generation disciples, with a talent above even that of Crystal's. Despite being stronger than Crystal, to think that Aster isn't able to take a single attack?"

Everyone exchanged a glance and subconsciously pulled away to a distance of over 100 meters.

After slapping away a few other disciples who were on guard duty, Fang Xingjian and Lan Yue met no other enemies as they climbed up till midway of the mountain without any obstacles. Then they saw several tens of Myriad Stars Palace's disciples were waiting in formation at the huge training ground.

Particularly, the two men and one lady in the lead were exuding seething auras, and there seemed to be the aura of over 1,000 specialty seeds surging around in the surroundings. The physical particles in their bodies were linked by violent heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, and their bodies' toughness was far stronger than that of any ordinary Conferred Knight.

Fang Xingjian scanned them briefly. With his powerful martial will, checking out the trio's abilities was as easy as checking the lines on his palm. He instantly determined that the three of them were probably Demigods at one or two tiers of perfection.

The two men and one lady were the three most outstanding second generation disciples of the Myriad Stars Palace. The man who was the oldest of them had the nickname, 'Lonestar Knight'. He was a Demigod with two tiers of perfection in his body toughness and specialty seeds, and he would be able to hold his stand in any of the great regions.

Beside him was his junior martial sister, the Stardust Fairy, and his junior martial brother, the Starbeast Hunter.

Seeing Fang Xingjian and Lan Yue, the Lonestar Knight's countenance changed a little. In particular, Lan Yue's beauty gave him quite a shock. Moreover, she gave off a familiar feeling. Yet when he tried to sense it, the feeling seemed blurry and vague-just rather unclear.

However, with people barging into the Xingwang Mountain and several of their members being assaulted and injured, there was no way that they could leave this matter be.

The Lonestar Knight walked out, looked at Fang Xingjian, and said, "May I ask who you are? Why have you barged into our Myriad Stars Palace and assaulted our members?"

The Starbeast Hunter laughed coldly, and his marble-like muscles twitched as many wild beasts behind him, which were formed from starlight, growled restlessly. "Eldest Martial Brother, there's no need to talk so much with him. This kind of people should just be killed. There's no need for words."

The Lonestar Knight threw him a harsh glare and then turned back to face Fang Xingjian. He was the best tempered one out of the trio, as well as the most reliable. Even though Fang Xingjian had fought his way through, the Lonestar Knight still wanted to first understand who he was. The Lonestar Knight held the opinion that unless they were idiots, no one would dare to fight their way through so directly. For Fang Xingjian to dare fight his way through by himself, he must have some support. However, it was true that they, the Myriad Stars Palace, were not afraid.

The Stardust Fairy said arrogantly, "You were the one who sent a letter to issue a challenge to our Myriad Stars Palace previously, right? To think that there's really someone with such audacity... Tell us who you are or who is the person backing you up, then we can spare your life."

Fang Xingjian flicked his finger and frowned slightly. They seemed to have mistaken him as someone else.

However, he did not care about this and merely said calmly, "I don't know who you're talking about, but there's neither a need for you to ask nor know my name. The reason I've come to the Xingwang Mountain today is to borrow the Universal Astral Realm Book. After I've taken a look at it, I'll turn and take my leave."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the many Myriad Stars Palace's disciples present were infuriated.

What was the Universal Astral Realm Book? It was the Myriad Stars Palace's secret manual that had been passed down through the generations, and it was the source of all of the Myriad Stars Palace's martial arts. The secret manual was something that only the leader of the Myriad Stars Palace could have access to. For an outsider to freely come and want to borrow it for a look, it was no different than to have someone piss on the Myriad Stars Palace's signboard. If they were to show the Universal Astral Realm Book so easily to others, then the people from the Myriad Stars Palace could forget about keeping their heads up outside as it would be a great shame.

The Lonestar Knight felt that he had already shown a suitable amount of consideration and courtesy, but he was still infuriated by Fang Xingjian's words to the extent that his face turned pale. The Lonestar Knight tried to restrain himself and laughed coldly while saying calmly, "The Universal Astral Realm Book is our Myriad Stars Palace's secret and mustn't be shared with outsiders. Three days ago, you sent a letter saying that you're going to challenge our Myriad Stars Palace. However, now you're saying that you want to borrow our Myriad Stars Palace's secret manual, the Universal Astral Realm Book for a look. Are you really bent on going all out with our Myriad Stars Palace until either party perishes?"

"Is that so? The person who wrote the letter isn't me. It was just a spur of a moment for me to decide to make a trip here." Streams of aura that reflected indifference shot out from his eyes, as if some terrifying powers were slowly drilling their way out from his body. The feeling he gave off changed from being initially weak and harmless to an indescribable danger.

"There's no point in saying more. In the end, we'll have to fight it out.

"Take a sword attack from me. There are so many people from your side. If any one of you can take a sword attack from me, then I'll let the Myriad Stars Palace off."

Hearing this, the Lonestar Knight and the other members of the Myriad Stars Palace felt that Fang Xingjian was extremely arrogant and haughty. How many people did they have? There were several tens of the most elite disciples, out of which over 20 of them had reached the second transition, and seven to eight of them had reached level 29. There was even the Lonestar Knight, Stardust Fairy, and Starbeast Hunter, who were Demigods with one or two tiers of perfection.

With such power, they would be able to cause a stir in any of the great regions or even be able to set up a faction of their own.

The Stardust Fairy looked at Fang Xingjian amusedly and said, "Defeating us with a single sword attack? Who do you think you are? The Abyss Lord? Or the Holy Orison?"

The people from the Myriad Stars Palace were not the only ones who felt this way. Even the people at the back, including Maria and her father, felt that Fang Xingjian's words were extremely arrogant. To defeat three Demigods and over ten Conferred Knights with a single sword attack... This was something that probably only a Divine level expert would be able to do.

Maria's father took a long look at Fang Xingjian and said, "This person must either be an extremely arrogant and ignorant lunatic, or a Divine level expert."

"Divine level expert?" Maria cried out in astonishment. "Father, you said that he's a Divine level expert?"

"It's just the tiniest possibility." Maria's father laughed at his own words. "How could there be such a coincidence? During this period of time, the ether particle density has grown tremendously, and there's no lack of young arrogant geniuses lately."

Fang Xingjian's expression grew increasingly indifferent, as if none of the people before him could attract his attention. He spoke nonchalantly, "Between myself and the Abyss Lord or the Holy Orison, we'll only be able to know who is stronger and who is weaker after a fight.

"Alright, stop the crap. Take this sword attack."

The Stardust Fairy wanted to say more, but a stream of deathly sword intent surged from Fang Xingjian's body. The countenances of the Lonestar Knight, the Starbeast Hunter, and the Stardust Fairy all changed drastically in that moment.