Chapter 625: Xingwang Mountain

 Chapter 625: Xingwang Mountain

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In a secret room at the top of Mingyue Mountain, Fang Xingjian sat down cross-legged on the ground. He was not making a sound and had almost no breathing or heartbeat at all. It was as if he was dead.

Above his head, a lump of black shadows kept flashing about. They were like the devils and ghosts from legends, distorting and changing incessantly.

They were Fang Xingjian's deathly swords. After having seen the Full Moon Shrine's Moonlight King Physique and the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's Senluo Six Heavens Sword, he was attempting to rework the two methods of condensing martial will to create a path of his own.

With his current aptitude of having the world's best sword arts talent and the additional aptitude he had received from the ten tiers of the mystical prints, something like this was an easy feat for him. However, even after multiple attempts, he was still unsatisfied with the results.

'It's still short of some changes. The sturdiness of the Senluo Six Heavens Sword and the agility of the Moonlight King Physique can both be merged into my Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique.

'However, my martial will must still be able to unleash endless power.'

The method to condense one's martial will which Fang Xingjian had come up with during this period of time was called the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique.

He wanted this method of condensing one's martial will to be equipped with sturdiness, power, and speed all at the same time.

However, he had not been able to unleash his martial will's ability with an extraordinary impact in terms of its power.

'When we're talking about the powers of nature, it'll have to be the astral powers under our feet.' Fang Xingjian recalled that he had cultivated the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves and the Terra Ingurgitation technique.

'If only my martial will and even my Celestial Eradication Sword Formation can make use of gravity...'

Astral power, or rather, the earth's gravity, was truly one of the strongest forces in the world. However, Fang Xingjian had not gotten the relevant methods of condensing the martial will in this area, and it was not impossible for him to create one for himself.

However, he thought of an even better idea.

Fang Xingjian walked out of the secret room to see Lan Yue, who was seated at the side formally in an upright position 1 . He asked, "Are you familiar with the Myriad Stars Palace? Do they have any amazing methods of condensing the martial will?"

During this period of time, Lan Yue had always been by Fang Xingjian's side. She appeared docile and yielding, just like a female attendant.

Fang Xingjian knew that if he were to say the word, she might even be willing to accompany him in bed. It was because this lady was one who would do anything in order to achieve her means. She was totally different from her pure, innocent, and gentle appearance.

Lan Yue appeared a little puzzled on why Fang Xingjian was asking this. However, as the Myriad Stars Palace was a powerful faction that was also situated in the Xingwu Region like the Full Moon Shrine, Lan Yue was naturally very familiar with it.

She nodded and said, "All of the Myriad Stars Palace's legacies come from a Universal Astral Realm Book. Their method of condensing the martial will is called the Astral Spiritual Physique. It gathers the earth's geomagnetic forces into the martial will and has a tremendous power. It has always triumphed in power."

Fang Xingjian nodded and thought, 'As expected.'

As a faction that had the stars as their representatives, they would undoubtedly have martial arts that grasped and controlled astral forces.

Fang Xingjian said, "Then let's go. Bring me to the Myriad Stars Palace."

Lan Yue said hesitantly, "Sir, you thinking of..."

"Taking a look at that Universal Astral Realm Book."


The Myriad Stars Palace was over 1,000 li away from the Full Moon Shrine. Together with the Full Moon Shrine, the two factions occupied the east and west of the Xingwu Region.

In the middle of a huge stretch of mountains, there was a great mountain with a whooping height of over 1,000 meters.

The great mountain appeared like a large piece of rock that had been tossed onto the ground.

In fact, the truth was that it was very close to that situation. This great mountain was rumored to have been a star in the sky that was grabbed down by an expert of the Myriad Stars Palace countless years ago. After that, he tossed it onto the Xingwu Region.

Therefore, a huge crater was smashed into the stretch of mountain range, and countless years later, they formed the current setup.

What had previously been a star had become a mountain that constantly exuded a faint astral radiation which supported the cultivation of generations of the Myriad Stars Palace's Knights. It was called the Xingwang Mountain 2 .

With the Xingwang Mountain as the focal point, the countless cities, towns, and villages amidst the stretch of mountains all belonged to the Myriad Stars Palace. It could be said that the Myriad Stars Palace was considered to be the ruler of this area. The words of the Myriad Stars Palace's Knights held greater weight than those of the Empire's officials here.

Right now,Myriad Stars Palace several tens of people of all kinds were at the foot of the Myriad Stars Palace, waiting quietly to be summoned inside.

They were the representatives from major Trade Associations, factions, as well as organizations and influences that were located within the Myriad Stars Palace's area of influence. These representatives often had to come here to handle various matters in the Myriad Stars Palace, including consulting, requesting for help, and others. It could also be to pay a visit or present gifts to the person in charge of a certain area.

A cute round-faced young lady, who was about 14 or 15 years of age and had her golden hair tied up into a ponytail, was also standing there. Standing next to her was a middle-aged man who had a certain degree of similarity to her.

The middle-aged man said to her, "Maria, remember, after you head up the Xingwang Mountain, you must work hard in your cultivation and listen to what your teacher has to say. Don't stir up any trouble. There are too many important characters on the mountain, and our family can't afford to offend any of them."

The young lady who went by the name of Maria nodded and said seriously, "I understand, Father. I'll work hard in my cultivation."

Maria's father had put in great efforts and spent several tens of thousand of gold, then after having almost depleted all of his resources, he finally found a disciple of the Myriad Stars Palace who was willing to accept his daughter as an apprentice. As long as she could join the Myriad Stars Palace, then she would be able to carry her weight around in the vicinity in the future. Furthermore, with the Myriad Stars Palace's martial arts legacies and top notch manuals, she would have a great future before her.

Thinking of this, Maria's father looked at his daughter. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

While everyone was waiting patiently to be called by the respected members of the Myriad Stars Palace, a couple had appeared at the bottom of the foot without everyone else realising.

Maria rubbed her eyes, looked at the couple, and asked in astonishment, "Father, were the two of them there just now? Why didn't I see when they appeared?"

Maria's father shook her head, indicating that he had also not seen how the two of them had appeared.

The man looked ordinary and even a little pale, skinny, and weak. However, the lady appeared to be very charming. She was looking lovingly at that skinny and weak man, causing many of the men present to feel unhappy.

This couple was Fang Xingjian and Lan Yue.

Lan Yue said in a soft voice, "Sir, this seems to be the Myriad Stars Palace."

"In the future, there's no need to call me Sir." A hint of majestic aura that seemed to be like the moving universe flashed in Fang Xingjian's eyes. "People are differentiated by the strong and the weak, but there's no difference in terms of statuses. No matter if it's you or me, we're but a tiny speck of dust in the long river of time. You can just call me Fang Xingjian."

Then, he looked toward Lan Yue and asked again, "It's certain, this time around right?"

Lan Yue's face flushed up and she stuck out a tongue, a little embarrassed, causing many people's imagination to run wild. "I'm sorry, Xing...jian. I don't come out that much and isn't that familiar with the area. But this should be the Myriad Stars Palace. I'll go and ask."

She then turned toward the people who were waiting at the foot of the mountain, changing from her tender and sweet state into an expression that was like cold frost.

"Is this the Myriad Stars Palace?"