Chapter 622: Undaunted Despite Repeated Setbacks

 Chapter 622: Undaunted Despite Repeated Setbacks

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The First Prince, George Krieg, was the one who would inherit the Empire in the future.

During the past few years, especially the past three to four months when the world underwent a metamorphosis, the First Prince had been engaged in power play. Being extremely pushy and domineering, he had taken over half of the influences from the various great regions in the Empire.

Moreover, there were the two Divine level experts from the Krieg royal family backing the First Prince up. Even The School of Sword Arts' previous Swordless Sword, one of the top ten Divine level experts-the Sword Slash of the Secular World-had joined the royal family. Attacking the First Prince would potentially mean that one would be subject to the revenge of three great Divine level experts and the power of an entire country. It could bring about endless troubles in the future.

Everyone looked at the scene before them in silence. They held their breaths, seeming as if they had even forgotten to breathe. They just stared at this scene which might be a moment that could affect the decades of history in this world's future.

Lan Yue's beautiful eyes were agape as she looked at Fang Xingjian, who had descended from the void space. Countless plots and schemes kept flashing in her mind.

'Attacking the First Prince before so many people would mean that he'll completely fall out with the Krieg royal family. Moreover, as the successor to the Empire, the First Prince would definitely have many life-saving Divine Weapons and secret arts which he has yet to reveal.

'The only reason he has decided not to fight it out and provoke Fang Xingjian instead is so that he can destroy Fang Xingjian's martial arts beliefs. Once Fang Xingjian cowers from this, it'll probably leave behind a lasting trauma in his heart. It could cause him to suffer for life, and it's not impossible for his martial will to not show any progress with his martial will.'

Thinking of this, Lan Yue let out a long breath, 'However, if he raises his hands against the First Prince, he will become a subject of ridicule and really fall out with the royal family. Once the King and the Abyss Lord set their eyes on him, Fang Xingjian's death will be certain.'

The Abyss Lord and the King was a pair of extremely unfathomable brothers. Their talents were ten times that of the First Prince, and the resources they had were 100 times that of the First Prince. The time they had spent accumulating was also several decades more than the First Prince.

How terrifying would such people have become? Just the thought of it caused Lan Yue's hair to stand up.

'If he attacks, his death will be confirmed.

'If he doesn't, his martial will will be affected, and it'll probably be hard for him to gain any progress ever again.

'The First Prince... is really vicious,' Lan Yue thought as she took a long look at Fang Xingjian. 'Fang Xingjian, what on earth will you choose?'

Although the other people present were not clear about the concrete contrast of power between Divine level experts, they knew that the members of the Krieg royal family, who had ruled over the Empire for 200 years, were definitely not to be trifled with. Right now, there was a difficult problem placed before Fang Xingjian.

In Fang Xingjian's palm, the Blue Sacred Moonlight's remnant martial will let out a piercing laugh. "Fang Xingjian, what is your choice going to be? Do you want me to help you kill George Krieg? If you're willing to release me, I can help you kill him. You don't have to be the one to make the move."

Fang Xingjian did not say a word and clenched down hard with his hand instead. In that instant, a loud explosion rang out from his hand as if he had burst a balloon with his clench. The Blue Sacred Moonlight cried out agonizingly and was shattered once more before her martial will slowly gathered together again.

This time around, the time her martial will took to gather was several times longer than before. She now appeared extremely translucent and thin, as if she would dissipate at any moment. It was apparent that the Blue Sacred Moonlight's martial will had already reached an extremely weak point.

This time around, she did not dare to speak recklessly anymore and only glared at Fang Xingjian viciously. Her gaze was filled with vengeance and viciousness. She clearly harbored extreme hatred for him.

However, Fang Xingjian looked at the First Prince and spoke indifferently, "No matter who I want to kill, there's no one in this world who can change my mind. I said it earlier, that on the account of the Second Prince, I won't be killing you. I'll only kill your physical body, wear down your martial will, and cripple your cultivation."

At the next moment, under everyone's astonished gazes, the gaze of Lan Yue's agape beautiful eyes, and the First Prince's extremely infuriated gaze...

Fang Xingjian threw out a punch across space. The sword force from his physical body gushed out. Deathly sword intent crossed the void space, and the circle of light around him, which was formed from sword Qis, also went slashing out toward the First Prince.

In that instant, all sorts of multicolored lights began to glow.

A light screen that was in a pitch-black fog state came out to block the blows. The level 29 Hell's Black Light Screen sustained for one millisecond.

Next, a white armor went to front the blow. The level 29 Divine Light Armor was instantly torn apart, sustaining only for a moment.

Seething purgatory flames shot out, clashing against the sword Qis. The level 29 Purgatory Hellfire Rock dissipated instantly.

Streams of seven-colored glow burst forth, turning into a seven-colored Divine Shield to block Fang Xingjian's attack. The level 29 Seven-Colored Luck Divine Shield was turned into dust.

Divine Weapons which made everyone jealous were brought out one after another, but they were crushed by Fang Xingjian one by one. A total of 27 Divine Weapons was not even able to hold up for one-hundredth of a second.


Many agonizing cries and furious bellows rang out as the First Prince's physical body was pierced through by endless sword Qis. Amidst the crazy tremors, it was as if his body would disintegrate at any moment.

"God Ascendance!"

The deathly sword intent vibrated fiercely. Then the First Prince felt his body turning lighter and that his martial will was being shaken up from his body.

"The sword intent of the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords?!" The First Prince cried out before his body was engulfed and dismembered by countless deathly sword intents.

"How dare you? How dare you?!"

The First Prince's phantom image rose up from his shattered martial will after it gathered together once again. His martial will turned into a pitch-black human silhouette, bellowing out into void space just like a devil.

"Fang Xingjian! Do you know what you're doing?! Are you going to go against the entire world?!"

Fang Xingjian looked coldly at the First Prince and spoke with indifference, "George, do you still not understand?"

Then, launching out another punch, he shattered the First Prince's martial will.

"The things that I want to do..."

The First Prince bellowed as he gathered together again, but he was once again shattered by Fang Xingjian's punch.

"No one can stop me from doing them."

Pure martial will turned into light ripples, scattering out in all directions. However, with the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, they tried to push through and darted about at light speed. Other than colliding into sword Qis time and time again, unleashing layers of ripples explosively, they did not do anything else.

"You weren't able to stop me when you were stronger than me in the past. Now that you're weaker than me, it'll be even more impossible for you to do so."

Then endless sword Qis started to compress, just like how it had been with the Blue Sacred Moonlight. They continued to compress the First Prince's martial will that was darting out in all directions until they formed a small light sphere the size of a palm.

The First Prince continued to bellow maniacally in the light sphere, and his distorted and infuriated expression made him seem like a demon amongst demons. That fury seemed as if it was were a material substance.

Fang Xingjian paid him no heed and punched out time and time again, scattering the First Prince's martial will. The First Prince's martial will would then gather together again, and Fang Xingjian would unleash another punch to scatter it.

This cycle repeated for five to six times. The First Prince continued to let out furious bellows and struggled intensely. Although his martial will grew increasingly thinner and more fragile, he showed no signs of begging to be spared. He merely glared at Fang Xingjian with bloodshot eyes that were filled with craziness.

What kind of person was the First Prince? His ambitions were so great that it seemed as if they would engulf the entire world. He had always wanted to gain control over the world, becoming the world's number one existence.

To him, power was something that was even more important to him than his life. Right now, with Fang Xingjian weakening him continuously like this, it was even more torturous than skinning him, breaking his bones, or to even killing him.

It was only after Fang Xingjian had beaten up the First Prince's will until it was just like a thin layer of fog that he finally came to a stop.