Chapter 621: Choice

 Chapter 621: Choice

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The colors of the winds and clouds changed, and the mountains and rivers tremored.

Looking at the strong gales in the sky and sensing the ceaseless tremors under their feet, the people from the Battle Hall exchanged speechless glances.

'What's going on?"

"A battle seems to have occurred."

"Could it be that someone attacked Mingyue Mountain?"

The elderly man from the Battle Hall frowned and said without a doubt, "You must be kidding. It'll be the day of the wedding for the First Prince and Miss Lan Yue in a few days time. Who would come to stir up trouble at a time like this?

"To be creating trouble in such a situation... The person is really not showing any respect to Mingyue Mountain and the royal family. He is really spoiling the Empire's great plans... This is great infamy!

"Who would dare to do something like this?"

Being told this by their Master, everyone present nodded in agreement.

This was how it was. The First Prince, the Blue Sacred Moonlight, the Abyss Lord, and the King... With there being a total of four Divine level experts, who would dare come stir up trouble during the wedding? The person would be offending four Divine level experts at once.

The mere thought of the pressure from four Divine level experts would make one's scalp itch.

Just as the people from the Battle Hall thought of this, the ground under their feet tremored intensely again. It was accompanied with explosive sounds, bellows, and furious shouts coming from afar.


Even the elderly man from the Battle Hall frowned and said in disbelief, "

Are there really people fighting on Mingyue Mountain?"

A short moment later, the people from the Battle Hall were running toward the mountain's peak, where the sounds and explosions were coming from. On their way, they saw that countless cultivators and Knights were also rushing toward the mountain's peak. Most of them were guests who had come to attend the wedding. However, they were now all excited by the sounds of battling and were rushing toward the mountain's peak.

There were the disciples of Mingyue Mountain mixed amongst them. They took up only a small percentage of the crowd, so they were completely unable to stop the advancing crowd.

After one or two minutes, the people from the Blue Sacred Moonlight followed the crowd and reached the battle scene at the mountain's peak. They saw the scene of Fang Xingjian seizing and restraining the Blue Sacred Moonlight's martial will, and then killing the Tianmen Clan's head with a single punch.

At the beginning, they had not reacted to the scene. However, as the crowd continued to talk amongst themselves, the elderly man from the Battle Hall and his disciples wore astonished expressions on their faces.

"Look! Is that the First Prince?"

"Miss Lan Yue is there as well."

"That lady who was killed... It can't be..."

"The Blue Sacred Moonlight... The Blue Sacred Moonlight has been killed. How is that possible?!"

"Even her martial will has been restrained. It's terrifying, too terrifying. To be able to slash up the Blue Sacred Moonlight despite being subject to the joint attack of the two Divine level experts... Who on earth is this guy?"

At that moment, Fang Xingjian finally turned his gaze toward the First Prince. Fang Xingjian's eyes were filled with coldness.

He suddenly asked, "George Krieg, now that things have come to this, have you ever regretted making an enemy out of me?"

"Regret?" The First Prince looked at this scene with a grim countenance and replied coldly, "Fang Xingjian, you dare to kill me?"

As he spoke, a gush of pressure that was like the hell's lava came surging over. A series of dragon cries rang out, and the six Lava Colossal Dragons soared into the air, charging over with the Indestructible Chariot.

The intense aura, seething vital energy and blood, and each muscle on the Lava Colossal Dragons shot out large blobs of lava that dripped onto the ground, forming lava pools.

Additionally, layers of white smoke encompassed the colossal dragons' heads. That was from them breaking through sound barriers as they charged at a speed of over ten times that of super sonic speed.

Together, the six colossal dragons, each with a weight of over 10,000 tons, were comparable to an aircraft carrier.

What kind of prowess was this to have an aircraft carrier that was the size of a small island to come crashing at over ten times that of supersonic speed? Even if there was a small mountain before them, it would be smashed into pieces.

The intensity of the six Lava Colossal Dragons charging over concurrently was like several thousand or tens of thousand trains charging over at the same time.

Seeing that the six colossal dragons were descending from the skies, the crowd who had rushed to the scene immediately cried out in surprise and quickly retreated. That intensity the dragons exuded was too terrifying. If the six colossal dragons really were to come crashing down, the entire peak of Mingyue Mountain would probably be smashed into dust. Mountains would collapse, and the earth would spilt, causing great destruction in the world.

However, the six colossal dragons had yet to charge very far when Fang Xingjian's sword finger swept out, and the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was activated once again. Sword light flashed in void space, and an intense deathly sword intent swept out.

"Suppress all of them!"

Amidst world-shaking and agonizing cries, several tens of sword lights tore through the atmosphere, piercing the six colossal dragons' heads, spines, and tails.

Dragon blood, scales, and beards scattered across a large part of the sky instantly. Amidst shrilling cries, Fang Xingjian's palm came pressing down with an explosive pressure across space. Streams of milky white sword Qis turned into a huge palm descending from the skies. The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation would now change as Fang Xingjian wished and all the energy from the physical particles and ether particles within a radius of 100,000 meters were being used by him with great proficiency.

"All of you shut up."

At the next moment, the palm slapped the six colossal dragons fiercely down onto the platform of the mountain's peak like a small child slapping loaches with his palm. Amidst world-shaking sounds of explosions, endless amounts of soil soared up into the sky. The mountain's peak split open, and Mingyue Mountain tremored. It seemed as if there was a great earthquake running through the area within 1,000 li.

As the smoke and dust dissipated, revealing the split mountain's peak, the six colossal dragons were seen covered in blood, sunken into the mountain. It was as if all of their bones and internal organs had been smashed, and there were three sword lights piercing into each of their bodies, pinning them down onto the mountain, rendering them unable to move.

Everyone looked at this scene with great astonishment. It was already astonishing to have witnessed Fang Xingjian slash up the Blue Sacred Moonlight. However, due to the great control that Divine level experts had, the visual impact was not as astonishing as the sight of Fang Xingjian suppressing the six Lava Colossal Dragons.

Each of the six colossal dragons was about 100 meters long and weighed over 10,000 tons. They were each comparable to a skyscraper that had over 30 floors.

Right now, all of the six dragons were suppressed. It was as if Fang Xingjian had slapped down an aircraft carrier that had been traveling at over ten times that of supersonic speed. The prowess was simply tremendous, overwhelming, and unrivalled.

"Fang Xingjian?

"That's Fang Xingjian?

"What terrifying powers... What a terrifying sword technique... What kind of martial art is this?"

The elderly man from the Battle Hall looked at Fang Xingjian, who was in midair, with a pale countenance. He was still submerged in overwhelming astonishment.

"A sword technique like this... A martial art like this... Is it really something a human can create?"

The four white bone short swords floated next to Fang Xingjian, and endless sword Qis turned into a light circle that had the thickness of a thumb, circling around Fang Xingjian. He stepped into void space and slowly arrived before the First Prince.

"Oh? You didn't escape?"

"You b*stard. You have achieved great mastery in your martial arts, so there's no way that I'd be able to escape. I won't do something so meaningless either," the First Prince said, glaring at Fang Xingjian. "But... Fang Xingjian, I'll say it once again. You dare to raise your hands against me in the presence of so many people?"

Fang Xingjian looked at him, not answering his question. The entire scene seemed to sink into silence.

This silent atmosphere spread through the entire mountain's peak very quickly. Countless people gulped, not daring to say a word. They only watched this scene before them silently.

As the successor to the throne and the person had inherited the Ancient Path of Hell, the First Prince held the interests of the Empire. Even if he were so weak that he could not kill a chicken, who would dare to raise their hands against him?

Doing so would not only mean making an enemy out of the entire Empire. It would also mean changing the world's history.

The atmosphere was extremely serious and intense as everyone stared at Fang Xingjian, as if waiting to see if he would really dare to raise his hands against the First Prince.

The world's history seemed as if it would change drastically from Fang Xingjian's choice.