Chapter 618: Kill One First Before Talking

 Chapter 618: Kill One First Before Talking

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As Fang Xingjian made his move, an overwhelming amount of ether particles started seething, and endless waves of power within a range of 100,000 meters gushed toward the four white bone swords.

Violent power continued to seethe around Fang Xingjian, and at this moment, the space seemed to have become extremely distorted.

Just as everyone was sensing this terrifying power, four streams of sword light swept out and gushed toward the Enraged Lion.

The four white bone short swords kept crossing paths, appearing in flashes. An endless killing aura came plunging down, as if wanting to freeze up the entire space.

Millions and millions of Infiltrating Void sword Qis swept across the void space together with the attacks of the four white bone short swords. They slashed onto the Enraged Lion, instantly turning his body into blood that scattered into the air and then evaporated completely. There was nothing left to his body at all.

His body was instantly destroyed, and his martial will was slashed into fragments, turning into pieces of light remnants floating in the air.


In void space, the Enraged Lion's martial will went sweeping out as he let out many agonizing cries and furious bellows. Many white light lumps were shattering in midair, continuously revealing the Enraged Lion's distorted face. Although these light lumps had been dealt with serious injuries, they still wanted to gather together and regroup into the Enraged Lion's martial will.

Everything happened in 0.0001 second. Of course, if the four white bone short swords continued to attack, even the Enraged Lion's martial will would be destroyed and he would die completely.

However, by this time, this pillar of the Tianmen Clan had also completely unleashed all of his powers explosively. The lumps of light released a brilliant glow, and at lightning speed, all of the martial will turned into countless small figures who wore golden armor and had wings on their backs.

There were sounds of sacred songs being sung, and sacred words being spoken as the light figures appeared in the air.

It was as if the country of gods had descended upon the mortal world, wanting to wipe out all traces of evil.

This was the Tianmen Clan's method of condensing the martial will-Central Heaven. It condensed a person's martial will into a country of gods, forming a true army.

The Enraged Lion had never expected that Fang Xingjian would be this strong. The moment they could not come to an agreement, Fang Xingjian had destroyed the Enraged Lion's body. The Enraged Lion knew that even if he went all out, it would be impossible for him to fend off Fang Xingjian's next attack.

Thankfully, he was not the only one here. He believed that as long as he could hang on for 0.001 or even 0.0001 second, the others would step forth to help him out.

This little godly generals and soldiers appeared, glowing and waving their flags as they cried out. It was like they were going out to battle as they charged out toward the surrounding Infiltrating Void sword Qis.

Bang bang bang bang! Explosive sounds rang out incessantly, and those godly generals clashed against the Infiltrating Void sword Qis. Each of the godly generals performed various martial arts, including sword arts, saber arts, spear arts, archery, fist arts, and many others. They had toned bodies and proficient control over their power. It was as if there were countless experts fighting.

Every set of martial arts performed by each of these godly generals would probably be able to support the creation of a faction.

The Infiltrating Void sword Qis in the sky were instantly destroyed, leaving only a small portion of them. However, very soon after, even more Infiltrating Void sword Qis came pressing down. The godly generals, that the Enraged Lion manifested, were being exhausted and vanishing at a rapid rate. The entire Central Heaven seemed shaky and crumbly. It was as if demons had invaded the country and the end of the world was coming.

However, the Enraged Lion was not the only one present.

When the Enraged Lion was struggling to hang on, someone else finally intervened.

The first one who made a move was naturally the strongest expert present, the leader of the Full Moon Shrine. It was the Blue Sacred Moonlight, who had dominated for several decades.

She sent out her powers explosively, and there seemed to be mercury-like moonlight scattering down in the air. They gathered behind Fang Xingjian, once again taking the form of the Blue Sacred Moonlight. A fair and tender hand pressed toward Fang Xingjian's back.

This palm attack was extremely fast. When it took form, it was only less than an inch away from Fang Xingjian. In that instant, it had already landed on Fang Xingjian's back, and there was no way for him to avoid it.

Additionally, this palm came with a gushing sense of eternity, loneliness, reservations, and the feeling of desolation when one was at the very top.

This was a state that the many generations of experts from the Full Moon Shrine had created based on the characteristics of the moon.

Although there was no longer any moon in Miracle World, the martial arts comprehended from observing the moon had been passed down. It was the same for the Myriad Star Palace.

This palm attack by the Blue Sacred Moonlight included the thoughts of the eternality, cold, arrogance, and loneliness of the moon. It was the Full Moon Shrine's ultimate martial arts-the Full Moon Palm.

When a life moved from being weak and fragile to being strong and powerful, it would naturally have increasingly lower requirements toward the outside world and toward society.

The moment a person reached a certain level of power, he would be like the moon that was hanging high up in the sky-self-sufficient and no longer requiring others of their kind to provide them with anything.

It was only through being able to tolerate cutting off one's emotions and suppressing one's desires, being cold and arrogant, would one then be able to become the strongest lifeform.

This was the understanding that the Full Moon Shrine had toward the moon, strength, and cultivation. The Full Moon Palm, which had been created based on such principles, held the state of eternality and loneliness, as well as the desolation of those at the very top.

In this single path, the Full Moon Palm could even give others the feeling that their entire way of thinking seemed to become like that of the moon that hung high up in the sky. It was as if they could only feel an endless loneliness and that life had become meaningless.

With this one palm, the opponent's will to battle and even their will to survive would be destroyed.

However, what kind of person was Fang Xingjian? He was someone who would struggle to survive amidst the possibility of death, taking the initiative to enter a state of feigned death, and whose martial will had reached 800 points. Moreover, he also had the support of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, which was also the will of a Divine level expert.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight struck her palm onto Fang Xingjian, whose body trembled a little and then stopped moving.

'How's that possible? My martial will has reached 700 points. When I strike with my Full Moon Palm, I can even crush the peak of a mountain. Yet he's perfectly fine?'

At the same time as when the Blue Sacred Moonlight attacked Fang Xingjian, the First Prince and Lan Yue made their moves as well. They were unable to move at light speed and could only attack across space. However, they sent two gushes of martial will surging toward the white bone short swords, attempting to stop the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation from killing the Enraged Lion.

The First Prince performed the Overturned Hell, while Lan Yue performed the Full Moon Palm. The two gushes of martial will, one black and one white, came in from the left and right sides respectively, and turned into two huge hands that grabbed out toward the white bone short swords.

In an instant, four Divine level experts unleashed their explosive powers concurrently and stopped Fang Xingjian's massacre together.

However, when faced with all these, Fang Xingjian's eyes were filled with indifference. There were only streams of a dark black deathly sword intent flowing out.

"All of you are going to stop me?

"Then I'll kill one first before we talk."

The black deathly sword intent clashed into the Blue Sacred Moonlight's palm, and she flew out with a stifled snort, smashing through houses and walls, and crushing mountain peaks with her stomps. A long bloody wound appeared in the middle of her palm, and her eyes were filled with astonishment.

Concurrently, the four swords from the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation took separated paths. One of them slashed out toward the First Prince's Overturned Hell, while another slashed out toward Lan Yue's Full Moon Palm.

Black Qis gushed out, and the All-Conquering sword was activated at full power. These slashed out toward the First Prince's and Lan Yue's attacks, turning their unleashed power into many light spots.

With a single move, the two large black and white hands seemed to have been completely destroyed and dissipated into the air.

The First Prince and Lan Yue retreated one step back, sensing an endless killing aura gushing toward them. The exploding sword Qis seemed to want to slash their physical bodies into pieces as well, so they could only put all their powers into putting up their defense against the repercussions coming from the sword Qis.

Concurrently, the two remaining white bone short swords brought up stacked layers of sword Qi waves, having already drowned the Enraged Lion completely.