Chapter 617: Trash

 Chapter 617: Trash

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"If it wasn't because the previous Pope had gone missing, the Mage Association was watching covetously from the side, and the few Saints from the Church of Universal Truth were busy with their internal strife, how could we possibly have our chance?"

Having said this, the mocking smile on the Blue Sacred Moonlight's face deepened. "But what do all these matter? The experts from the ancient times would always be working hard on their cultivation day and night, tempering their martial wills. When the world's metamorphosis arrived, a large number of them would then attain the sixth or even seventh tier of the Divine level at one go.

"Despite being strong experts like them, when faced with the world's tribulations and the onslaughts that came time and time again, not many of them would be able to stay alive and still be in an excellent condition.

"Only people like yourselves who have just attained the Divine level and have insufficient accumulation would feel that it's very hard to make it through each increasing tier. That's why you would see Xia as an amazing character. You think he was the first to attain the second tier of the Divine level? You guys are like a frog in the well. We are just unwilling to divulge our levels."

Hearing what the Blue Sacred Moonlight said, the Enraged Lion frowned deeply. He now felt that his view in the past had really been too narrow.

The First Prince's pupils contracted slightly, as if he had not expected the Blue Sacred Moonlight to have also reached the second tier of the Divine level.

However, as if thinking that her own abilities weren't astonishing enough, the Blue Sacred Moonlight shouted to a lady at the side, "Lan Yue, let the two of them have a look at your abilities."

The lady, who was called Lan Yue, wore a blue silk dress, and she had a slim and slender figure. Her long black hair draped down over her shoulders, and she also had a pair of charming large eyes. Lan Yue was definitely a rare beauty.

Her smooth and fair upper thighs were occasionally revealed from under the silk dress. This scene would cause the blood of any man to boil.

Furthermore, her face, figure, and all other aspects displayed a sense of perfection. It was as if anything more or less would just affect the state of perfection.

Hearing the Blue Sacred Moonlight's words, she broke out into a smile and said, "Alright, Grandmother.

"Please excuse me."

As she spoke, a layer of blurry moonlight appeared on her body. The moonlight passed through the air, releasing kacha kacha sounds. The air had been frozen into ice.

"Hmmm? Martial will affecting the material world?" A hint of astonishment flashed on the Enraged Lion's face. "You've also reached the Divine level?"

Many of the Tianmen Clan's Elders behind him, as well as the current Tianmen Clan's head, all revealed expressions of great fear.

The Enraged Lion had attained the Divine level, and these Elders were all experts who were at least level 29, with a few of them even being Demigods. The Tianmen Clan's head was also a Demigod with four tiers of perfection.

Moreover, the Blue Sacred Moonlight only had two ladies on their side. As such, with their strength and numbers, the people from the Tianmen Clan had developed a sense of superiority toward the Full Moon Shrine.

However, this sense of superiority disappeared completely when the Blue Sacred Moonlight and Lan Yue each revealed that they were at the second and first tier of the Divine level respectively.

The Enraged Lion finally opened his mouth and said, "As expected of the Full Moon Shrine. With strong and deep legacies, you've produced many geniuses."

Although the seven great clans had been founded by the Divine level experts who founded the Empire, they had a history of merely 200 years. On the other hand, the Full Moon Shrine's history went all the way back to 1,000 years ago. Over this 1,000 years, there had been countless geniuses and experts, with the many generations continuing on with the development. Thus, their cultivation of martial arts continued to grow, becoming more and more amazing.

The First Prince took a long look at Lan Yue, as if he had not expected this fiancee of his to be so amazing either.

However, the Blue Sacred Moonlight said nonchalantly, "Alright. George, after your marriage with Lan Yue, we'll all be a family. Take these two days to build up your relationship."

She then instructed Lan Yue, "Lan Yue, take George and let him familiarize himself around Mingyue Mountain. Bring him out to have some fun. The two of you should get to know each other as well."

The Blue Sacred Moonlight's tone held an air of command, as if she were above them all. The way she represented herself as the head of a great faction with an even more powerful front than that of the Enraged Lion.

It was clear that she was the head of the family who would make the decisions in all aspects, including her children's and grandchildren's relationships, marriages, and job transitions.

Hearing her commanding tone, a hint of disapproval flashed across the First Prince's eyes. However, thinking of how he had suffered from serious injuries at the Hades Vault and that they had to join forces to deal with Fang Xingjian, he decided to bear with it.

Lan Yue nodded and said, "Alright, Grandmother. I'll bring George around to have a good time."

The First Prince reminded them, "Fang Xingjian may come at any moment. It's better for us to make some preparations first. I've got my people to bring along materials for formations, and we can set up a formation on Mingyue Mountain tomorrow to increase our battle prowess."

"Formation? What kind of joke is that?" The Blue Sacred Moonlight raised her brows up high, and the atmosphere instantly became extremely tense. "Every single blade of grass and every tree on Mingyue Mountain has been passed down through the generations. They are the Full Moon Shrine's culture, history, and secrets. How can we change them so easily?

"Moreover, we're changing it for a mere ignorant country bumpkin? What kind of joke is that?"

The Blue Sacred Moonlight waved her hand, disagreeing to the First Prince's request. She said, "There's no way that I'll allow this. George, just stay at Mingyue Mountain for these few days and get to know Lan Yue more.

"As for that rascal Fang Xingjian, a lowly person without any backing or inherited legacies... If he comes here, he can forget about returning.

"If he can still return alive with me and even the three of you around, then it means our many years of cultivation were all in vain, and we might as well stop and go back home to sell sweet potatoes for a living."

After having seen the Blue Sacred Moonlight display her powers, the Enraged Lion no longer believed that Fang Xingjian would still be able to survive. He said, a little worried, "First Prince, are you sure that the little b*stard will be coming? I think we might as well head to the Great Western Region to look for him."

The First Prince said, "He should be coming." Thinking about Fang Xingjian's confidence after having attained the Divine level and the arrogance he had displayed when they were fighting, the First Prince laughed coldly. Then he said, "After attaining the Divine level, this little rascal thinks that he is unrivalled in the world. Now that I'm getting married, he'll definitely be here."

"Then that's fine," the Blue Sacred Moonlight said calmly. "We'll just deal with him once he's here. Since we've already met each other today, we can just go back now."

Just as everyone was talking, the four Divine level experts concurrently looked toward the sky. At the next moment, a strong typhoon appeared, and black death sword intents came striking down like a myriad of thunderbolts. The roof above everyone's head was flipped opened.

Fang Xingjian stood in void space, slowly descending toward the ground.

"As expected, you're here. Hmmm? There's quite a number of people here?" Fang Xingjian threw a glance toward the First Prince and the others. He stood on the ground with the four white bone short swords moving around him like many swimming fish.

"First Prince, on the account of the Second Prince, I won't be killing you today. I'll only be crippling you.

"As for the others unrelated people, if you guys don't wish to die, then scram."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, everyone present was so infuriated that they burst out laughing. Which of them was not a reputable character within the Empire? Every single one of them was an expert amongst experts.

This was even more so for the four Divine level experts. Which of their martial wills was not extremely strong, and which of them was not extremely confident in their battle prowess?

Right now, seeing how Fang Xingjian had barged into their meeting point, the Enraged Lion could not help but laugh. "Fang Xingjian, you're really unlucky to be coming here of all times, courting death."

"Oh?" Throwing a glance toward the Enraged Lion, Fang Xingjian's eyes were gleaming with a strange glow. "A first tier Divine level expert? And yet you're thinking of killing me?


After saying that, he tapped out. The four white bone short swords instantly unleashed an astonishing gush of power toward the Enraged Lion, shocking everyone present.